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>post your country and the best beer (respectively the beer you like the most) from your country
Appenzeller bier

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King Cobra

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USA refer to individual states

Louisiana's best

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Spotted cow

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pint of bitter ta

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>Louisiana’s best
>not ghost in the machine

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Based snake piss enthusiast

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only straight from the verwarming

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I was going to get Delirium Tremens but I got Delirium Noel instead because it came with a cool free glass.

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better than any other australian beer and you know it

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As much as I really do like Unibroue, there's always a nagging feeling in the back of my head that all their beers taste kind of similar

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Totally fair. Most Belgian beer seems to share a common flavour across most styles, and the differences can be subtle.

Also, based Dieu du Ciel.

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Based Dieu du Ciel indeed.
I don't know if you copped pic related a few Christmases back, but it's probably my favourite Unibroue annual special. I still have a spare bottle in the cellar waiting for a special occasion.

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I enjoy strong beer but XXXX's flavour is rather tame. With that said, I fucking love it, probably because it doesn't have the same foul lingering bitterness that a lot of lagers seem to carry.

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>better than any other australian beer and you know it
I can't believe people desire to drink either XXXX or Carlton Draught .

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Datamining thread. Fuck off, youre glowing.

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If we're going for speciality brews over common beers, I'd put up Atticus Atlas for Parish or Gnarmaggedon for Gnarly Barley

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Idk about the best, but I drink one of these every few weeks or so. I'm an ausfag.

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Spotted Cow is alright but personally I'm a Hamm's man. Spotted Cow's limited releases are great though, I had some kind of rhubarb sour that was one of the best things I've ever tasted. I think there was one called Two Sisters or something that was 10/10 too

I'm in Iowa, I like Pulpit Rock and Toppling Goliath

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Man i miss this stuff. during university i worked across the border in a swiss restaurant. had a few of those with the boss after the shifts. awesome beer.

Oh and best german beer is of course Unertl Weißbier

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USA. I enjoy Yuengling but only on draft. Always seems skunked in bottle. Anyone else notice this or can explain?

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Live Oak
They make the best German styles of beer outside of Europe, and they even rise above many German breweries.

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Canned green beans and boiled red cabbage beer

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Green bottle. It's just that simple.

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United States

Probably something from one of the local breweries like Side Project, Perennial, Earthbound, 4 Hands

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>Hansa Porter
A great Porter that is available in most stores. Also a big fan of Frydenlund Bokkøl

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Second this

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Cold region usa
Pic related

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Mogs every beer in this thread

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I doubt you have tasted EVERY beer in this thread. You're just shilling your half life 2 low poly lookin ass beer

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>Camden Hells
>when Theakston, Tim Taylor, Wychwood, Harvey's, Fuller's, Newcastle Brown, Shepherd Neame, Carling, etc. etc. exist

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As basic as it sounds I really prefer Bavarian beer. Though since I live in the Southwest US I also get a lot of good Mexican beer. Currently, my fridge is stocked with Ayinger, previously went through some Victoria.

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Think I've had it one time when I was over at Stein am Rhein. Pretty refreshing.
Feldschlösschen braufrisch is my favourite though.

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een echte gladiator drinkt hem van de radiator

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Stopped drinking it now that they pander to faggots and also push the vaccine

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Goldstar Unfiltered is the best beer from my country. It tastes better than a lot of the popular lagers, but it has a distinct smell similar to piss.
I prefer to drink imported Belgian stuff

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>hate hop bitterness
>dislike most beers
>usually stick to light lagers or pale ales
>rolling rock, blue moon, alagash white are my ol' reliable faves
>occasionally a citrusy import from krautland hits the spot just right
>regularly try something out of my wheelhouse just to see if my pallet changes up over time
>disappointed 7/10 times when I do this
>usually stick with whiskeys and cocktails instead anyways

Do I have shit taste?

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Red white and blue yard here. Currently drinking even more Jesus from evil twin.

