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How often do you swap these out for new ones? You dont keep em around for months do you anon?

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When they start looking like your pic, usually. When the scrub side gets ratty it's time for a new one. I think that's probably a couple weeks or so

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If I've been scrubbing soup pots of char often, every couple of weeks.
A 24 pack on Amazon ran me $12.
Why use a shitty sponge when it's worn out?

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It depends. I throw them out once they get a mildew smell.

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Can I put these in with the laundry?

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Wife bought some weird scrubbing rags called Norwex or something. She washes them instead of throwing them away. They work OK

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Like every 3 months

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two weeks max

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You "can" a lot of things.

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Wring it out real good and microwave it. It'll take out the smell.

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When they're used but only moderately so and still have some life in them/aren't that dirty, I throw them into the dishwasher with my dishes. I'll do this maybe twice max before they run their course and bring out a new one.

It's an economical way to extend their life.

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I've never had a dishwasher in my life so I use the microwave method.

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>How often do you swap these out for new ones?
Very often. I don't think they even last a month, nevermind monthS. It's not even an issue of choice, they just fall apart after a while.

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When I collect a half dozen or so I use them to make stock.

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>microwave it
for how long?

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these last way longer than shitty scotch brite.
The scrubbing surface is rubbery. Its worth buying once to try. I prefer them to scotch brite because those are only good when new up to maybe a week.

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Bro sponges are like 50 cents just buy more. I bet you water down your soap too

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I generally keep using them until the abrasive pad or the sponge part starts to wear out.

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What makes me thoroughly disgusted is when people take the sponge and use it to clean their countertop. Especially when they use dish water kek what fucking Neanderthals.

I was dating a girl with huge tits and her mother came over to our apt for dinner. The mother and her cleaned up and when I came into the kitchen I saw her mother dip the sponge into a sink containing wash water from cleaning a greasy pan and proceed to wipe it all over the countertops. I told her that I never understood why people did that and she asked what I meant and I said “you’re wiping grease, food residue and whatever is on that two month old sponge on the counter, it isn’t cleaning it” and she looked at me like it was a revelation and said “I’d never thought about it before”


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dunno months, i scrape off every bit of food from pots and pans with warm water and baking soda (when needed) before using soap and i wash the sponge well, it stays the same color and always smells of soap, just soap

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>yellow part is grey
>no longer spongey, doesn't spring back
>just a soggy limp mass
Meh, still useful for giving really dirty things an initial wipe down, and sparing the good sponge.

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Those tight foam sponges are the worst.

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Wow. I can get for £1. You're being ripped off.

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I don't use soap or sponges to wash my dishes, I just rinse them under hot water and wipe the gunk off with my fingers

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* I can get 20

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wut? thats fine.
I throw mine only as soon as they start to change in color / smell

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That usually works, but I've found that sponges usually work better or require less effort.

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i want big tits

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I don't use sponges at all. I don't trust anything that doesn't dry properly to ever be hygienic. The pads I ditch when they get harder to clean than is worthwhile. This is usually just before they go soft and shitty.

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A minute or so. Make sure it's not dry. Soak it and make sure there's some water left after you've squeezed it out.

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I only use my sponge for washing my eggs. For dishes I use a dish rag which is swapped out twice a week. The rags are washed once a week.

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I normally boil them when they're still in good condition to remove the bacteria

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My sponge is stained with valerian root powder. I can smell it from here.

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I just use a brush or a towel for everything.

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you can also boil them for a bit to sanitize it as well.

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The green part has been stripped off of mine, leaving a rancid, once yellow now mostly brown sponge. I wring it out into my mouth when I'm done scrubbing for a tasty snack :)

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ill spray it with bleach

last time i got a pack of the really cheap ones though and those literally disintegrate if you use them too long

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>swapped out twice a week
>washed once a week
Please explain how that works.

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I use a dish washing brush primarily with the assistance of my sink sprayer, but I will keep a sponge until it's abrasive section starts to pill up and not work well.

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multiple rags

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This is really weird. I use my sponges exclusively to clean countertops and only after I've done all the dishes and put everything else away.

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I have multiple rags. Technically I could replace them daily but I'm too lazy for that.

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I have a dishwasher so don't use many sponges, they easily last 4-6 months.

If you wash your dishes by hand then monthly probably.

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Decades, more like.

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I bought a 5 pack about 8 years ago and I'm currently on sponge #3.

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This but extra steps:
Gets used for dishes first (soap/occasionally bleach the meat cutting board)
Then floor duty (bleach)
Than bathroom duty (more bleach)
Then trash

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I keep mine in a bleach solution and replace every few weeks.

