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Do you wash your mush?

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You have to wash it off so it's not dirty and poopy.

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You have to wash it off so
it doesn't have forest leaves and needles on it

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No desu.

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Nooooooooo, you can't just wash your mushrooms, they soak up all the waters and get mushy

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Man I think I made the most delicious mushies I've ever made last night. Too bad I cannot find some good shrooms here, it's really just baby Bella, portobello, and white buttons. I wanna expand my mushtiary

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Did you wash them before cooking? I hope you didn't just cook the dirty mushrooms like a savage

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Especially crucial before you dump them into more water to make mushroom sauce or mushroom soup.

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I wiped em off man, ill let the 10 pounds of butter I melted first wash em off for me

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Let's end this debate by washing the shrooms in vegetable stock.

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>flavoring your food with mushroom dirt
Yuck. YUCK.

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no no no

you take off the stem and peel the top skin off from the bottom edge of the bell
poop gone. mush dry. smart. feed poop stem/skins to chickens and poor. improve social. better country.

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no no no

take off stem, then put in bag in freezer with chicken bone, onion skin, carrot and pepper end, until bag is full. then boil in pot with water, stock making. stock full collagen, vitamins, savor-flavor, deep brown good for soul.

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>eating mushrooms that were grown in literal shit
ngmi, grow your own from WOOD and GRAIN like mother earth intended

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Same for me. Sometimes there's shiitake but it's always pre-sliced and at least double the price

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grow em yourself dood its cheap and easy

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the jew fears the indoor mushroom farmer

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But i was told psilocybin only grows in cow poop

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I don't eat mushrooms

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Retards say this. Mushrooms are already full of water. Washing them does nothing to the flavor or texture. It will maybe take a few extra seconds to cook.

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>Do you wash your mush?
Penis pot pie

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Why is he so beaten down looking? Those hipster guys all have trust funds, they fuck the most beautiful women ever and they still look like they're on the verge of death? How?

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they are water

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I quickly rinse them in my hand while wiping away the dirt n shit yea. The worst part about them getting too wet is that they get slick when you're cutting them, honestly.

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Why would you not wash something that thrives on humidity?

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The worst part about them getting too wet is that you can't bake them properly anymore.

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I trim, peel, trim again and wash button-like mushrooms, in that order.
Oysters, king oysters, enoki, jelly fungus and other centrally connected mushrooms with no or not much of a cap, I trim and wash.

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uh they are cultivated in a pasteurized substrate. not poop.
water makes them slimy and soggy, you just need to brush off the 'dirt'

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I've been doing the wipe-down-with-a-damp-paper-towel method, but it's kind of a pain compared to just rinsing them all at once for a few seconds.

Even more annoying is that pre-sliced button mushrooms are usually unwashed, so now you've got a hundred tiny pieces that you need to clean instead of a few big pieces, ruining the point of pre-slicing

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how do you tell when a mushroom is cooked bros? ive just been winging it

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if they're too dirty, peel them, don't wash them

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Internal temp of 165

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Checked. Those presliced ones have woody stems. I prefer to pop the stems, rinse and put on paper towels to dry, then slice

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when they stop giving up water usually

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No, I don't generally wash my produce.

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I give 'em a quick rinse. I don't care what anyone says about absorbing water bullshit.

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hell no, just brush them like a normal person

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I hate mushrooms.

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>baby Bella, portobello, and white buttons.
literallly all the same species of shroom

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Do you check each shroom or just like the fattest one?

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wash each mushroom then just crush it in my hand instead of chopping

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No, the heat kills the bacteria.

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What about the heat-resistant bacterial end-products?

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stop eating toilet mushrooms, anon

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just wipe with a damp towel
why are you scared of dirt? dont you have a working immune system?

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please leave my board immediately you sick fuck

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coconut husks also work well

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If they're noticeably dirty I'll give them a very light rinse before cooking but otherwise no I just cook them.

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No, I peel my mushrooms like a smart person. Removes the dirty layer without ruining the mushroom.

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This, but I just cut the lower part of the stems and wash them. Too poor to waste so much mush.

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I rinse them and then scrub them with a paper towel.
Kind of feel bad throwing away a bunch of paper towels whenever I eat mushrooms, but-

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at most I'll submerge them in water and stir them a bit and drain them just to get off any excess dirt
don't even bother doing that most of the time 2bh

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A steady diet of cocaine, beer, and greasy bodega food.

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>not liking stinky and poopie

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>liking rapie
I'm calling the cops, you creep.

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honestly, you might as well wash them
if you don't wash them or at least start cooking them in water, mushrooms will just soak up whatever oil you cook them in

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>not using your mushroom brush

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You're water

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ah shit, wouldn't want them to absorb any flavors. damned good tip.

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no, I use a pastry brush

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Not as often as I was my vagina.

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