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Guys, is it just me or do the quarter pounders not taste as good as they used to? Last time I got one the meat tasted low quality even for McDonald's. Did corporate change something?

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They started going "fresh" like wendys which is actually worse because if the meats not frozen and "fresh" it sits for days growing bacteria and germs on it.

Fucking retarded. For higher quality product always freeze. Fucking idiots.

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McDonalds has actually gotten better over the years. They have been slowly improving the quality and sourcing of their ingredients for the past 5 years or so. For example, their burgers now contain no artificial preservatives. or all of their eggs will be sourced from cage-free organic sources by 2025 or something like that

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Why, yes I do replace the ketchup and mustard with Big Mac sauce. How could you tell?

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Cage free is irrelevant

Artificial preservatives are good because literally billions of dollars and man hours of research has been done to create a better fresher product. Freeze your fucking food people.

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mcdonalds uses frozen beef

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What's the point of improving "quality" if you make your food taste worse? McDonalds is always going to be bad for you, and preservatives are still bad for you natural or unnatural. And "cage free" eggs is just bullshit corporate pandering "Cage free" is as meaningless as "organic". Just give me my tasty grease and msg loaded food you stupid burger clown and no one gets hurt.

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Maybe you have a shit McDonald’s.
I noticed a marked improvement when they went to the non-frozen QP’s.
Admittedly, my local McD’s is an anomaly; the employees are actually courteous, the orders are always correct, and the food itself is as visually decent as one could possibly ask of McDonald’s food which isn’t being photographed or used for a commercial.

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Are you sure? I am pretty sure the quarter pounders are fresh. I remember a whole ad campaign on it.

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If you've eaten a McDonald's Quarter Pounder recently, you may have noticed that it tastes better than it used to. That's because in spring 2018, McDonald's swapped out frozen beef for fresh beef in most of its quarter-pound burgers in the United States — and the improved product has been a hit.

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Go McKillYourSelf shill

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Stay happy ;)

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Did somebody say McDonald's?

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The new quarter pounder tastes WAY better than the old one, I always get the deluxe

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Too salty. I also would prefer less seasonings and frozen.

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yeah, flash frozen is better for burger patties especially they are cooked frozen. wtf were they thinking. I guess its a branding move where they sacrifice taste for image.

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>Crypto Bro’s

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>basic facts are now shilling
Fucking McKillYourself, you dysfunctional schizo.

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kek Still going to Kike-donald's instead of cooking your own burgers you get what you deserve nigger

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Why the apostrophe?

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I yeet your feed

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Because it was photoshopped by a retard.

The building was knocked down before the crypto fad came along.

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Always thought quarter pounders were pretty fuckin bad, mcdoubles easily taste better

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Burger king tastes like shit, how are they still in business

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>"fresh" like wendys
it's still frozen just not meat frozen

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For me it really is the McChicken guys.

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McDs actually tastes pretty good, I was pleasantly surprised last time I ordered from them

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