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I've been getting fat as fuck lately, bros. Been craving more junk food and putting on extra pounds as a result. Actually kind of a comfy feeling, extra layers to give me warmth during the winter.

How can skinnyfags even compete?

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i don't eat junk food and i've got a gut. alcohol and cheese will do that to ya

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Trick to being a drinker is you gotta eat less.

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i stopped drinking but now im late night snacking, just scarfed down some taquitos

maybe the vodka was better for me

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Ayo fuck it bro this is your last warning coming from someone who was obese until recently :
I'm not going to explain, it would be too long. It just isn't worth it.

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easy to put on, hard to get off

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You're a big guy.

>> No.17067324

That's why I switched to only liquor. Less calories.

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