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Is kewpie a meme or is it actually somewhat "OMG it's so goooooood" for some reason

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you know the mcchicken sauce
mcdonalds use kewpie as their mcchicken sauce

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Its just Japanese Mayo. I heard its good but it cant possibly be that good on its own. I wanna make some Karage with this Japanese dipping sauce that asks for this stuff in the recipe so ill let you know in time

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it's not bad. i normally look at the ingredients and buy the mayo with the highest egg yolk ratio. the biggest factor is which oil they use as a base

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Tastes better than any store bought mayo, won't taste better than homemade mayo with Dijon mustard and quality eggs/oil.

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Basically this, it's got a rich flavor from the egg yolks and they load it with MSG. I like it a lot for certain occasions, but I still keep a jar of Dukes around for everyday shit.

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It's really not as good as the hype makes you think it is.
Don't make the same mistake and get it at a high price at some imports area in the supermarket.
I could have bought 1kg of steak for the price I paid for it, and it wasn't even good. It has a heavy msg taste and a unique soft bottle, but that's fucking it.
For real mayo kino, just buy Heinz and throw in spices/herbs/maybe even vegetables and blend with an immersion blender.
Don't waste your time and money on meme overpriced mayo

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its good. i showed my mom and she loved how easy it is to use

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It's just slightly different tasting mayo. Nothing special really.

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wtf mayonnaise is just blended eggs?

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its an emulsion of oil and vinegar and the egg protein stabilizes it.
kewpie use soybean oil and rice vinegar which gives it a nice texture.

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the squirming American masses wriggling in joy at a sports game, it makes me want to vomit. imagine them all just getting friction burns from their bellies and bingo wings swinging round and rubbing on each other and anything in the vicinity, coupled with their slavish brain dead inability to keep track of where their extremities land

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I worked in a decent restaurant and we'd blend caesar dressing using cartons of egg yolk and enough canola oil for a good emulsification with a 3 foot immersion blender

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> a thread died for this
Why don't you just buy it and find out

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Maybe he wanted to talk about it first

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I'd rather have this thread than a fucking "HEY GUYS I BOUGHT SOME (ingredient I'm not familiar with) WHAT IS IT, WHAT DO YOU USE IT FOR?"

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What's different about kewpie compared to mayonnaise? is it flavored and essentially miracle whip?
the soft plastic allows more phytoestrogens to leach into your food?

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sadly it's more than that. tried making it several times and there's something off.
it's good on it's own with anything chicken, but better as a sauce. all japanese restauraunts use it as the base for any aioli or yumyum sauce. it's really good when drizzled along side with pic related for pretty much anything

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It was unremarkable to me. If it's in a sandwich or something I don't think anyone could taste the difference.

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You shouldnt eat Kewpie mayo, the MSG will give you migraines. Better to stick with something safer like Hellmann's mayo. Plus you're not supporting the people who attacked us in the 1940's.

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The US government let pearl harbor happen.

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I think Japan might have had some revenge bestowed upon them for pearl harbor

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you mean heinz mayo

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>the people who attacked us in the 1940's
I wasn't alive in the 1940's, so I was definitely not attacked then. Maybe you're that old, but don't include everyone else.

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It's pretty good. It's a little different than American style. On par with Duke's imo.

However, if someone says "I hate mayo!! Except for Japanese mayo that's awesome!!!" I would advise you to just go ahead and punch that person in the face

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too much vinegar.

>On par with Duke's imo.
no, no it's not Dukes is better.

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>no sugar
morons on this site keep saying they love it because it's got sugar.

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>the MSG will give you migraines.
as someone who gets migraines I used to believe it. it's bullshit. msg does not give anyone headaches of any type.

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C'mon, it does, indirectly. MSG improves taste to a point where a fatso just can't control herself, then gets a headache from overfilled stomach.

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Can you ask in such a way that doesn’t make you sound like a 12yo faggot?

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It's a noticeable improvement, but not "OMG" good.

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It has soybean oil

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its probably good for japanese food requiring mayo. I picked some up and used it how I normally would, on sandwiches, burgers, mixed with truffle oil for fries, and other stuff, and it wasnt as good as normal mayo for those purposes

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I really don't trust that color

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Bought it because y'all and internet chefleberties were hocking it as if it was God's cum or something. It was merely okay, almost not worth the price tag, and I'm a huge mayo fag. Good in some regards if you like Asian cooking; like I'd use it in my Krab Rangoon Lasagna recipe over regular mayo. But the best mayo is the mayo you make yourself, no cap. Then, a mayo made with a high quality oil like avocado oil. Then, it'd be a toss up between Duke's and Kewpie depending on application.

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How are people like you allowed on this board

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What's the point of a high quality refined oil? It needs to be refined any way for mayo. Hell for more expensive oils you get the crappiest inputs, because they use the good stuff for virgin oil.

Virgin avocado oil is unusable, far too strong tasting. If it's not strong tasting, it's fake, like most avocado oil, far far worse than olive oil in that respect.

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Definition of
>japanese thing

anyone who buys mayo is a retard. it's like buying pre-cracked eggs.

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>no cap
What does this mean in English?

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that kewpie bussin fr fr

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The equivalent of 'no lie'. In other words, 'the statement I have just made or am about to make is said with sincerity'.

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its blended oil & vinegar, the eggs give it the texture

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Meme. It's a bit different from western mayo, sweeter and thinner. Not worth the price though.

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it's alright if used on dishes you see the japs use it on, but I rarely use mayo on anything so I can't really compare it with anything else

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There's a new national brand of grocery store mayo in the US I don't want to mention because I don't want feel shilly, but it's legitimately better sauce than like Hellman's type mayo.
Hellman's type mayo is just like buying white flour; it's not a sauce but an industrial ingredient. The new stuff just tastes like something you'd eat without significant further food prep.

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it's how actual mayo tastes.
that white cum-consistency tangy sweet Kraft shit isnt mayo.

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I dislike it, and I love mayo. It has a weird sulphuric taste that regular mayo doesn't, a kind of farty whiff to it. Avoid.

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sometimes I'll be riding my bicycle around town and see an American. well, to be more accurate, I'll smell and then see an American. the rotting uneaten food collecting around their jowls, the stinking gangrenous parts of their body they're too fat to wash, it's a heady mixture. then my eyes will alight on brown skin and I know for a fact I'm dealing with an American. disgusting.

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I ordered some instant soba online once and it came with this little mayo pack. It tasted very metallic and "off" so I trashed it, but I'm willing to believe it was because of some kind of degradation during travel

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It's good. Different flavor, like a bit more of a tang to it. I like it on par with Duke's for burgers and sandwiches. Anyone who says it's "OMG THE BEST EVER!" shit is a faggot blowing smoke up your ass. Anyone who says it's dogshit is being contrarian. It's alright, give it a try if you want something slightly different, or don't. Your life will go on either way.

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People told me it was supposed to taste sweeter than regular mayo but it's just more sour, taste akin to miracle whip.

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It's good in the stuff it is used for but I would not substitute normal mayo with it ever.

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it's bait you retard.

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