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Lots of eurobros shit on American food but what do you actually think? What have you tried that you have genuinely liked?

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>love chili
>love pizza
>love hot dogs
>love burgers
simple as

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Don't shit on Denny's breakfast
take a big messy shit on the floor of your local Denny's restroom and make it a shitty time to have the runs

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Yeah I'm curious too. Have any eurobros or asianbros or any other worldly bros been to the USA? Where did you go, and what food did you have? What was good? What sucked?

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I discovered sweet potatoes in the US. I like gumbo as well.
However, I also had St Louis style pizza and it's the only time in my life that I refused to eat a pizza after one bite.

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Southerner here. Just a PSA for yuros entering the thread:
>there is no such thing as a monolithic "american" cuisine.
>it's alright that you might not know and wouldn't know where to put every given food item, just keep it in mind, just like how am*ricans wouldn't know the difference between a kielbasa and a frankfurter or the like.
>southern cuisine is the best in the US, and this is not up for debate.
Otherwise, please continue.

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OP here. I live a bit away from St Louis. The pizza at Imos is the staple for st Louis style pizza and it's an acquired taste to be sure. The crust is very thin, there's less sauce and more cheese than other thin crust pizza. There is also a different type of cheese (provel). I can see why you think that. The toasted ravioli is the best thing to have though.

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Dixiebros can't help but out themselves.

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I thought the toasted ravioli was also meh. It's so strange to hear locals speak with pride about their "specialities" when it is bland and okay at best. Italians might be annoyingly prideful but at least their food is good.

Root beer also sucks.

The best food I had in the US (besides Asian restaurants) was coconut shrimp in Florida, but I am not sure if it counts as an American thing.

Dutch btw.

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I suppose when your country adopts the food and culture of other places and your city is otherwise mediocre, you will have more pride for the things your city made.

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Im US and the best thing is probably BBQ. Also Las Vegas has great food and the coasts have good seafood. San Francisco has great restaurants but the city has gone to shit

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I know key lime pie is a Florida creation

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The texture of key lime is gross. Must be the autism.

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>Root beer
Birch beer and Sarsaparilla are better, the good stuff is in bottles not just the cheap soft drink shit that tastes slightly different from coke

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Gumbo and jumbalaya are both great. Very dixiepilled. The south stays winning.

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The eggs looks like plastic, do americans really?

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I can't recall ever hearing about St Louis style pizza. I guess there's a reason it isn't even heard of in the rest of the US.

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Another "do Americans really?" post. you know, in some places you can request no egg whites and just have egg yolk.

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Corndog excellence.

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People hardly stop for the local food. They just drive through it or road trips. When they do stop they get something familiar like fast food.

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in the south restaurants make their own iced tea which is very based. But then if you ask for it unsweetened they look at you like you told them their mom and Robert E Lee were both faggots. Also boiled peanuts taste like over salted al dente beans. But, strangely enough, in a good way

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Damn right.

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I wanna visit the US someday to try it properly, as with all countries it seems like a mixed bag. Perhaps not an evenly mixed bag however, from an outside perspective pretty much all the seemingly best stuff is from the south, so I'd probably visit one of those states given the chance.

That being said, you guys really need to chill with how defensive you are about your food. In every thread about European food, even if the US isn't mentioned, it always turns into a shitfest once Americans perceive other countries making good food as an attack on their nation. I get that it's probably bait most of the time (let's be honest it's not hard to bait Euros) but you can be just as snobbish as the French and as obnoxious as Italians.

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Murribros ate based. They can't cook for shit, but they make up for it with grease and shit. Their food is tight.

T. Fräulein

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If there's an American version of a European dish, the American one will be better and appeal to more people. Just look at pizza, American pizza mogs boring neopolitan flat bread.

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It's all delicious because I work 10 hours a day in the cold and if there's one kind of trait American food has is that it's all cozy and fulfilling. A full stack with eggs bacon n hash makes me forget about my torn ac joint for a lil bit

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>southern food being the best
Hmm idk bout that

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I think america just has shaky standards. There's nothing wrong with it in concept, when it's done well it's good, but when you actually go somewhere to eat in america a lot of the time the quality is awful.
American barbecue is probably the best us food I've tried, in terms of consistency of quality wherever you happen to get it.

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>Root beer also sucks.
take that back

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>2k cal breakfast
how fat are you ?

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Native American food. Everything else is irrelevant.

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They always say root beer tastes like mouth wash
Which makes me want some of their mouth wash, must be tasty

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Whisky and gasoline fumes?

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love me philly cheesesteaks with hella onions and lettuce

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>al dente beans
Wtf, it never once occurred to me that boiled peanuts would be boiled enough to get soft

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It's all corn syrup, bacon grease and plastic cheese.

