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Ok /ck/ got a question, I have family that is going on a medically necessary liquid diet for upwards 6 months, we don't have a blender.

they are looking at something ninja with for convenience, and I have been tasked with figuring out what's best. our family wanted to get a blender for a while, every now and then the topic comes up but it always dies for one reason or another. so with that, what i'm looking for is what are my options for relatively painless to use and clean blenders are, possibly with single serving size and multi person size containers.

I probably wont get a chance to bump this as its late for me, so thank you in advance to any replies if this dies before I wake up.

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blend deez nuts NIGGA

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Vitamix. They're retardly expensive, but pretty fucking durable. Used to beat the shit out of the one in our restaurant kitchen every day for multiple years. No idea how it didn't shit the bed.

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