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WebM thread

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Ah, another WebM thread that will be full of reposts

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This is the only one I have on my work laptop.

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What even is that?

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>tfw no gf

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Just kys and hand over the fish whore

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Looks like sweet potatoes

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inb4 shitposting over this one

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well once she starts eating better and she can conceive again, give her a baby to direct all that empathy towards and she'll be fixed right up.
she's really not pathetic she's just wired for more empathy than she's allowed to give in her environment and it's been misdirected to care too much about the fish.

by the way one of the easiest ways to avoid having this happen to your daughter or something is actually taking her out on real camping trips. have her watch a spider eat a fly, a big fish eat a smaller fish, and clean a fish, and so on.

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Wow... Meanwhile I add a bit of cream to my coffee and gain ten pounds... Must be nice to be Asian...

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candied yams

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american cooking


brown sugar

high fructose corn syrup

served with a sweet dipping sauce

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they call it candied yams but it's sweet potatoes. pretty good stuff but it's basically a dessert as you can see

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To be fair, she has a condition where her body doesn't digest all the food she eats. So she's an extreme outlier that can get away with this.
Also she's cute.

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I'm glad you got this one in early. It's really gonna make for some productive conversation over the next couple days that I'll be looking forward to reading

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that's not wild salmon...

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>she has a condition
is it called bulimia?

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Weird how you can immediately identify California trash

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imagine her brrrraaaps

she must poop like a horse

undigested food

any pics of feet anyone btw

does she has vids with eggs

imagine the aroma

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the chuds haven't clocked onto it yet, just keep quiet and maybe the thread won't go to shit

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No her gut straight up doesn't digest food. It just slides right out of her.

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Wow haven't seen this one

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>wear 15 kilos of petrol based make-up
>throw a tantrum over a fish
Some people.

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She should post gut at the end, then I'll believe it.

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Wild salmon looks pale orange.

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>/ck/ - Food & Cooking
You'd think the "cooking related" was implied, but I guess some people aren't that smart.

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That's how you make pumpkin pie for 200 people.

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She said sustainable, not wild.

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>And medical reasons
It's probably like half the retarded vegans out there, they don't like eating they veggies so they eat carbs and nice fun things then get sick

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I can't believe people actually believe this

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I doubt she didnt puke it back after this... cause boy oh boy that much fiber will clog ur ass for a month and probably death.

>> No.17101096

she did it several times

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Nasty fuck

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I'm getting flashbacks to the fat vegetarian I knew in college who subsisted on potato chips and oreos

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i hate californians, half of them are performative attention seeking morons

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>"I'm the most pathetic person ever."
no, that would be me. close second though.

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I somehow believe her even less now but I'm happy for everyone who feels this makes their fantasy more real and got to cum lots and lots from watching this

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Jesus this is so fucking depressing. Riddle me this anons, why do you not go to physical therapy/continue disgusting eating habits when you literally cannot move your dominant arm? I couldn't move my foot due to a nerve injury for like a week and the whole time during PT I was panicking about never having the same mobility. How do you just swallow that fear and live with a dead arm? I've never been so scared in my life than when I thought I was going to end up crippled.

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Jacks mental capability is beyond everything a normal human can comprehend

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I guess the CT scan is also fake.

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Physical therapy doesn't matter when it's all in (((his))) hands.

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That actually looks really good. It's basically a meatloaf with bacon.

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same energy

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FYI: Most Asian videos online are fake or staged to some degree.

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this assclown has had multiple strokes and cooks something like this and has to get his fat wife to cut it because he can't use his arm because of multiple strokes.

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it's keto brah it's healthy

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hate this so much it's unreal

if that was butter pastry and bottle was full of ice it might be nice though. ice rolling pin probably already exists though...?

>> No.17101219

how the fuck do people with hair like that sleep? like those retard fucking island boy spottem gottem faggots? How do you lie on that hair comfortably?

>> No.17101229

If it's stupid and it works, it isn't stupid

>> No.17101233

based and brownpilled

>> No.17101242

you take downers until you pass out

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then you don't need a pillow.. actually genius.

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That's just being a fatass. Vegetarians have a much wider range of foods they can eat than vegans do. Vegetarians can consume dairy and eggs, with some even going as far as to include certain seafoods as acceptable. Even if they ate meat, they'd probably still be the type to consume only oreos and potato chips. Vegans are lazy and don't feel like exploring the thousands of wonderful vegan options that have been perfected through centuries of cooking and instead choose to feast solely on processed plant burgers and bread.

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>if that was butter pastry
bit hard to tell, i havent' seen the video but that's more likely than bread dough for pizza probably

>> No.17101302

>drizzling sauce on top of the coleslaw, pickles and onions while making no direct contact with the meat

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I knew one who'd eat pretty well but she drank loads of tea and added two heaping tablespoons of honey for each cup she drank, the honey she consumed daily had to be worth more calories than what she got from everything else
She also wondered why she kept gaining weight

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There's the whole "it's natural so it's healthy" thing, gives people a weird mental block about things especially sugar. Same shit with fruit juice. I have a friend who is a dietician at a hospital who teaches diabetics how not to lose a foot and she says the #1 thing they are clueless about is how much sugar is in OJ

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I'd have stopped watching If she wasn't a cutie

>> No.17101423

Quality lass

>> No.17101426

There are people who become pescetarians out of medical reasons (i.e. can't eat red meat) but I'm doubtful it's the case here.