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Some dishes are so common I'm not even aware it's American food when I'm eating it. Like a cheeseburger or chili con carne

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>But then if you ask for it unsweetened they look at you like you told them their mom and Robert E Lee were both faggots.
New Orleans historically been an exception to that. If you order an iced tea here most places, especially nicer ones, will default to unsweet. That said sweet tea has been making inroads over the years as regional cultures continue to be homogenized.

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I'm Midwest and I had to look it up. It sounds gross tbqh.

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Um... who is that?

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Cajun food is nice, as is BBQ.
t. Europoor

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Post tits if true

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I also had dippin dots, it looked fascinating. The texture was fascinating, until it melted like 5 seconds after.

I tried one of those sweet things (flat wafers with something on top) you stick in the microwave, it has a famous brand name that I wanted to try after reading about it on the internet a lot. Not hot pockets but something like it. Was awful.

The BBQ ribs I had in Kansas city was also pretty good.

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isn't pizza Italian ?

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I also forgot to mention I actually lost weight in the US after a 5 month semester abroad, despite everyone warning me I would get fat there.
The reason was that I started drinking a lot of water instead of soft drinks. Water is free in restaurants there, and in the Netherlands you have to pay for it so I usually order something else.

Cheesecake factory was also pretty good.

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Pic related is the "Breakfast Sampler" from IHOP. It is 1000-1100 calories.

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>Not hot pockets but something like it
are you talking about poptarts?
if so, youre not really supposed to microwave those, you use a toaster. regardless though, they are still garbage.

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True. Poptarts are considered somewhat trashy if you actually eat them for breakfast

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>Take several processed/canned/frozen ingredients
>>Add some more MSM-riddled additives
>>>Apply heat by the means of deep fryer or grill
I think it covers 90% of American food.

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Whiskey and then a nap in the bushes in front of the local casino. Just how the great spirits intended.

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Go back to /x/ schizoid

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Poptarts indeed.

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>>southern cuisine is the best in the US, and this is not up for debate.


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begone flavorless yankees

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>I discovered sweet potatoes in the US
Sweet potatoes are incredibly underrated. Practically a staple where I live considering we grow most of them. Far more versatile than people give them credit for.

True, true.

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I'll be honest I was in the states a couple of years ago for three weeks, did a road trip and was mostly eating out. I loved the food, american cuisine is great. The breakfast is goat, it was an overall great experience. Althought i gained a couple of kilos on my vacation.

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if you want the good shit you need true sassafras rootbeer but that's illegal now

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American and Italian style of pizza are distinct enough to be considered different dishes

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Brazilbro living in the US, right in Cincinnati so sloptown galore but I've gone up and down the country due to work. I've also been to a bunch of countries, similarly due to work. Some general opinions:
>holy shit you guys really like pickles
>US food skews way spicier than most expect
>why the fuck can't I buy bacon in one piece in most supermarkets
>green beans galore
>barbecue is good but generally way too sweet for my taste (and North of the Ohio it sucks)
>"Southern" cuisine (read: what I've had near Richmond, NKY and Louisville) trends towards very good but I've a weird viewpoint on it where I lived in the UK for a bit and Dixie and Brit cuisine are directly linked in my brain
>"Northern" cuisine (read: most of the Midwest and East Coast north of DC) tends towards just alright with a few really good standouts, but is significantly more different from all the other cuisine I've had
>what I've had of cajun food during like two days in New Orleans was also excellent
>unfortunately I've never gone further west than St. Louis
>most root beer is incredibly American and unfortunately triggers the part of my brain that thinks of mouthwash
>ginger ale and ginger beer are very American as well
>the view of Stereotypically American Foods versus the truly Uniquely American Foods is actually quite a large gap and you guys aren't sufficiently proud of Uniquely American Foods because you're not aware of how unique they are
>the US comes up with more variants to use hot dogs than anywhere else in the world, the hot dog is truly the American cuisine's blank slate
>chili is not that common outside of the US but the US seems to be able to produce infinite meat sauce variants
>cocktails are one of those areas that is characteristically American and that got ravaged due to the last 100 years derailing that tradition
>Americans really, really like ginger, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, instant mental association with America
>I still can't make sense of stuffing

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I'm German and I've been to the US multiple times.
I would describe American cuisine as mostly comfort food, dishes you can eat if you're stressed or something.

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The USA and Canada both have much less prominent dietary information available than Euro equivalents. Trying to find vegetarian stuff was quite a task, whereas in Europe near enough everything which is vegetarian will be clearly stated. Restaurants don't really cater to non meat eaters too well. Some are downright hostile.

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Go eat mayo pizza 3rd worlder

>> No.17133439

Thank you for your contribution.

