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Who here is part of the no fries club? I order a burger, and if I'm still hungry I order another burger. Fries are just a cheap trick by burger places to steal your money without offering real real sustenance aka meat.

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if it had no sustenance it wouldn't fill you up.

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who cares money is literally no object. what you gonna do stop eating. lol

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IMO they should always come with fries. There are a handful of Gourmet burger joints around here that sell burgers with no fries. Now while the burgers are delicious I can get a bigger burger thats still really good that has fries included for about 2 bucks less.

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I made two burgers and French fries at home last night. It was tasty.

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Some places make banging fries though.

It's just the chain restaurants where I MIGHT skip them.

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How fat are you, hamboy?

>> No.17067218

unironically basd and true, make your own fries. Any place that uses anything other than beef tallow to fry their potatoes deserves to face the wall

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They should serve all burgers with either tater tots or hasbrowns. The superior fried potato options.

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I’m with you, two burgers and a coke is god tier.

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if you're not ordering chili cheese tots with your burger, then you're doing it wrong

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that has to be the tackiest wedding ring i've ever seen. the food looks like shit too. fuck you.

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>without offering real real sustenance
The Potato is very nutritious.

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This lunch's food
They call it "smashed burger"

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are you stupid or something

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I agree with you, OP. I've started not buying fries, because I find the taste of the burger is best appreciated without extras.

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my local burger place does really nicely seasoned chips so I always get them

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i'll usually get small fries and a small side salad. seems more satisfying that way. but instead of filling up on fries, if i don't think the burger will be filling enough i'll order it with an extra beef patty.

>> No.17067919

No fries and I don’t get cheese anymore either. Cheese is totally unnecessary on a good burger. Just useless calories

>> No.17067934

I go for the cheese curds, fuck fries

>> No.17067944

When I do this it's because one hamburger is enough to fill me up and I don't want some filler fries.
Also I skip the soda, just plain water.

>> No.17067966

>real sustenance
Meat is pretty shitty in energy, retard. The fucking sauce and bread probably have more joule than the meat bun

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I like to go up to the counter at my local diner, sit down, and say “Waitress! One cheeseburger, one hot dog, one root beer!” They know I don’t want any fries. The only fries i will eat are the ones fried in beef tallow or duck fat

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>steal your money
> order another burger

>> No.17068050

are you supposed to eat fries before or after the burger?

>> No.17068075

I usually order an alternative. Wendy's has their chili. Smashburger has brussel sprouts.

>> No.17068096

I love fries but generally with a burger I prefer something lighter on the side. A side salad or >>17068075 Smash's Brussels are a good option. The burger is the highlight; anything else is just extra.

>> No.17068098

Question to you OP. Outside of the context of burgers, do you like fries?

>> No.17069212

Yes they are delicious. But I don’t think they add to the experience of a good burger

>> No.17069221

Me, personally? I'd like it if there was a burger joint with slightly smaller portions that gave you 3 or 4 things per meal instead of a burger and fries.

>> No.17069236

As a customer you just expect it to have fries? Interesting

>> No.17069260

Yeah it's how burgers have been served in the USA for a long time. People serving them without fries is a more recent thing

>> No.17069264

Pork lard is superior to beef tallow

>> No.17069301

fellow culvers chad?

>> No.17069411

based OP. i just order two cheeseburgers for the same price of a combo and dont waste my time with soda and fries.

>> No.17069419

I bet you get pretty energized swallowing your boyfriends meat, faggot.

>> No.17069872

>why pay a dollar more when you can pay 10

>> No.17069879

says the man with no wife

>> No.17070011

This man has never had a stomach full of cardboard before and it really shows

>> No.17070783

bread is even more likely to fill you up with useless carbs, you're better off demanding a cheaper price if you go without a bun or use some lettuce leaves

>> No.17071175

I can't remember the last time I went out for a burger but when I make one at home, I generally had salad as a side rather than fries.
I cooked up some fries the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, though. Had'em as a side to a pair of bean-and-veg burgers I made. Was good.

>> No.17071623

Fuck off nigger, fries are literally better than cocaine for me.

>> No.17071639

Is that pork? It doesn't look right.

>> No.17071777

Beef Tallow is $36 for enough to fry in. I don't know how long that would last but seems extravagant for fries.

>> No.17072604

gang but also I have digestive issues

>> No.17072687

I like to put the fries into the burger same way you pit chips in a sandwich, it really adds to the experience

>> No.17072696

>based foreigner doesn't get any love for his picture
well I thought it was cool

>> No.17072780

I thought it looked mostly underwhelming so didnt want to flame the guy

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You are an absolute retard. That's a nice wedding ring. Classic mounting of a single gem. You have to be a troll. Nobody is this stupid in real life.

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yes that's how they're always served here without exception so it's very very bizarre to be served a burger without fries.

>> No.17072911

Yeah man, I don't really like the fries served at most places, so I either order onion rings or a double burger. The dudes at in n out always sound disappointed when they ask me if I want fries because they're obligated to ask.

>> No.17073007

is that a yellow bellpepper ?

>> No.17073008

It's a tomato

>> No.17073016

>gang but also I have digestive issues
tfw became allergic to nightshades.

Agree with OP though regardless, they’re not called a “fry place”

>> No.17073057

that's rough, for me it's just the nasty fry oil

>> No.17073060

>Who here is part of the no fries club?
Me. I prefer a beer and a side salad with it. Sometimes I cram the salad into the burger if it's convenient to do so.

>> No.17073099

The value of the fries is nowhere near the price added to the total by combo'ing the burger. With the potatoes and oil and frying and labour, the fries might cost 60 cents for a large, at most, to make. But they add on like three fucking dollars to the price for the combo. The sugar water is an even worse value when it comes to the combos. So yeah, combos are for rounding out the meal, but they're a shitty value.

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