Best bear is a bit of hard one. Best bear I've had would have to be pic related. Second favorite is ghost flowers from urban family. Normally I'm a barrel aged stout guy, but some dark fruit beers that aren't just liquid candy hit me like nothing else.

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You sound like a bitch to me

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You could have said everything you said and not sound like a bitch, but you sound like a bitch. Have you tried Belgian style ales? They might be more your liking. Sounds like darker and bitter beers are out.

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Nothing wrong with enjoying what you like. Just don't whine about what you don't like and you won't sound like a bitch.

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Is it just me or are bottles like this really great? Every time I buy one of these, I save it after finishing the beer to re-use later.

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They great. Good for infinity bottles, good for water jugs for camping, good for cold infusion tea, good for everything.

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not to mention all the small breweries around the uk making ales

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off topic but how do you open a bottle of wine with a botched cork? i fucked up pretty bad. i was just going to use a drill and go straight down but i don't want to filter it/pick cork out of it all night

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Asahi is so fucking good.
Try Tsingtao or Kirin if you get the chance.

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do they make it australia or is it really imported from japan? asahi in the US is made in canada and didn't taste like the asahi i had when i was in japan

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Two options, go at again with the corkscrew and make sure you're all the way through. Option two is just fucking hammer the cork into the bottle. You could also try having a vintage opener on hand like pic related.

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i feel like option two is going to end up with little pieces of cork floating around since i already shredded the thing to pieces. that's a cool bottle opener, what does the block of wood do

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block of wood is the "sheath" the tines are a bit sharp and need to keep their shape. It's an old style but you can find them on ebay easy and for cheap.

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Just realized it's not helpful saying you can find it and not calling it what it is. It's a cork puller.

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Both Tsingtao and Kirin Ichiban fucking sucks ass

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what's a 3 fonteinen replacement for poor people?

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I love this!

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where can i find this?
> t. east TN

the extra stout is actually fantastic but the "regular" guiness taste like fucking bean water

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I hear this taste like old Stag. I wanna drink it.

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I haven't seen their porter in East TN in a loooong time. Sucks cause it's really good. The closest you can get is buying their black and tan which is half porter half lager.
You would LOVE Foreign extra stout

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I get it in a regular liquor store near where I live

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Een man met een baard, drink hem uit de openhaard

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Based Montananon.

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Just opened a bottle of gleshemigersheissen. Good stuff! Germans make the best beer

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Anything from a brewery that doesn't require a vax card for entry

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*blocks you're path*

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Nice bait

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La Trappe, klok is just a meme

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seasonal and very good tasting for an 11% abv

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Duckstein is nice. But I guess in 6 months I'll switch to something else. As allways.

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don't think they sell that in the uk
just the weak draught bitter which is a bit shit

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i tried this. the first few were pretty good but a few days later i went to finish them off and just didn't like it at all. its a gimmick beer and the hershey's logo on the label is a dead giveaway. if it was the same price as a 6er of yuengling it'd be fine but its premium price and there are far better options for $10-12

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I drink these until I'm sick and then don't touch alcohol for a few weeks

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I had Guinness and it completely turned me off from nitro stouts because it tasted like burnt water, but I picked up some Murphy's a few days ago because I wanted to give Irish beer a try again and it completely BTFOs Guinness. Even with no carbonation the taste still fills your mouth as gay as that sounds, it's like a super dark roast coffee with a hint of chocolate.

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Yeah Guinness draught is terrible. Extra stout holds up though. Nitro works with dark shit and bitters and THATS IT

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I haven't had Extra Stout in a while but I had a bottle of Foreign Extra tonight after not having it a bit and it really reminded me of Bernardus 12 with more fruit notes, more acidity, and nose really similar to wine. The nose combined with that acidity and fruitiness was really similar to wine in general. It's alright but not something I would drink all the time, every once in a while I could see it hitting the spot.

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Minnesota's best. Shits all over Yuengling. I tried them side by side even to make sure.