>> No.17133445

>mayo pizza
no such thing, retard

>> No.17133451

America loves to eat meat.

>> No.17133473

Not to mention the regional variations of it.

>> No.17133544

Thank you Joao you are my greatest ally

>the view of Stereotypically American Foods versus the truly Uniquely American Foods is actually quite a large gap and you guys aren't sufficiently proud of Uniquely American Foods because you're not aware of how unique they are

Besides what you already said, do you have any more examples of these culinary blind spots?

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would eurobros try a delicious, classic detroit coney dog?

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The only American food I know of is a "sloppy joe" and it doesn't look good to me

>> No.17133632

> shredded cheese with poop beans on a meat tube made out of horse hooves and pig arsehole.
Do Americans really?

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Green bean casserole is incredibly American; apple pie isn't that American but it's the combination of spices that makes it very American and the same applies for Pumpkin Spice whatever. Cranberry sauce, although almost exclusively a Thanksgiving thing, is also very American. Clam chowder is excellent, also very American even if very much limited to the Northeast. American breakfast sausage is pretty much unlike everything else I've had, and I had quite a bit of trouble trying to comprehend that as sausage. Since I went to college in the US as well, I got to see the wonder of Jungle Juice which I have basically never even seen an analogue anywhere else in the world. Fudge is actually quite American, there are similar things elsewhere but that one is very uniquely American. Jalapeno Poppers if you're going down the bar food route. More than anyone, Americans love to douse their food in sauces which is quite the surprise coming from Brazil which basically doesn't. Tater tots, oddly, are American as hell even if they don't manifest as such. Americans have this weird glorification of steak as the be all end all and are almost fetishistic with it. Americans might love broccoli more than anyone else in the world. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are incredibly American as well - in fact, the combination of Peanuts and Chocolate in dessert is in a way very uniquely American; most of the peanut-based desserts I knew tended towards the use of pure sugar and caramelization (like a peanut pie) whereas American cuisine tends to use it as one part of a mix. I adore pecan pie but I don't necessarily think a nut pie is that unique, I think the more unique thing with pecans is that Americans never developed a Pecan Flour for the purposes of confectionery. Oh, and I'm almost convinced I never saw a savoury pie in the US - always sweet ones.

I don't think any of these are what people picture when they picture American cuisine outside maybe PB&J

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I thought "biscuits and gravy" was good. It was made with dough from a tube, sausage milk and flour. That was the best thing someone made me. They said it's a breakfast food

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>sweet potatoes
So fucking good and basically a staple in fall here in new england. The people that put marshmallow on yam dishes need to be shot with cannon though.
Yeah you're not wrong. Which parts of the US have you been in and what's your favorite US food?

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Godtier desserts at least, brownies are insanwly good. Burgers can be really good too, but that requires good ingredients and cooking, which seems to be rare.
Would love to try ranch, melted cheddar in burgers is also insane. American choccy chip cookies. Would also love a nice bbq'd rib. Bbq sauce is also really good.

Overall you have really tasty food, but a bit too heavy on the fat department

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I thought Americans were dumb until I tried bacon, fluffy pancakes and honey.

>> No.17133852

Not maple syrup?

>> No.17133881

And maple syrup. both options are good.

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this pasta is retarded

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very good breakdown

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Yeah and it's pretty good

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What's a good place for shellfish?

I'm allergic and I want try the best before it kills me.

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New England, traditionally.

>> No.17135279

Why is meat in America grey

>> No.17135285

Only worth eating if you're in major metro areas such as NYC, LA, Chicago, Bay Area, etc. Unless you want bbq, avoid the flyover states

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American lasagne is the best kind of lasagne.

>> No.17135469

she's not even american

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File: 1.95 MB, 720x404, American Cooking part 2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 2.87 MB, 720x404, American onion stuffed patty.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looks very much American if you ask me.

>> No.17135476

>Pures Leben - mitten in Deutschland

nice education you got there bud

>> No.17135747

Same as everywhere else. There's good dishes if you look outside of the fast food chains. Gumbo would be a good example.
I think it's more of a cultural thing as fast food is too widespread there so it's what comes to mind when thinking about US food.

That being said, I think the culinary level is nowhere as bad as UK/nordic countries.

>> No.17135749

philly cheese steak. not the avctual food which is retardedly over mayoed, but the thin slices of meat are very good way to prepare them. its just better with fryes or potatoes and some light garlic dip

>> No.17135756

>southern cuisine is the best in the US, and this is not up for debate.
cxould you redpill me on cornbread? tried making it and it was just dusty fatty taste

>> No.17135760

>can't make sense of stuffing
Savory bread pudding made with stock/broth rather than custard, basically.

>> No.17135764

St Louis pizza is an anomaly. The whole city is weird.

