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embrace the suck

Semper Fi

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I'm a Sobieski guy myself.

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popov is decent stuff. was at least. its dubra thats the real rotgut horror. ive seen many claimed by the dubracabra

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If the bottle is made of plastic, the hangover will make you want to die. I've rarely been proven wrong with this hypothesis

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Then you're a pussy

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I'm sure the boys at basic told you to embrace it as they made you suck tyrone dry

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The best by far in the alcoholics area

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Why would anyone want to drink vodka? It just tastes like burning bitterness and makes you feel like shit afterwards.

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but dude if you pay extra you get to pretend it's good cause it has le funny goose on the bottle

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Mr Boston all the way

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Buy some cheap activated charcoal. Pour it through that. Most of the ass flavor will go away.

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Now my vodka is black and tastes burnt. What the hell anon I trusted you.

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>It just tastes like burning bitterness
good vodka gives a very tolerable burning sensation without being bitter
there are some mildly flavored vodkas to add a tiny hint of sweetness if you can't stand clear vodka

>makes you feel like shit afterwards
only after a liter or so
drink smaller shots, take them fast, have a chaser to your shots and space them out in time (don't drink one right after another)

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Is that crystal skull vodka any good

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every vodka tastes the same chilled or on ice
stop lying to you are selves

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not $50 good but the bottle is cool. you can make a bong out of it lol hell yeah

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Alright, just stick to cheaper stuff then, thanks man

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steel reserve
whatcha know about that?
probably nothin

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Best cheap vodka on the market by far. Try it 2:3 with unsweetened grapefruit juice, completely masks the alcohol. Best way to get drunker than 5000 niggers on payday

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Polish potato vodka is just as cheap, tastes better and won’t cause a severe hangover like Russian vodka.

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if you fuckers really want an experience down you a few 99 shots and follow that up with a 5th or 2 of heaven hill. if you survive...... strange things will happen.

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>when friends pop over, popov

Gen x reporting in

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Sobieski is top shelf vodka in a plastic bottle

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No fren I had sevruga caviar this weekend with frozen grey goose. It was amazing
Inb4 yes it is not caspian from Bulgarian sturgeon but still it was good

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Pretty much, this is the worst I've ever had

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This stuff is actually pretty good.

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vodkafags pay more to taste less lmao

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Mostly true. This is an exception to that rule.

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You guys don't know pain. Picrel is pain.

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Greeting fellow oldster.

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This shit is so fucking vile but I remember we bought 10 handles for less than $100 and stashed them away in my dorm room when I was 18.

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Hey what do you expect at $11 a handle

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They briefly used glass then stopped for some reason.

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>They briefly used glass then stopped for some reason.
I remember one time after coming home from the store, the glass handle of sobieski I had bought tipped while placing down the bag, and fell on its side. It was only the weight of the bottle and liquid, but it shattered into 3 large chunks and at least several dozen thin, long shards of glass, like toothpicks and smaller. If the bottle had broke outside of the reusable bag it would have been a bitch to clean up.
I wouldn't be surprised if the bottle had been stressed earlier, but I've never seen glass fracture that finely.

I shrugged it off and just had a dry weekend.

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The biggest upset for me has to be Russian Standard. I know it's shilled pretty hard, but even so it tasted much worse than Stolichnaya or Sobieski, and gave me powerful hangovers the two times I tried it.

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Trader Joe’s alcohol section is the ninth pit of hell

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All the homeless people where I work almost exclusively drink takka. It’s pretty cheap and I always thought it was a step up from popov.

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Their booze is cat piss, but a lot of their private label wine is breddy gud.

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Have you had the forbidden one?

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Vile, vile shit. Literally Satan's piss

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been thinkin bout my old friend from college

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>Dry weekend
That sounds terrible

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fuck I love this shit. I am sad I moved away from trader joes and in to a place without one within 200mi

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Guys I've been having heart palpitations recently, like I feel my heart pumping in my chest and occasionally skipping a beat. I've been drinking 3 handles of Don Q a week plus a few other drinks here and there, for probably 4 or 5 years now. What can I do to stop my heart from fluttering? Do I need electrolytes or something? Because I already eat salt and take magnesium and potassium supplements, but they aren't helping. And when I cut back on the rum I feel worse like my heart is quivering but I'm also sweating and groaning, at least after a glass of rum I can eat or sleep.

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Popov was shit, reminds me of highschool and early college lemao

I used to get Bartons too and call it Nazi vodka

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Cut down or you're entering stroke territory soon

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I'm only 27, do you really think I'll have a stroke? Is that even possible with alcohol? I mean I gained a ton of weight, went from 170 to 340lb in 3 years

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Absolute rock-bottom college alcoholic when I used to drink this, not even freezing it helped
Drinking lokos was more dignified

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My friend split a bottle of this with a friend in a night, apparently the aftermath was not pretty at all.

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Well at the rate I'm going it's either going to be that or no more weekends :)

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>went from 170 to 340lb in 3 years
holy shit yes.
Sure you'll probably kick around a few more years unless you poison yourself hard, but when's the last time you went in for a checkup?

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patrician taste, i love zubrowka

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My roomate had this in college and it was garbage. Around the year 2000 btw. I found if you run it through a Britta filter a few times it improves it so much.

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I get platinum. Which is worse?

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For when you want to larp as an alcoholic inuit.

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You got this one 100% right anon, its amazing that the greatest vokda also happens to be one of the cheapest. I’d take Popov over stoli or any other midrange. Its much oilier, but much more subtle and flavorful with that. The fact it comes in plastic is a cost saving measure and I don’t think affects the quality.

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I haven't had a cheap vodka in a long time, always tastes bad with tonic water. How does Gin do it?

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How is this not mouthwash

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not sure. looks nasty. its actually that color too, the bottle is clear

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>4 drinks today
How do I beat alcohol, lads

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personally i quit drinking by buying a bunch of sleeping pills and opiates from india

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I use old water filters for this. Works well.

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I mix this shit with Faygo Red Pop.

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Did you know that's the main shelf vodka at bars? when you buy a vodka tonic, or cape cod? its 99% going to be made with skol.

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you suck and that thing sucks

>> No.17076097

It's so cheap but it's total piss. Better than most of the big name piss beers still.

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Popov is the king of the bottom shelf

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You need to seek detox or gradually ween yourself off of hard liquor. It will eventually lead to strokes like>>17072471 said, but prolonged use will cause delerium tremens. Alcohol is one of the few substances which have physical dangers if entering withdrawal.
Either way, we all have our vices but smart people opt to minimize their risk.

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the popov, the dubra, all of that shit

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Nah I'm just gonna die drunk very soon I have nothing to live for. Thanks for the advice though

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when I was like 14 we were hanging out under a bridge, and some kid handed me a bottle of orange flavored vodka. I thanked him, took one sip, and gently set it down on the concrete floor. It immediately shattered.
I still feel guilty. It was exponentially harder to get alcohol than weed or cigarettes, or even some pills at that age and time.
I feel bad because he was super cool about it even thought I know I ruined his entire day. I was awkward and he was kind, and I think about it often, even decades later.

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>4 drinks today


>> No.17077242

You have reached the point where if you quit cold turkey you will probably die. When you are ready to quit, you'll need to do so gradually.

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