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What is your daily driver hot sauce? For me, it's Sriracha. Love adding it to butter beans, black beans, eggs, soups you name it. Always adds an small kick of heat and great flavor at a good price.

Honorable mentions to Cholula and Frank's!

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sriracha is a sugar sauce, not a hot sauce.

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It's not much sugar at all. Gram per teaspoon.
>continues to taste delicious in your path

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>still not a hot sauce in your path

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Generic grocery store hotsauce that goes for about 4 bucks a liter. It's a decent tasting vinegar based chili pepper sauce with a tiny bit of heat. Goes well with anything.

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I used to love La Guacamaya as a kid, the one with lime, but then I moved to another city and couldn't find it; I tasted again years later but it wasn't the same so I switched to El Huichol, and I used it with pretty much everything

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garlic sriracha is superior to regular sriracha in every way, other than price and convenience of application

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those are probably sugar pills.

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after using 12 different hot sauces I decided to stop using hot sauces altogether

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Tabasco, extra hot Crystal, and Marie is all you need.

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Will try this

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Sriracha and crystal are my usual. I like having a vinegar and non vinegar. El yucateco if I want something hotter. I’m not a hot sauce fanatic but I eat a lot of the same foods so it helps to keep me from getting exhausted. Tobasco is good too I just prefer crystal

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inexpensive, versatile, flavorful

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What hot sauces do Mexicans actually like to eat?

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I am a proud white man from, oh shit I will get banned for shitposting again like I just did from another board I just want to know about hot sauce.

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>It's not much sugar at all. Gram per teaspoon.

1tsp of sugar is 4 grams, so I wouldn't say 25% is "not much at all".

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latinx is a racial slur.

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>impure peasant
crazy i thought it was all tapatio, valentina, cholua, and crystal

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These threads are retarded because everyone likes to suck of their own hot sauce bottles with no other contribution.
However being a half-mexican raised in traditional cuisine and also understanding that hot sauce does NOT need to be added to everything because your palette is numbed like a porn addict, I will give some recommendations for you to try.
>All purpose: Melinda's Peri-Peri Garlic Sauce
On the milder side, perfect balance with it's garlic flavor.
>For really spicy: Thai and True Sarachee Hot Sauce
Will fuck your shit up. Use lightly. Utilizes habanero peppers to their tastiest for a high-reward.
>For mexican: Arizona Pepper's Chipotle Habanero Sauce
Dark chipotle flavor, not overbearing and a classic tasting hot sauce for everything mexican.

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Sriracha is sambal for children

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What's /ck/'s opinion on the Angry Goat sauces?

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>blocks you're path

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But otherwise, correct.

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>flaunts half-race and lack of spice tolerance
>lists some white girl hipster shit

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newfag alert

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Salsa Huichol, Búfalo, and Valentina

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Baby, I was here when pedobear was new.
Funny how kids are triggered by proper spelling.

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Glad to hear that! Thanks!

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No problem, MAN.

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you're an ESL

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Shut the fuck up faggot, go shove a ghost pepper up your retarded ass

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it goes on everything and anything and makes it better. love it

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She's hot. I'd love for her to ride me doggy style with her fat gook ass.

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>Marie Sharps
Patrician taste

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Every store in Germany has switched to flying goose or shitting eagle. Huy fong nowhere to be found for a reasonable price. What do?

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>excuse, my dear waitress, but might I perchance take a gander at your hot sauce menu?
>...yes, "hot sauce menu." That is what I inquired about.
>You... don't... have one? Well, while that is truly disappointing for an establishment as esteemed as this, thankfully I always carry a choice selection of my rather vast collection with me at all times.
*loud SCRRRTCCHHing of velcro as a fanny pack is opened*
>Hmmm yes, let's see... Perhaps some "Napalm Diarrhea" for this meal? No, I think the garlicy twinge of "Captain McGoober's Ass-Ripping Lava Farter Sauce" would pair quite well with my entree. Or is it finally the day that "5 Alarm Anus Melting Hot Sauce" will make its debut...?
>Ah, the dilemmas of a connoisseur! Be that as it may; what are your IPA offerings, my sweet?

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Try calling the stores up and demanding the Huy Fong brand.

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Tobacco sauce

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