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Once the rough side is worn out and the whole thing has absorbed too much oil to clean proberply, usually 2 weeks, maybe a whole months

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You spray the bench with sanitizer you mong

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i hope you meet someone to share your life with you soon, anon.
open your heart out a bit, you will be fine. trust me.

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Neither of these remove the smell for me, maybe they're too far gone by then. But I have had some cheap sponges burn a bit in the microwave and the new smell overpowers the soured smell just not in a good way.


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>buying cheap shit having to replace their sponges after a month
No. I got a 3 pack for $7 and I've been using the first one for 4 months, it looks almost the same as when I started - it doesn't smell or retain grease. I'm swapping it soon because my knives are stupid sharp, so cleaning them has taken chunks out of it.

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Vileda sponges are the best sponges IMO. But my flatmate leaves sponges/cloths in the sink overnight wallowing in greasy pot water so there is no point getting good ones.

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I have a designated dish sponge and a second for other.

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>But my flatmate leaves sponges/cloths in the sink overnight wallowing in greasy pot water
This used to happen to me too and it'd piss me off, Vileda sponges are pretty good. So fucking glad I live in my own apartment now, fuck flatmates.

Why not buy your own and tell him not to use them? and if you spot them soaking in grease even once, you send him to the shadowrealm.

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Aren't you supposed to change them every week? Certainly, they no longer last more than a week for me anyway.

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Everyone in this thread but me is wrong. I've been using pic related for several years and it only costs $3.50 and it won't scratch your dishes.

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this is cheapskate tier shit man sponges are cheap

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throw them in the microwave for 10 seconds

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I only use picrelated. The ones with integrated sponge give me the creeps from not rapidly drying and eventually getting stinky. Usually get a month or 2 out of each pad, have a crapload of worn out ones under sink for gross stuff in garage and elsewhere. Use frequently swapped out washcloths for counter wiping.

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>people itt using the same sponge for weeks to months
holy shit what the fuck is wrong with you people lmao

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once every never? these are 3 or 4 years in use afaik, they were almost entirely black-gray 3years later

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On the topic of cleaning. Kitchen was a fire hazard due to cohabitant. ffs. There was a kitchen fire with a later fucker.

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did you paint those images

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So after you wash the countertops with greasy dirty water you spray them with antimicrobial cleaner that doesn’t actually remove the grease or anything but serves to sterilize the surface (god knows why you need to sterilize your home) and let you enjoy the health benefits of breathing VOCs for hours.

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In this way my ex-gf was my dream girl. She was a literal Khazaar milker with 32 Js on a slightly thick, 5’2 frame. I’m a tit guy so it was amazing but I could barely keep my hands off her even in public. Looking back I think I was almost only interested in her tits.

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No, he commissioned me to do it. Do you like them? I can paint your sponge as well if you like.

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Whenever it starts losing it hard scrub material and looks soft

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Did you see any graphite on the roof when you took these photos?

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you are scum

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They are the best!

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You lost?

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if simply boiling it doesnt do it for you, it might help to freeze them as well. eradicate bacteria any way possible.

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I constantly put a drop of washing liquid on it so I'm fine. But if it looks disgusting I pick a new one.

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based scratch pad user

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Soaking them in hydrogen peroxide then putting them in the dishwasher gets rid of the mildew smell. Hydrogen peroxide kills mold/milder like a motherfucker.

>> No.17081673

I toss them when they leave bits of ground up scrub pad residue in all of my dishes, which happens immediately. Fuck dish sponges.

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My mom used to do all three methids and I got tired of having to play sponge hunt so I looked up the freezer method and found that it's useless. Bacteria will go dormant but not die at houshold freezer temps.
Maybe I'll try keeping them in bleach water like another guy mentioned. The problem stems from not drying them but getting others to even wring them out is a struggle here.

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I've never once cleaned my floors in 15 years aside from vacuuming twice a year

>> No.17081759

probably a couple months, basically until the scrubby bit is worn off to the point it becomes unusable.

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Once in a month. Ikea ones are the best for my money. I will never understand people who don't replace them/microwave them. Touching a greasy, dirty, old sponge has to be one of the worst feelings ever.

lost hard

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>only costs $3.50
Did you order this off Amazon? You know they are
Like 79 Cents in a real store.

>> No.17081819

it's just black mold

>> No.17081845

but the heat kills the bacteria

>> No.17081849

I used my scourer at lunch to take rust of my straight edge.
washed the rust out, she'll be right

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What the hell are you doing to your sponges that you're burning through them that fast?

>> No.17081959

I wash the dishes, what else?

>> No.17082862

you replace them when the scrub pad peels off the sponge

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I'll never use anything but pic related.

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Instead of throwing away sponges and rags, boil them in a pot of water with a dash of dish soap, then leave them in a bleach solution.

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thanks for teaching me something new

>> No.17085225

i've been using the same one for almost 4 years

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