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Bonus points if it’s dangerous.

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suik un quik.

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suck me quick?

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no, its 'souxique une qouickgh'

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Suggie von gucci?

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that looks interesting but for that money I'd fucking forge my own.

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That knife isn't retarded, especially if you do a lot of work that requires the use of a bench knife

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That said I'll keep using the plastic guys that robin hood sends out with their product

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The glass cutting board or the boning knife being used on tomatoes?

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who spends 250 on a bench knife?
The bench knife is a beat up old piece of shit knife that no one wants anymore

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Happy House

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'elite' people will happily spend it

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Why not both

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nothing wrong with a glass cutting board

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Remember last year or two years ago, the cast iron Finex octagon-shaped frying pan that was $300, and we put that crying guy's face in it?

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Worry no longer friend, thon only thing you hear now are the abomination's death rattles.

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Post the one of the subscription bag juicer

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>Juicero for booze

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those work great that guy just doesn't know how to make pulled pork.

thats the kind of shit you need when you smoke 40 lbs of pork shoulder and you need to shred it

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Why not just let it cool a bit and use your bear hands?

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eletric salt/pepper. It uses 6 batteries. SIX AAA BATTERIES

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what was all the phone stuff even for?

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Who the fuck gets dressed up to have a cocktail in their own home?

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>fuck your knife

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I fucking lost

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>hey bro could I get some salt for this?
>nah man, internet is down

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In short, DRM.

The juicer required an internet connection as it would read a QR code or RFID tag on the juice packet. These juice packets were only available as a subscription service from Juicero, costing roughly $8 USD per packet. If the packet was "expired" by even just a day or lacked the identification tags, the juicer would refuse to operate.

The entire business model for Juicero was built around rent seeking behavior and I'm thankful for every day that they are no longer in business.

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Why not have a button that starts the press after you put the bag in?
Why not use the juicer like a hammer on the bag?

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you could literally just squeeze the bag with your hands and get more juice

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no they don't you faggot shill they fucking suck

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