>> No.17135770

You only say that because she's fat. Most Americans hate raw and undercooked meat, especially ground beef.

>> No.17135772

>Most Americans
that comes from jews. If you are on a bussines dinner and someone orders a well odne steak, he is probably a jew (the whole, blood belongs to volcano demon thing)

>> No.17135776

Yes, it's good, you'd be stupid not to like it

>> No.17135777

>north of Ohio
Nigga that's Canada

>> No.17135779

Go back to your containment board

>> No.17135780

New England or any small coastal town in the PNW.

>> No.17135787

>never seen a savory pie
If it's not a dessert then we refer to those as "pot pies".

>> No.17135788

Actually it's Michigan, and we have great BBQ and beer

>> No.17135792

That's patently false.

>> No.17135795

Okay leafboy

>> No.17135801

cope and seethe shlomo. talmudic culinary rites are very on topic.

>> No.17135802

I'm from the lower peninsula, asshole

>> No.17135808

Only for you, obsessed retard.

>> No.17135823

yeah seethe faggot. jews dont like bloody stake because its against their masters commands. It is inherently part of cuisine discussion and you flailing like a retard wont stop that

>> No.17135828

nta but there are generally two types: sweet and unsweet

get a box of jiffy and a mini muffin pan, follow the directions but also add a finely chopped jalapeno. it's godly.

unsweet cornbread is the shit i got in school cafeterias and i hated it. i like it to be sweet.

>> No.17135836

He probably means north of the Ohio River.
Also checked.

>> No.17135839

That's not very Canada friendly of you is it eh

>> No.17135857

i tried making one as a side dish to gumbo, so i chose unsweet. maybe my corn flour was too milled

>> No.17135881

You're misquoting. It was "north of the Ohio".

>> No.17135887

Putting mayonnaise (or lettuce, or tomatoes) on a cheese steak is an abomination. Only acceptable toppings are onions, mushrooms, peppers, cheese. Cheez Whiz is a shortcut that the Philly joints get away with somehow.

>> No.17135888

None of those are american.

>> No.17135894


>> No.17135984

Good on you, Dutchbro. I'm American and I don't think we would have nearly as bad of an obesity problem if people drank water instead of soda. Even with the giant portions American restaurants serve, people will drink almost as many calories worth of soda. It's shit.

>> No.17135997

Stop being a butthurt faggot. I bet you aren't even American, fucking LARPer.
>green beans galore
Kek, yeah they're served as a vegetable side almost everywhere
What was unique about East Coast cuisine? I'm from there so I'm curious of your thoughts. Did you get to have some good pastrami?

>> No.17136021

Just about every single product in Europe is prominently marked as being vegetarian or not, without having to memorise a bunch of ingredients, or looking it up on their website. Most definately not the case with most North American products.

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I'm have visited the US several times and my favorite foods have been:

Chilli (with or without beans, and other extras)
Any kind of seafood "po boy", softshell crab especially.
Clam chowder
Sweet potato fries
Ginger beer

Things I tried that I thought were interesting but not much to my liking (a matter of taste, not shitting on any thing here)

Macaroni and cheese
Spaghetti and meatballs
Spaghetti with chilli
Pumpkin pie
Baked potatoes filled with sour cream
Root beer
Anything with peanut butter

One thing I hated was anything like pic related. Any "snack" cake was so strange and repulsive.

t. Spaniard.

>> No.17136352

Bagel bites? Yea trash

>> No.17136388

Look at this nigger trying to gatekeep a steak sandwich. I will put EXTRA mayo and ketchup on my cheesesteak today just to prove you have no power.

>> No.17136398

>poop beans
there are no beans in that picture europoor

>> No.17136560


>> No.17136663

I would. I'll try anything twice.

>> No.17136787

Strange Yankees can’t stand up and proudly hail their accomplishments about having ended slavery and freed the black man, or allowing unchecked immigration into the US, or....

>> No.17136798

Vocal minority.
I really want to try Texan BBQ, clam chowder, deep dish chicago pizza. These all look flavourful. And of course all the burgers.
I even want to try that huge fly-over schnitzel I once saw here.
West coast seems pretty barren when it comes to food, though.

>> No.17136876

It seems in poor taste to brag about btfoing the south completely. Seriously we are all supposed to be one nation now so why bring up the fact that the south has lost every war it has ever waged, and is eternally 0v1 against the north?

>> No.17136886
File: 46 KB, 511x450, imo-s-pizza.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

FUCK St Louis

>> No.17136903

yeah i love making mushrooms in the pan right after the meati it just is extremely hard to balance the steak filling with the bread. maybe my brad was wrong kind idk

>> No.17136913

Cornmeal = regular flour
several eggs, beaten
milk, mix
add warm (not hot) oil that you used to grease the skillet, mix
add jalapenos, corn, and if you want to you can add onion (has to be vidalia onion). Add a little sugar and/or honey. Mix.
put butter on top before it gets too done. Check by pushing a butter knife into the top.
It'll be more like a cake than regular bread if you did it right.

