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just got some A5 wagyu fämälämäzoids, plz review

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>is that a cut of WAGYU???
>O.M.G! The UMAMI!!!

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Imagine all the skin-on chicken drumsticks you could have purchased for 65 euros.
Imagine all the fat you would be able to consume.

conspicuous consumption/10

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>being so triggered by a word that seeing a cut of meat makes you sperg out
Jesus you're worse than the soybois.

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*laughs in ribeye*

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That is a rib eye idiot, just not the whole piece

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Ribeye sucks...get tenderloin.

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Tee siitä karjalanpaisti :D

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benis and also bagyu :--DDD

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Whatever you say

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what is the difference between wagyu and me taking a spoonful of beef tallow and piece of prime ribeye and chewing them together? seems like gimmicky shit to extort money out of gullible retards.

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idiot finn instead of eating wagyu you could be slaughtering swedes and eating their brains instead

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>how is intramuscular fat different from just adding fat?

Are you retarded or just a seething poor fag?

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>how is intramuscular fat different from just adding fat?
yes, how is it different?

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That's not how texture works, anon.
Your comparison is so stupid that you may as well say "meat is a scam I can just eat bread and drink beer broth."

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It's different because intramuscular fat renders and dissolves into the surrounding tissue, imparting unique flavor throughout the meat while softening the texture.

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You gonna cook it up or what?

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>poorfag coping

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>That's not how texture works, anon.
but fully masticated wagyu would be the same as masticated tallow and lean meat, so you are paying an exorbitant price for a few seconds of initial texture. do retards really.

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>It's different because intramuscular fat renders and dissolves into the surrounding tissue
and tallow doesnt dissolve from the heat of the mouth.

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>you're paying more for a better experience

Wow congrats you just explained food and cooking in general.

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>but fully masticated wagyu would be the same as masticated tallow and lean meat
>he actually believes this shit
lmao what a retard

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Because it tastes better, and that's all that matters. You might as well ask "How is eating wagyu different from eating round steak that was cooked in and basted with fat?"
The main difference is going to be texture. The way the fat renders out breaks down the muscle differently. It makes it tender and pleasant to eat. Meat that doesn't have any fat in it is a pain to cook right, and will always be tougher even when you do. (Braising and slow-cooking work great though)

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have fun being a brainless consssssooooomer following the latest 'trends'. im glad you are being exploited, retards deserve exploitation.

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Have fun eating eye of round with a spoonful of tallow pretending it's wagyu you fucking poorfag NEET moron.

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Been there and stewn that

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>"Latest trends"
Hey retard, japanese wagyu has existed since pre1900. People just got into exporting the cows in 1975 to other countries because spoiler: it tastes fucking good.

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lump of fat that will be $200 plus tax sir, dont you know this is EXCLUSIVE, you dont want to be a PLEB do you???? imagine being this gullible, can i interest you in some snake oil?

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Tenderloin is textureless flavorless shit, i dont care if its expensive. Its for dumb boomers who dont know any better. Ny strip or even a cheap flank steak is better than tenderloin. Fight me bitch

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A5 wagyu tenderloin is super fatty (and taste fucking amazing).

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>Hey retard, japanese wagyu has existed since pre1900. People just got into exporting the cows in 1975 to other countries because spoiler: it tastes fucking good.

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Oh fucking hell, this faggot is back.

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As always the poorfag who can't afford luxuries resorts to calling people soybois for liking wagyu.
Which is actually odd since the idea of a soyboi implies not eating meat.

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>you're worse than the soybois

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>it took 75 years to start exporting it because it tastes so good.

that's normally how that works isnt it.

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Yeah because they're totally gonna be down to share their prized beef with the world after faggot Americans nuked them.
Use your brain dipshit.

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Even today it's still illegal to export semen/eggs of wagyu without very specific government approval.

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Yuuup. We're lucky enough in the Pacific Northwest to have Snake River Farms. They've been breeding their own wagyu since 1980 using some cattle from Japan at the start. Now it's been entirely "American wagyu" with the original Japanese breed as the root.

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> we dont want to make any insane profits from gullible retards for 75 years because it tastes so good and we hate america therefore we will spite them by not accepting their money that we greatly want / need

just stop

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Wagyu is easily the most soy meat out there.
Yes, I am a poorfag, but even if I was a richfag I'd never eat this overhyped piece of tallow.

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So lets do it!

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>i'd let my poorfag lack of knowledge affect my enjoyment of high-end food even if I was rich
lol, just say you're an uneducated retard and leave it at that

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ngl, I'd probably try a wagyu steak for 65€.

That price doesn't seem too out there by Norwegian standards at least.

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Hai guys Guga here, today we are doing something a little diffrant, today I am going to be making stoooo, oh yeah dis is gonna be guuud.

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Don't listen to the poorfag cope, where's the review

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Wagyu beef is nice, there's no denying that. But for what I spend on half a cow, I would get between eight and ten pounds of wagyu. It's not that nice.

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>how dare people point our delusion, they must be POOR hahaha

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looks like meat flavored fat
am I missing something

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When you cook wagyu all the fat bits spread inside the meat render down leaving hundreds of small holes behind that make it extremely tender and the meat practically dissolves in your mouth
Also the fat tastes very different from common beef and melts like butter
You don't chew on pure fat unless you have it rare

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>You could be eating shit instead
Shiggy diggy

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