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What is it about restaurant-style mac and cheese that doesn't have the same zing that the box one has?

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trying too hard. you ruin the flavor of shit by making it too "gourmet." compare taco bell to an actual mexican restaurant. it's just not the same

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restaurant style uses fake cheese.

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Notice hoe Kraft uses straight macaroni, not elbow

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Kraft is ok but if your raised on the stuff you cant tell what good mac and cheese actually is. I have an awesome mac and cheese recipe that I made for a friend when he came over and said the kraft looked weird. Told him its not craft but actually good mac with real cheese. LIke real fontina and sharp cheddar. Took a few bites said it was bad and just wanted kraft again. He had been in and out of foster homes for most of his life so he grew up on this stuff. So OP you have no taste for the good stuff. That sucks but hey enjoy your cheese powder.

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>Why yes I do prefer Kraft Spongebob-shaped macaroni & cheese, how could you tell?

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or. now just hear me out.
or you are the one with bad taste.

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i too like fun shapes.

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so restaurant mac really is just bland cheese then. ok

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>Better than Kraft in your path

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>I made mediocre tight-bend macaroni and cheese for my friend and he didn't like it, that means him and you both have no taste

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My favorite childhood lunch. Buttered noodles are kino as well.

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a small pinch of salt, a whole bunch of black pepper. I loved that as a snack.

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pasta is never a snack

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Oh come on now dont get pissy because you were all raised on trailer park trash. Its fine though you can like whatever you want buuuuuuuut you just have shit tier taste. Facts are facts.

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bad todd glass bit aside, you just don't know how to cook. leave the macaroni and cheese to the scots who invented it

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>Has shit taste
>Says Cant cook
I will take your opinion very seriously.

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you combined the tastiest cheeses and failed to convert someone. thanks for telling the story about how kraft is still better

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I can cook homemade macaroni and cheese no problem and I guarantee you it doesn't get turned down, but I don't have to because Kraft perfected it, though a few other brands are just as good. You didn't even mention the essential ingredient in home made. Enjoy your tight-curved still hard walmart pasta mixed with your cheap grated cheese.

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I wasnt trying to convert I was just trying to make something for my friend i though would enjoy. You know something homecooked because hes constantly eating big man meals. Kraft is fine just trashy and easy. Also ya know..... cooking is not making kraft.

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lmao based
lmao rek(ei)t(a)

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This is why

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You can replicate the zing with whole fat Greek yogurt added. It gives it the similar tang that Kraft has that no one else does.

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>You can replicate the zing with whole fat Greek yogurt added. It gives it the similar tang that Kraft has that no one else does.
Just use a bit of annatto as a seasoning in your home made and it replicates it.

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So sad seeing such trashy people in this thread. I honestly feel like a king right now. Dance for me freaks dance!

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It's the froo froo cheese and the baking that overcooks the pasta that makes it bad. Even Kraft, which is the best, is only good when very al dente and eaten within 20 minutes of turning off the heat. It's best right away while everything is still soupy and runny.

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cooking's not that hard, and I've never had anyone turn down a bowl of mac and cheese, either homemade or boxed

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hometown buffet mac n cheese is way better than krafts.

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How do you make your homemade mac n cheez?

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Cooking isnt hard correct different tier though id say. Up until this point neither had I. He only eats craft and nothing else. I doubt anyone could convert him thats just the way he is stubborn as all hell.

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See a doctor. You're having a stroke.

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>I couldn't even make a good enough macaroni and cheese that my best friend would try more than a few bites, either out of courtesy or pity.
>I'm so regal.

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make a regular old cheese sauce on the stove top, properly spice it, boil the noodles, mix them together.
And when I say regular old cheese sauce, I mean regular old flour/butter/cheese/milk/salt/pepper/paprika/maybe annatto, etc cheese sauce

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>Friend was raised on kraft only eats kraft

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> Goes to a restaurant to eat shit food that could be made better at home.
> Can't cook at home

No hoper Americans need to die

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I get what you mean, though you're trying to say it in an unnecessarily pompous way that, while you may think it elevates you above everyone, really you're just smearing your stuff all over the walls.
No offense, but I get what you mean 100%

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Im just shit posting is all.

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I'm sorry anon, I wasn't trying to shame you. just teasing a bit because of how it came off when you wrote it. No hard feelings.

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Sorry, anon. I would probably not eat that. I'm sure most people would love it though, so keep it up. It's me, not you.

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no, I didn't explain it well and I maybe came off like a jerk. Do you make a cheese sauce, or do you mix cheese in?

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And that in itself affects the taste?

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never have empty dubs been more fitting of such an empty post.

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I mean everyone and anyone who says Kraft is the best deserves to have their nuts cut off and curb stomped. Taste is subjective but not really so fuck you and every other hick in this thread. Enjoy snorting your cheese powder and plowing your sisters. PEACE OUTTTTTTTTTTTTT

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If I'm not making Kraft, I use high quality deli American cheese, butter, and whole milk.

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gross, you're a dead palater I should have guessed

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You make a sauce in a pan separately, or you just toss it all together with the boiled noodles?

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Next time mix in one of your many different hot sauces from your collection, maybe your friend would have upvoted your meal

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Separate. The noodles MUST be al dente. I've done them together for the kids though, they don't mind.

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MMMM Everytime is see (You) My nips get so fucking hard.

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well, you know what to do about that, come on over

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If you've ever made macaroni from a mornay sauce base with loads of real cheese you won't look at kraft dinner the same way again. It's offensively salty and the cheese taste is way off

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Gay macaroni simply can't retain as much cheesy goodness due to its lack of moral fiber

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