>> No.17136920

Because yankees have never accomplished anything else of merit?

>> No.17136933

The West Coast is a pileup of issues that snowballed it into a cosmopolitan wasteland as far as food goes. It's most prevalent in LA where the unending stream of both immigrants and aspiring actors from every corner of NA and beyond created a city with no culinary identity. When trends move fast and the demographics look less like a pie chart and more like a carnival prize wheel, nuance is lost.

Also, if you haven't yet, you should try Cajun food too.

>> No.17136963

>southern cuisine is the best in the US
What do you recommend? The only southern food I've had has mainly just been a ton of fat, which sure, it tastes good, but anything with enough fat and salt and carbs tastes good. Live in NYC if that helps with recs.

>> No.17136973

Foods that are so ingrained into American culture that they have become distinctly different from whatever original form they had before being brought to America.

>duhduhdurrrr hotdogs are just frankfurters stupid amerimutt
>your cowboy triple meat deep dish is just dresses up pizza margherita durrrrr

>> No.17136989

Oh yeah and to contribute to anyone coming to NYC, I recommend the jewish deli sandwiches, pastrami or corned beef. Katz deli might be a tourist trap, but the sandwich definitely tastes great to me, plus it's huge as hell.

>> No.17137007

>she actually cooks and eats it
i've been seeing these webms and watched the series on youtube but i never saw the part where she actually eats it. absolute legend

>> No.17137008

>built the industry of America
>led America to economic dominance
>majority of population
But I guess the south does have nice food, thanks guys

>> No.17137104

>several eggs
iirc the recipe i did dint have any eggs. maybe thats why it was so weird

>> No.17137151
File: 67 KB, 720x720, cornbread-recipe4-720x720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

corn bread from scratch doesn't typically come out to good unless you were taught by a elder.
It's just one of those simple things that are not that simple to do great
no shame in using jiffy

>> No.17137154

As an American I'm shocked that Chili has been mentioned more than once. I never really thought of it as a uniquely American dish. Though it is pretty much a weekly staple for me.

>> No.17137155

finally someone with some sense

>> No.17137167

What are you talking about? Corn bread is dead easy; flour, corn meal, oil, egg, milk, salt, sugar, baking powder.

>> No.17137168

Love chili in winter, it feels like it restores my soul
chili should include beans

>> No.17137301

i think some of american food is great. shame your cuisine is known for the goyfeed shit like miracle whip, cheese spray corn syrup.

>> No.17137317

Never been to murrica but I've made some American food from what I've read online. Chicago deep dish pizza is a true chad food. Also the pies I tried were really good.

>> No.17137404

Honestly thought the custom started in Mexico. Shows what I know.

>> No.17137473

can you just get a small deep dish pizza to eat for yourself? or is it always a group thing

>> No.17137515

i really like texan condiments like salsa verde. shame it is so hard to get tomatillos in europe

>> No.17137549

Salsa verde is Texan? Sounds Mexican.

>> No.17137578

idk, i had it made by texan he said they eat it often. the name does sound spanish but as far as i know there were plenty of spaniards in texas

>> No.17137908

Strangely enough, Mexicans tend to hate chili and will sometimes actively disavow it. The Spanish did try to take credit for it though.

>> No.17137928

When I make it, 12 beans, quinoa, and 6 other types of grains. It's pretty much the most nutritionally balanced meal I can think of.

>> No.17137962

that's almost a full day's worth of calories. no wonder sharts are obese

>> No.17137975
File: 1.66 MB, 2448x3264, 3D807B39-7787-425C-8EA3-5DF9DC3EB337.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Few things better than Biscuits and Gravy with eggs on top

>> No.17137990

I like white American food, especially the breakfasts. Hate spic shit, some of the negro stuff is okay but it's just copying French immigrant cuisine.

>> No.17137999
File: 95 KB, 299x296, San Marcos pickled chilpotle.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sounds good. As a Texan I'm legally obligated to tell you that it isn't R E A L chili but really IDGAF, I put beans in my chili too and sometimes eat it over rice. I keep mine simple but I add a small can of pickled peppers to the pot and it gives the chili a nice fermented flavor.

>> No.17138011
File: 72 KB, 1200x350, 5CAABE6E-40F4-4E6B-A62C-325EE099ABCE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh way down south in the land of traitors

>> No.17138092

and also land of better food than north will ever have

>> No.17138099


>> No.17138102

i raise you gumbo jambalaya and po boy. whats your answer?

