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yall ever whip up a cheeky pan sauce with the burger fat

>> No.17067345

Tried, but it makes my stomach ache because of the fat content

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Why did you use the word "y'all" and "cheeky"? Are you pretending to be Texan or are you pretending to be British?

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I use the bun to absorb it and help it toast in the pan.

>> No.17067496

every meal with every meat I pan fry everything

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I strain the delicious crunchies out of the fat. These get warmed up and mixed into a salade niçoise dressing later. It works for me. I don't believe in wasting flavors. I save the tallow for cooking burgers in another day. There's nothing quite like shallow frying hamburgers in beef fat. The crust and juiciness is unmatched by any other method of cooking them. Cast iron smashing is a cope for not having prepared enough beef fat.

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Means he lives in the south but is a traitor. Real southerners lean towards the french.

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shut up you wanker

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Go to hell blimey.

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Its called “fond” you fucking retard

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not "fond" of that attitude

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yeah- a splash of apple cider vinegar, a little beer, some black pepper, cook some onions and mushrooms in it until it's viscous, and drizzle that stuff all over everything. tasty. or if you have other veggies just cook them in the sauce. i do this with my steaks, chicken and pork too.

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cheeky cunt

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