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there is no better ingredient. Mac n Cheese is the #1 Thanksgiving side dish as well

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You have to be at least 18 to post here, I think.

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darkie here, why do whiteoids think cheese is deadly to us? do you really believe it or is it just a meme like pretending you won millions playing with memecoins on /trv/? I've had like a pound of cheese in the last 2 days and I'll have more later tonight.

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>there is no better ingredient. Mac n Cheese is the #1 Thanksgiving side dish as well
My creamy yellow squash casserole with ribbons of browned vidalia onion, and a base of sour cream, heavy cream, thyme, sharp cheddar, parm, and swiss is 100x better, and even has a nice crust of shreded cheese, buttered ritz crackers crushed in a thick layer of browning over the top. You can cheese up any vegetable, from cauliflower to broccoli, to fall vegetable gratins, to fresh corn casseroles. Highlight the season and use your imagination. Treating your family and guests to what is in season or what makes common sense is best.

Vegetables rule and you make basic macaroni the rest of the year, don't you? It's an poor person's tradition you have right there, dare I say it's actually an african-american tradition to make mac n cheese, esp if your family hailed from the Caribbean, where boxed mixes are more affordable and shelf stable. Canned milk goes in there too, and to limit real cheese, some families have eggs in the mix /facepalm

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>why do whiteoids think cheese is deadly to us
Statistics. Whites eat much more cheese per capita than niggers and spics (and asians I'd assume, but I have no stats).
Considering you guys eat every kind of trash and I've never met anyone who hates cheese, one is bound to assume it causes you serious intestinal distress if you actually avoid it when you don't avoid all the other ghetto trash you eat.

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>everything I know about non white people I learned from 4chan infographics
where in utah do you live?

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>statistics that don't confirm my personal experiences are false
Oh yes, you're a nigger alright.

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The white genocide can't come soon enough

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Holy shit this is fucking perfect.

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>I've had like a pound of cheese in the last 2 days and I'll have more later tonight.
>t. pic related

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Make your own cartoon :^)

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>he doesn't know

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you gotta bake the mac n cheese no boxed shit. honestly your squash casserole will never beat the Mac Daddy

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If you're not white there's a pretty big chance that you're lactose intolerant, but a lot of people don't realize that cheese has almost no lactose.

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me too anon, me too

I love Fancy cheese
I love Mac n Cheese
I love Mac n Cheese
I love Burgers with Cheese
I love Pizza with Cheese
I love Smoked Cheese
I love Platters of Cheese
I love Philly Steaks with Cheese
I love Noodles with Alfredo Cheese
I love Curds of Cheese
I love Baked Cheese
I love Soufflés with Cheese

I love all Cheese

Greetings from Wisconsin go Packers

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top kek

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From personal experience I heard a black remark that cheese gave him the shits and the only people I know who are lactose intolerant are black. There's also the statistical data that shows that non-whites are mostly lactose intolerant which is factually true. Lactose intolerance does not mean that dairy will kill you but lactose intolerant people do eat less of it.

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Cheese has very little lactose, retard.

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90% of cheese doesn't even have significant amounts of lactose in it.

I read somewhere the whole reason people started eating cheese was because they needed a way to consume dairy without setting off their lactose intolerance.

I'm a second gen polack in the US, I can't eat yogurt, milk, ice cream, or anything of the sort. Even a shot of cream in my coffee makes my colon emit more deadly gasses than the ballast tanks of the hindenburg. But 99% of cheese has levels of lactose even the most lactose intolerant person can digest. No ass gas blasts even after a whole cheddar platter.

I'm not sure the science behind it. Someone told me it has something to do with lactose being turned into lactase. But whatever it is, I can eat cheese without my butthole being turned into a fog machine.

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>I heard a black
Okay cletus

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I mean, he’s not wrong. Mac and cheese is a soul food staple; you must live in a white enclave like Utah or Maine to be this ignorant of black culture

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love me cheese, simple as

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Sorry, meant to say nigger.

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Say it enough times, and I might lose sleep

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Shouldnt you be tending the field, Kiwi?

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Well I'm just telling you what the guy said. Do you live in California and did your father serve in the Mexican military?

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Schizoposter confirmed

Pls take ur meds

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That's not true, now I know you're probably him though.

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>Someone told me it has something to do with lactose being turned into lactase.
Bacteria break down some of the lactose during fermentation of the milk before it gets made into cheese. More lactose also gets removed when the curds are drained since lactose is dissolved in the liquid. Lactase is what breaks down lactose into simpler types of sugar.

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>spaced armour before spaced armour was even a thing
>driver, gunner, and assistant all got to lie down on a comfy as fuck mattress
>ludicrous speed compared to other tanks
The Bob Semple was ahead of its time.

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