>> No.17138120

High literacy and low infant mortality rates.
Can we fucking not do this gay /pol/ shit here?

>> No.17138124

You could try brisket, carolina style barbecue, brunswick stew, burgoo, gravy and biscuits, gumbo, jambalaya, crawfish boil, or authentic chili if any of those sound to your liking.

>> No.17138134

Yes. We can try.

>> No.17138136

wtf? i thought we are discussing differences between cuisines? does /pol/ live rent free in your head?

>> No.17138138

Texas IS right next to Mexico. In fact, it used to be a part of Mexico. Fun fact there.

>> No.17138146

>i raise you gumbo jambalaya and po boy. whats your answer?
>High literacy and low infant mortality rates.
>Can we fucking not do this gay /pol/ shit here?

>> No.17138163

namefags man

>> No.17138297

>Any "snack" cake was so strange and repulsive.
Burger here, never seen the appeal myself. They're so disgustingly artificial.

>> No.17138309

>brag about btfoing the south completely
It was hardly that decisive. The CSA had to fight off a country that was going up against a near-fully industrialized nation alone and nearly did it.

>> No.17138315

Mutt yank memesong. Cope elsewhere.

>> No.17138321
File: 3.13 MB, 399x381, ha ha time for pizza.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

St. Louis pizza is pretty disappointing. And they all seem to be proud of it for some reason. Pretty sure every St. Louis child is sat down at some point and told that enjoying Imo's is "our way of life" so some crazy cult shit.
>what kind of cheese is that? Provelone?
>Mo, mo, mo, anon, for fucks sake it's called "pro-vel" and it's a very unique cheese that we are very proud of let me tell you about it...

>> No.17138345
File: 137 KB, 1200x800, applewood smoked bacon gouda grilled cheese on sourdough.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It fascinated me that so many fixate on what poor people or travelers eat vs. what people actually eat in America. When I read about "Americans really" or hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. I assume that person is an idiot, a tourist, a traveler, or a poorfag.

That's before I think about all of the dishes that simply wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Americans. Like everything you have ever eaten with a fucking tomato lol.

>> No.17138360
File: 52 KB, 1148x746, Confederate Pepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn straight, we were the underdog from the start and but fought like hell anyway.

>> No.17138368

Nigger loving Lincoln betrayed the south

>> No.17138371


>> No.17138378

bear in mind that even a moist cornbread has a wildly different texture than most "bread" and will almost certainly crumble a bit. anon had it right when he said it was more like a cake.

>> No.17138708
File: 45 KB, 680x850, corn-casserole-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

forget cornbread, embrace the corn casserole.

>> No.17138756

They were designed at the peak of "chemical" food being novel. They're basically designed to last forever, that's their only purpose.

Mac & Cheese and Pasta + Meatballs are basically comfort foods, easy to make but also easy to improve with better quality ingredients.

>> No.17138762

it's a typical American sportsball city anon. the people cling to anything and everything as long as its commercialized enough to the point it becomes a focal point of their personality. imos is more expensive than fucking dominos and there's no reason it should be. it gotten even worse after the Rams left. its seriously overpriced bar food and I've lived here my whole 31 years of life.

>> No.17138846
File: 50 KB, 654x631, 4B0AF85E-CBCE-4A30-9E2C-DE8FDFDFC942.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Southern pride worldwide

>> No.17138867

Came here to say this, damn right.

>> No.17138873

in my eyes, there is literally nothing that sets apart an animal from an american. why would i eat animal fodder?

>> No.17138879

We are animals and we are coming to get you.

>> No.17138975

Fuck you

>> No.17138990

>he wrote in an American-English dialect.
lol, servant class.

>> No.17139011

I'm not sure why people from St. Louis think that toasted ravioli is only a thing there. Nobody else calls it toasted ravioli, but it's available all over the place.

>> No.17139358

like i said, easy to make not so easy to get right. Or have you never been to a proper southern baptist cookout to know what right tastes like?

>> No.17139401

don't work here but yes i agree

>> No.17139415

The fuck is with the butter? Is Stevie Wonder working at IHOP now?

>> No.17139421

Fresh hot pancakes melt the butter, which causes it to slide if the pancake is convex.

>> No.17139439

>leaves out viscosity
>leaves out gravity
If you are not going to reference a fundamental force you are hardly even trying.

>> No.17139457

There's a lot of root beers that suck. Many people don't know that the tastes and quality can have huge variety.

