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Needs a sprig of parsley.

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that is not even peanutbutter. it looks like tuna!

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>Teehee I'm going to waste food and show /CK/! I'll bet they'll think it's a hoot and a half!

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I'm a poorfa and alwways looking for new ways to prepare tuna. I would unironically eat this and probably enjoy it

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The heat from the jelly cooks the tuna.

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I had a coworker who was heavily into bodybuilding and ate this often. This was around 2004/2005. He had a really hot fiance. He got outted as being gay and ended up killed himself by jumping from a building. He was a great guy, very smart and funny.

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This guy knows

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Did he do a flip?

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I do this but without the jelly

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This, also fuck you and your paperplate

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Are you a power lifter?

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That's a mcchicken

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Sweetness from the jelly, saltiness and richness from the peanut butter, and savoriness from the tuna. If the bread was toasted I'd try it.

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nobody said this

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a daring synthesis

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Don’t let them bully
I’d give that a shot without the jelly as well.
A surprising number of things go very well on a peanut butter sandwich.

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Post yourself eating the whole thing and swallowing every bite or kill yourself.

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ur cringe

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He did a 1080 and walked away.

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jesus christ lighten up

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that's not true that's impossible

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>He was a great guy,
Not if he was gay

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