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Budweiser is unironically the best beer.
I spent a decade being into the craft beer meme but eventually I realized that it's mostly uninteresting shit like IPAs that taste more like pinecones or orange juice than actual beer. As well as meme stouts that taste like desserts, as opposed to Guinness Draught or Extra Stout that are very well balanced.
Meanwhile Budweiser and Coors Banquet are affordable, while still having a nice beer flavor/mouthfeel and not being pisswater like light beers

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I only buy these for enemas now.

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bro try Natural Ice. The beer of beer mans.

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Budwieser is good but I like Busch

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regular Bud gives you the shits? Only Bud Ice does that to me

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It's not the best beer but it's not bad. I wouldn't turn one down and it makes for good chaser if you're drinking rotgut whisky. I'd rather drink a Modelo or Sam Adams lager over it.

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Busch is nice and affordable however it's a little too watery for my liking. Only 4.3% alcohol too which is weird for a non light beer

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because it's marketed to functioning alcoholics

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Enemas go in up the bum.

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>Used to drink lots of different random beers
Got judged for it
>Now drink mainly bud light
Get judged for it

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Take the homebrew pill and stop funding kikes and kike puppets.

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I'm an alcoholic who drank nothing but natty ice for like 3 years. now all I drink is white claw surge. AMA

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I kinda did the same thing.
There are definitely still some craft beers I buy because they are legitimately good, but I find myself drinking shit like pbr or other light beers when I do drink.

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Belgium abbay beers are way superior than that shit.

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this shit taste awful. drink actual beer good quality lagers not this ffs

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I also grew up and stopped drinking most craft beers but Budweiser is absolute shit, only thing worst is Coors light which is and tastes like water.

Heineken, Sapporo, Bitburger and Stella Artois are some good non shit beers.

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ITT: hipster faggots try to show how achingly on-trend they are by memeing on about how great some belgian shite nobody ever heard of is

fact is, if bud was shit nobody would buy it

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Would agree if you were talking about the real Budweiser.

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>plebs are the arbiters of what is good

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who are you to judge us, internet boy?

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Budweiser is fine. Its got pretty watery taste but it's perfectly drinkable.

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Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one and .....

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>Abbay beer

Fucking retard, people have been drinking it for centuries all around Europe

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Aren't those 8% how do you do it my dude?

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....they discuss them in appropriate internet forums?

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I've probably tried 500 different craft/international beers and generic macro lagers like MGD unironically taste the best. A lot of the craft beers either taste the same or taste like shit with too many flavors going on.

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Oftentimes craft brewers botch simple styles like Pilsners and make them too floral/hoppy.

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This is the famous Budweiser beer. We know of no other brand produced by any other brewer that costs so much to brew and age. Our exclusive Beechwood Aging process produces a taste, a smoothness, and a drinkablity that you will find in no other beer at any price.

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Not the person you responded to but I've been drinking 3 tall cans of 8% beer everyday for the past 5 years now. I honestly haven't noticed any negatives yet, still feel great, never had a hangover in my life, etc... I don't get drunk, it's just a nice buzz when I'm playing video games, watching movies or out hanging out with friends.
Agreed. Bud is pretty shit. Heineken, Soporro, Balitka, Czechvar are all really good lagers with inoffensive tastes. Craft beer is shit but there are some ones I like from Canada like Parallel 49 and Driftwood.

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>how do you do it
I'm an alcoholic. I kill like 10 12-ounce cans a day and it's actively killing me.

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Grabbed an 18 pack of Bud on Wednesday cause it had cut dogs and shit on the can. Shit is bad, it's worse than PBR, Coors, and Miller. Picked up Yuengling yesterday which is a far better choice for that type of beer and price point.

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It's way better than PBR and Miller

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Meant cute dogs, not cut, that would be gross.

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>Budweiser is unironically the best beer.
the only beer i ever actually enjoyed drinking was pic related

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Based. But get the cans instead, the bottles make it taste weird for some reason

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has to be a pint of bitter

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when I was a punker kid I used to think you had to drink corona or skunky heineken to fit in.
heineken is easily the worst beet I've ever tasted.

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Budweiser is too sweet. Coors Banquet is better when it comes to non-light macrobrews.

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Coors Banquet is way sweeter than Budweiser

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Those best be Imperial pints, chad

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Sapporo is just passion fruit. stella sucks now, used to Luke it. now I'm on peroni or Carlsberg. same price

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of course, don't think yanks do bitter

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The classic English styles do get a little love from time to time, but they're still severely underrepresented. Even then, they get butchered frequently. Sierra Nevada has a lot to answer for with what their dogshit excuse for a barleywine has done to the American interpretation of the style.

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thankfully i'm english so every pub has real ale where i am
would be interesting to see what us brewers could do if they were interested in it

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I dig Peroni.
For cheap Euro beers you should check out Krombacher Hell as well as Krombacher Pils, both are pretty good.

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My taste for beer changes most weeks, some days I'll pick up a big case of Miller Lite, some days some local/craft brew. I don't really see the point in picking one or the other, they both can be nice. If I'm drinking to get drunk I'll just alternate between beer and shots of liquor since even on cheap beer getting drunk is a fucking chore.

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It used to be better before they got bought out inBev. Going to the Budweiser factory to see the Christmas lights is a fun tradition.

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Budweiser Budvar, yeah. American Budweiser literally taste like nothing.

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if i'm gonna drink mass produced shit beer, it's gonna be miller lite

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Does that translate to every other food and drink on this board? People buy coffee a chimp shat out here in this world, and even worse; people buy American Bud. People will buy anything my guy. And the Chads are here to tell him that Czech Bud is the way to go.

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Second this

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Miller Lite has a corn aftertaste that I don't like

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So don’t drink it you faggot. This is a thread about shit beer. Not everything is about (You)

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>not allowed to discuss said shit beers in detail

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No reason to point out a shitty beer being shitty.

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Ey, give us a little credit.

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They are a distinct flavor, at a cheap price. I love them. They are what I think of when I think of generic beer. I drink other things, but Budweiser is always a safe all-day drinker and I love them.

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>blocks your path

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Right, they have a good generic beer taste

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Personally I like Karbach. It's not especially great as a craft beer but it's only marginally more expensive yet better than Budweiser and similar. Like $7/6 pack is perfectly reasonable.

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The problem is this is bullshit if you know anything about history. The reason stuff like Bud is popular is because it survived prohibition. What we call hipster microbreweries today is similar to what the brewing landscape was prior to prohibition. It just took almost 100 years to recover from government interference. Meanwhile if you want to drink beer anytime after the end of probation to the 2000s your choices are limited to about five brands. Now you add the marketing power that being such a monopoly will give you and the fact that people tend to drink what everyone else around them is drinking and that explains its popularity. It's got fuck all to do with quality.

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>Budweiser is unironically the best beer
Tastelets should be permabanned

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I like spotted cow

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t. taste buds burned out from 120 IBU IPAs

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any Canada bros out here?

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>lowest common denominator spending habits are a good judge of quality
Go ahead and give me your critic's opinion on Wild Irish Rose

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>Coors Banquet
ruined all credibility with one name drop LOL

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The factory tour is really fun. Don't know the lights since I don't live in St. Louis, but can recommend the tour. The Coors tour is fun too. Brewery tours are fun.

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czech pilsner

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no czech thinks this shit is actually good
get yourself some pilsner

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For me? it's XXXX bitter.