>> No.17139473
File: 157 KB, 1200x1200, exps120399_TH153342B02_11_7b_WEB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Europeans don't have chicken fried steak
>Ergo, European food sucks balls

>> No.17139483

soul food has been culturally exported to every western nation on earth, and every european cuisine has been culturally exported to america. its almost like we live in a global society

>> No.17139564

>the view of Stereotypically American Foods versus the truly Uniquely American Foods is actually quite a large gap and you guys aren't sufficiently proud of Uniquely American Foods because you're not aware of how unique they are

Well I gotta ask…what are the uniquely American foods

>> No.17139573

barbeque, biscuits and gravy, fried chicken, penis oyster

>> No.17139588
File: 992 KB, 500x205, tumblr_n3bxa0VNIO1qedb29o3_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The cheapness has its charms

>> No.17139841

>southern cuisine is the best in the US, and this is not up for debate.
...Are we going to have to come down there and beat the shit out of you stupid hicks again?

>> No.17139889

it isnt even that cheap. you could buy heavy cream and sugar and make somethingm uch better

>> No.17139894

>Also, if you haven't yet, you should try Cajun food too.
I tried making gumbo at home and was quite satisfied with the results.
No other recipes from Cajun cuisine interest me for now but if I travel to the USA I'll definitely make a stop on Louisiana

>> No.17139900
File: 2.30 MB, 4208x3120, 2016-01-04 14.19.37.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not the guy you are replying to but I also understand what he means. It's a good point. For example, "stereotypically american foods" includes the usual memes, burgers, pizza, hotdogs, etc. But they are not really that unique or interesting. Some "uniquely american foods" would be chilli, new england clam chowder, cajun dishes, pecan pie...I'd add pancakes to that because I've never seen them anywhere else but I don't know. You get the idea I think. pic semi related

>> No.17139907

imho jambalya is even better. give it a try anon

>> No.17139927

There's good food and bad food and regional food just like anywhere else. My one blanket criticism is the tendency to dump too much sugar in almost everything, and to think it's supposed to be like that. That and fake cheese.

>> No.17139986

>What was unique about East Coast cuisine? I'm from there so I'm curious of your thoughts.
So the thing about East Coast cuisine is that while we think of all the sandwiches there (which I quite like), there's a lot of really "old-style" foods in the East Coast that stand out for not being traceable back to a specific immigrant culture and instead it indicates them originating from the colonial and pre-colonial periods. This doesn't happen with "Southern" cuisine (again, note, my experience with the South is much more limited than my experience with the North, it boils down to a lot of travel around Kentucky and some around Virginia) because I can point to a parallel in British cuisines that's been filtered by local ingredients and West African techniques. The fact there's a number of foods in New England and the Mid-Atlantic that make me do a double take because conceptually they have to originate in America - that makes it interesting. That's where things like apple pie and cranberry sauce and Old Bay spices originate, things that can only come from the US, and at best you're pointing at old English foods with 300 years worth of distance rather than merely 150 years. The only "Southern" food that I can say is definitely kind of a pre-colonial thing is cornbread, except that's also something we've notes of existing in the North as well and I'm sure I can get some decent cornbread if I drive like 50 miles out from Columbus.

>Did you get to have some good pastrami?
Yeah, whenever I visit my cousin in NJ (Trenton area), I make sure to take the train to NYC to hang out with some friends and I almost always have a pastrami sandwich while there, I love it.

Nah, most Euros have some variant of Chicken Fried Steak, whether that's the milanese of Italians or the schnitzel of Austrians or the kotlet of Poles. The idea of breaded and fried steak is common. What's not that common is the gravy, which in turn is a masive pointer to English-style gravys.

>> No.17140016

Going over it again:

This guy's getting it all wrong. Biscuits I'll actually give him as being an American variant of a quickbread and the specific method of American barbecue preparation is unique (although barbecue itself isn't), gravy most definitely isn't, and fried chicken is actually Scottish in origin.

This one gets it better. Chili - yes; Clam chowder - yes; cajun - sorta? I'll allow it; pecan pie - not quite but wholly understandable since to me what makes the pecan pie is the corn syrup. Pancakes exist everywhere, although the specific pancake representation doesn't.

A bunch of the ones I listed (>>17133660) apply, but if you want a short list:
>ginger ale
>root beer
>apple pie spice
>cranberry sauce
>clam chowder
>breakfast sausage
>green beans
>tater tots
>jalapeno poppers (bar food does count as unique food)
>the amount of sauces on everything
>steak as masturbation
>broccoli obsession
>the combo of peanut butter and chocolate
>peanut butter and jelly
>every variant of hot dog under the sun would apply but there seem to be two schools of logic - adding sauteed vegetables (East Coast), and adding a meat sauce (Midwest) - note, I have not gone much more South than Kentucky and West than Minnesota

The inherent issue of a lot of American foods is that since they're so common, it's easy to go "this isn't unique". But it's specifically that which you think isn't unique that is. I've essentially switched my entire diet from when I was living in Brazil because certain things are completely impossible to find. I love green corn on the cob, I despise sweetcorn on the cob because it's like biting into sugar. I haven't made some basic rice and beans in years because I can't find the correct rice. I can't find the traditional Brazilian roll because no one will make it ever. And that's fine! It's fine to be like that.