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It's pizza dough.

>> No.17101450

>dad is vegetarian for over a decade
>has a fuck ton of health issues due to partying in the 80s
>doc tells him to add meat back into his diet for protein
>he cooks up a beautiful steak for himself
>rest of the family gets overcooked chicken breast
>he just laughs at us when we complain

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Based and dadpilled

>> No.17101696

I never trusted the weird jumps in these videos. She probably spits out every single bite.

>> No.17101711

heheh. even if she's exaggerating that's pretty funny

>> No.17101717

Nothing gets past you, huh?

>> No.17101718

be the change

>> No.17101732

Why did Jack overtake Joey as /ck/ mascot?

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>> No.17101755

what kind of partying anon

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mods kept banning people for posting joey so there's not really any alternative

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I can't understand why Joey isn't allowed but Jack and Nikocado are...

>> No.17101794


3/10 at best

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I got aroused when she started crying

>> No.17101830

Had to use a wine bottle once, if it works it works

>> No.17101844

She does livestreams and restaurant challenges too. You know, at a certain point seeing lies in everything ceases to be media savvy and goes into paranoid conspiracy behaviour.

>> No.17101854

T. Reading comprehension 0

>> No.17101856

Never fails to make me angry when I see that attention whore cook the salmon flesh side first.

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Jack has been banned/removed from time to time and I honestly don't think there's that much of a reasoning behind these moderation policies. It's just what it is.

I personally find his actual idiocy and obnoxiousness more appealing than the more played up repulsiveness of some of his peers. His peaks are also very high. The church chilli, juicy chicken, garbage stew, party cheese salad, took him down to the ground, the strokes, the "enchiladas" and the fact that he never seems to learn. There's also been so much gold from the past that I haven't seen posted that just had to be shared. The pizza smelling, pig out, the "chilli"'s and the fruit ninja just to name a few.

I personally may find Kay slightly more appealing, but Ja/ck/ is still the king.

>> No.17101891

Sorry bro I just picked the last reply in the chain.

>> No.17101896

Joey was navie and simple-minded enough to deserve a place in /ck/. I used to lurk this board more often years ago because of him, such figures are needed in certain boards, for example I stopped caring about /fit/ when scooby left.

>> No.17101907

Jannies are power abusing faggots who pick favorites and try to censor what they do not like.

There is no lifeform as low and pathetic and a jannie, they should all be sent to workcamps.

>> No.17101916

Fiber? Bro, it's KFC. It's not fiber free, but fried chicken is not a big source of fiber. https://www.kfc.com/nutrition

>> No.17101921

I cannot claim I got too deep into Joey, but most of what I've seen has just been him eating disgustingly, which didn't make me want to delve deeper.

>> No.17101934

Veganism and self loathing go hand in hand, please seek help for both

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They're particularly shitty on /ck/. I've been banned just for posting pepe before

>> No.17102101

Holy shit I laughed way too hard at this

>> No.17102113

Ja/ck/ threads get taken down immediately and usually result in a ban depending on the faggot mod. I miss the old days when he truly was the king of /ck/ I mean he still is, but I miss the good old fashioned ja/ck/ threads

>> No.17102131

Both ja/ck/ but /broey/ threads deserve a place in this board.

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Ja/ck/ has always been the king of this board

>> No.17102189

someone post mark wiens stupid fucking face eating

>> No.17102191

I can only imagine the sheer suffering i would feel on the toilet when I would eat so much KFC. Even looking at it i get severe cramps.

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Are you the asshole who got me a 3-day ban for making a webm thread the other day?
Post something fresh or just filter the threads, man.

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The fact that he has to make this abomination one-handed because he has had at least two strokes is just... I think it might be art.

>> No.17102253

babushka trained her well

>> No.17102257

And that's why 75% of black people over 30 have beetus.

>> No.17102259

I was watching and reading replies and as soon as I saw "assclown" I knew who it was before the reveal

>> No.17102273

Because we get to see a sad fat fuck die before our very eyes

>> No.17102285

>That'll be 14.99 plus tip

>> No.17102380


thats called prison spread. ive always wanted to try to develop a fine dining approach on it

>> No.17102383

yikes imagine what she looks like WITHOUT makeup mios dios

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>> No.17102431

>boiling water in microwave
Does that actually work? I have an electric boiler but no 'wave, so I wouldn't do it anyway, I'm just curious.

>> No.17102516

yeah but you gotta put a chopstick in there to nucleate bubbles or it can superheat and like, explode or whatever when you take it out

>> No.17102522

This webm always intrigues me

>> No.17102573

How does he get out?

>> No.17102602

source? I need to see more

>> No.17102604

I'd kill for a GF like her. Less for her looks, and more because as much as I love pastries, I hate making 'em.

>> No.17102646

It says a lot about you to think only "chuds" would take issue with that webm.

>> No.17102655

>it won't happen to me
>it's not that bad
>it won't happen again
>it can't get worse
>it's already fucked, no point changing now <- jack is here
many such cases

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