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Hilter has been revived and he's coming over to dinner. What do you make to please him in order to not get shot?

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HRT meds

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I poison him and the losers who think they wouldn't be virgins under his regime (they would)

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reminder that every jew is braver than Hitler ever was

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What kind of poison do you have readily available right now to poison several people without them noticing it (while at the same time not poisoning yourself)?

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Lox, bagels and gefilte fish

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Pasta and Meatballs with red sauce and red whine. We have graded cheese as well. He is welcome to a glass and a plate.

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Oh he wouldn’t shoot anyone. He’s a very nice guy.

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antifreeze in a sweet dish moron. unironically kill yourself nazi

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the jews were the real nazis all the way

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>I'm a nazi because I doubt your poison skills.
No logic, shit brain.

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ill meet him at the door, give him a snickers bar and tell him to fuck off. no gay nerds allowed in this house.

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eiernockerl and an apple cake.

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turkey roulade
roasted brussels sprouts
baked potatoes (with fixins)
stuffing with andouille sausage
apple pecan bundt cake
homemade applejack

and then when everybody's recovering afterwards, I take them by surprise and gun them all down

it will be a meal to die for

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>roasted brussels sprouts

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Shepard's pie and tiramisu for dessert
then will share some nice whiskey and shit talk the jews

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His own shit covered cock. I hear he loved to eat shit covered dick.

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You know antifreeze has a bittering agent in it now, right? It was intended to make it taste horrible and hopefully stop retarded ass dogs from drinking it

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I don't entertain amphetamine addicts

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just tasted my antifreeze, still sweet

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I think I'd serve him a hearty breakfast of latkes and bagels, then have gay sex with him.

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I wouldn't act so smug if I was replying to hitler threads on the cooking board of a venetian boating forum.

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Only a circumcised man would say this

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Not this anon but what I like to do is cut them in half, blanch them a few minutes in boiling water but not cook them, and then fry them in a pan or on the raclette top

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Roast pork and vegetables, and when he refuses to eat the meat on the basis of being vegetarian I'll start referring to him as kosherboy and repeatedly ask him how he's enjoying his kosher meal.

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>no mention of fuhrer cake

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add it to a bitter dish, then. retard.

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Gonna try to bake one of these up this Christmas.

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>being retarded
>doubling down

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>add antifreeze to a sweet dish
>add it to a bitter dish, then
sure thing, man.

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Name a bitter dish.

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Name a single dish in which industrial-strength bitterant wouldn't stand out

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you first bitch

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Take another chug of that anti-freeze my dude.

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He was never found guilty in any court of law

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but it's way too bitter to drink, isn't it? or have you changed your mind?

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Kosher matzah ball soup with kosher knishes.
Just his traditional family food

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the last cowboy

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some antifreeze might have a bittering agent in it sure. typical retarded "I must be right!!!!" post desu, extrapolate entire world from any part of it where you're correct

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nazi op btfo

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If antifreeze is so bitter why are there over 5000 cases reported every year of ethylene glycol poisoning?

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I'm confused. The first post says it's a cake with nuts and raisins. There are no raisins in the second post.

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You're a huge fag

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>linking your personal google results with the full url

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Are you personally buying your antifreeze based off the taste or something?

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This fine German cuisine of course

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I clicked on this stuff.

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Probably forgot to include them. For some extra kick leave the raisins soaking in some bourbon overnight

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A bottle of Mountain dew and a full Daim cake.

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Remember he was a vegetarian.

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I hate that I knew what this was based on the blur

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a lot of fake fans in this thread talking about giving him a meat dish.
>tomato stew with bean dumplings
>plum cake for dessert

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Lotta fags in here.

You wouldn't spend an evening talking to one of the most important figures of the 20th century? I would grab Hitler a burger and fries from our local place and drink beers.

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>plum cake
>not apple and raisin
>he claims others to be fake fans

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Seek therapy, anon. You need help.

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Hitler was mostly vegetarian, had lots of gastrointestinal issues. Hence all the people saying meat dishes being fake fans.

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I doubt he would shoot you if you fucked up a bit of food or had something he wasn't gushing over. That shit is hollywood tier retarded.

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>Hitler was mostly vegetarian, had lots of gastrointestinal issues.

Same story the world around with all vegetarians. They all have leaky gut problems because they are low in the amino acids that make collagen.

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