>> No.17140076

If it wasn't for chicken + waffles with syrup creamed over it all and pissing maple syrup all over your sausages and bacon I'd say it's fine, but those two things completely ruin my opinion of it. Oh, and the actual food itself in your country is disgusting processed plastic chemical goyslop soicock and it's absolutely what you deserve for being born American.

>> No.17140696

Great American food is largely home-cooked. Most restaurants, delis, etc in this country are just insanely bad to the point that you have to ask around to find something decent.

>> No.17140745

Go back.

>> No.17140768

American food is a combination of what an 18th century peasant would find amazing, i.e. meat slabs, one-note spices, and giant portions, and products of early 20th century shipping that you can verify weren't contaminated with rat shit at some food factory in Chicago 200 miles away, e.g. white bread.

>> No.17140770

I think it is what it is. I'm Polish and never been to america but I made some American food using their recipes and it was good every time: dark beer and honey glazed wings with blue dip, burgers, biscuits and gravy, fried chicken, american pancakes, all were quite tasty. There are some things I'm avoiding trying though.

>> No.17141001

>green beans
That's interesting. I'd say something like breaded and fried okra, which I've only seen in my visits to the US. Green beans (with bits of cured pork, garlic, and diced potatoes) are a pretty common plate here (Spain)

>> No.17141270

Okra I've seen loads in Brazil.

>> No.17141296

i didn't like 'biscuits and gravy', but the hash browns were good.
t. came back from the usa recently

>> No.17141656

>I will put EXTRA mayo and ketchup on my cheesesteak
Then it's not a cheesesteak, dubs. It's just a steak sandwich.

>> No.17141834

There is no such thing as "American cuisine"

>> No.17141848
File: 40 KB, 700x540, 1616265617839.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17141891
File: 118 KB, 1200x1200, fry bread.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you wanna know how to eat an Indian taco?
You just got to lift up the belly

>> No.17142006

Even if that were true, we still have the 2nd best cuisines of the world after the actual countries they're from

>> No.17142017

Chicago is a culinary mecca you tryhard pleb

>> No.17142042

As a fellow Europoor i'm not really keen on "american" cuisine either but dutch food isn't really anything special either, though it benefits from colonial Indonesian trade greatly, unlike us from finland

>> No.17142186

Literally this

>> No.17142260

Caesar salad
16 oz angus ribeye grilled over coals
Baked potato with butter & chives
Sweet corn on the cob grilled in husk over coals
Garlic green beans with bacon
California Cabernet

suck it up eurofucks, your traditions are copium
Hurr durr scarcity and nessecesity food
Behold! abundance and innovation food

>> No.17142351

>Caesar salad
This is from Tijuana, Mexico.

>> No.17142361

Chicago is known for murders and literal mafia civics. It is not known for anything else.

>> No.17142410

It was invented at Jack Ruby's.

>> No.17143442

The salad was created at Caesar’s Restaurante Bar at the Caesar Hotel in Tijuana, owned at the time by Caesar Cardini.


>> No.17143658

OK Glowie

>> No.17143735
File: 449 KB, 914x634, Fishgina.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jew can jus call me ...

>> No.17143739

>Made by a Mexican and not a roman
Still good though.

>> No.17143756

Canadians eat alot of similar things that Americans eat since we nearly have the same stores and restaurants. I've seen McDonald's, burger king, Wendy's, Hardee's/Carl jr's (Carl's junior in British Columbia), and Walmart. Consumerism is a fuck.

>> No.17143765
File: 1.17 MB, 1200x617, ROME IS FOREVER.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Caesar Cardini
Caesar was born in Italy. Why do you think they had anchovies in Tijuana?

>> No.17144132

Next time you are in Florida get grouper. Really delicious fish, almost chicken like in texture. Delicious.

>> No.17144155

That's the Canadian ones. Ours eat generic Mac and cheese and McDonald's... At least in the mountain west.
You can get some killer goat dishes though

>> No.17144240

I never thought about it but yeah one of the biggest splits would be southern food and new England. Work southern food typically having a distant French influence and new England obviously having a vague English influence both utilizing local ingredients.
One thing I'm curious about is a more rural influence. There is a big hunting culture when you get outside of American cities. Deer and game birds are common foods in part of America. I regularly eat elk, moose and small game like pheasant, duck and turkey. Is this kind of stuff still common in Europe? Or is it something that's fell out of favor

>> No.17144270

Did you just try to claim apple pie "conceptually" comes from the US?

you're talking to a huefag what the fuck would he know about about yurop hunting culture?

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