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Healthy, fulfilling, tastes good, and cheap. Honestly what else can you ask from a burger? It's perfect.

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why are you looking for healthy in a burger + define healthy cos i dont think thats true + mayo better than the special sauce + a meal of big mac is like $15 it's one of the more expensive burgers

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Europeans don't know what a good burger is.

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I used to work at McDonald's and I ate so many of these. I became borderline addicted to them, even eating them on my days off.

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It is a simple fact that the Whopper is the best burger.

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You lot Dont have decent mince. The shit you feed cattle makes the meat sub par

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the BLT double quarter-pounder is much better than the Big Mac, you fucking dumbass
stupid motherfucker, you're wrong

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as far as fast food goes the big mac indeed might be the best

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>Big mac

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Go away faggot shill

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quarter pounder >>>>> "big" mac

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This. But pretty much any other fast food burger>quarter pounder

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big mac is not even in the top 25

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How do you fuckers eat these they have the consistency of a veggie burger.

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Does McDonald's really have shills on /ck/ now?

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But it's not. Bow down to the KING.

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For me it's the SÖYBURGER

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>two all-beef patties
>special sauce
>on a sesame seed bun
can't be topped

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not even close pleb
>the BLT double quarter-pounder is much better
literally just a lump of beef. get some taste. appreciate balance

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ironic shilling is still shilling

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The double deluxe at Culvers is infinitely better.

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The best burger ever was the arch deluxe. The kids couldn’t handle such an adult burger and people started saying “the arch deluxe. It really sucks.” It did NOT suck but most people who dine at McDonalds have never properly developed their palate

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>big mac
What flavor of troll might you be?

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The only problem that I have with big mac is that it breaks while you're eating it and pieces of it fall around everywhere. It's just unstable. If they somehow squeezed them or make them more integrated, I'd go now and buy 10 of them.

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Shit bait

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I recently learned that if you order a burger without a bun at McDonalds, it comes in that tray they serve their breakfast hotcakes in and you get a knife and fork, too. Pretty fukken neato and a way better macro balance.
t. type 1 beetus

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Supposedly they changed up the bun ratio and increased the amount of sauce the squirt guns dispense a couple years ago. My dad used to always ask for extra sauce (and extra pickles), but I think it ruins the bun integrity.

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Former McWagie here. We would usually just put it in a nuggets box, but give you a knife and fork to eat it with.

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How did you get type 1? Did you just drink sugary drinks everyday?

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If I have one complaint, it's that they've switched to using wooden cutlery now and I fucking loathe that texture.

Nah, just came down with a bad flu one week and wound up in the hospital. Doctors told me my pancreas gave up and was turning my blood into acid. I know this is /ck/ and also a fast food thread, but I swear to god I'm not actually fat.

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That is sad :(

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It's definitely gotten me a lot more conscious about nutrition, so at least that's a plus. I still like my junky treats every now and then, thus the meme bunless burgers. Maybe it was karmic retribution for making fun of my dad when he went on Atkins?
Also insulin's "free" here for type 1s ($150 for a month's worth according to the receipt but taxpayer dollars cover it).

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theres like 3 fast food items unhealthier than a Big Mac

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To be honest, the Big Mac is a bit of an anomaly to me. It is obviously McDonald’s most famous and popular offer but I order it somewhat rarely. I am not sure why it isn’t my go-to meal but the McChicken, Quarter Pounder and even the deceptively modest Cheeseburger begs my attention. I even order the Filet O’Fish more than the Big Mac.

That said, the rare time I order a Big Mac almost inevitably results in an enjoyable experience. I find it can be quite variable and range from satisfactory to almost transcendent. While at first it seems to be a gimmick (solely because of the three-part bun) it really is greater than the sum of its parts. I find a Double Cheeseburger to be less enjoyable than a regular Cheeseburger: it lacks balance. Yet does another bun section elevate the Double Cheeseburger to a Big Mac? Of course not, it’s a laughable premise.

The Big Mac is an exceptional harmony of meat:bun, everyone knows this and it is its major selling point. Yet the condiments are what make it truly stand out: the minced onions offer a delicate sweet-sharp flavor that goes perfect with the generous helping of special sauce, which truly deserves its moniker. The special sauce is savory, tangy and sweet and is counterbalanced by both the minced onions and salty acidic contrast of the pickle slices. Shredded iceberg lettuce might seem pedestrian but it offers a finely crunchy texture and refreshing, cool feel that ultimately brightens what could be a heavy, unwieldy sandwich if imperfectly executed. The American cheese slices are a given but do not go unnoticed and the patties of course deserve little description: they are sublime.

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In fact, I had a Big Mac today and it was, to put it plainly, incredible. I ate it first before moving onto my McChicken combo with medium fries and a medium Diet Coke and I have to admit that it was the most interesting and exciting part of the whole meal. The Big Mac sauce was generous and a flavor explosion that surprised me at the first bite. The entire time I was eating it I thought, as I have before, “why don’t I get the Big Mac more often?!”

I’m starting to become a convert. It’s taken me quite some time but I can see, or rather taste, the appeal. I will get another one tomorrow and see if I have the same reaction.

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At what point does 4chan simply become just glowing people and retards? Us normal people realized it was bait right?

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Too much bread. The Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese is a man's burger.

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Literally can't go wrong with a delicious big mac.

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About 14-20 years after people stop being born into this world

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Hesburger's mega burger is the best with ton of mayonnaise

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those cunts have no right to be so tasty

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It's 4chan tradition to take bait threads and then make them serious, infuriating the gay OP

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the what's mega burger?

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Hesburger is a restaurant

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I was shocked to learn that the Double Big Mac was not a regular menu item south of the border and that they treated it as a promotional thing. In leafland it's always been right there on the menu board alongside the regular Big Mac. I think the two extra patties solve some of the problems with the bun:meat:sauce ratio, though if it falls apart on you, you end up with a big wad of meat.

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>Can't be topped
But you can, faggot.

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It’s $5.59 for a Big Mac at the McDonald’s near me for 3.6oz of pre cooking weight beef.

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$2 Big Macs in the app whenever there's a Canucks game on, tho. I think they bumped it up to $3 recently.

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Not even the best in McDonald's. Allow me to introduce to you faggot the big n'tasty

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Oh sweet

The McChicken is always $2 here tho

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For me, its the Whopper

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Not sure if American. "McChicken" means something different outside the continental US.

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I've had whoppers in 2 countries and they both fucking sucked. Worst burger I've ever eaten by far. Not even joking. Don't know how they got it to taste like so much shit. Get the fuck out of my delicious big mac thread with this garbage asshole

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>paying $9 for a burger that's 50% bread
nah hard pass
Triple Cheeseburger is half the price and has more meat
Also triple cheeseburgers arent that popular of a menu item so they're nearly always made fresh to order.

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Taken together, the assembly of the Big Mac is evidence of intense contemplation and execution. The layering is truly fantastic especially since the condiments resting on the bottom bun result in your tongue being immediately welcomed by a textural and flavorful explosion as it makes its way through the fresh, soft bun. The mouthfeel is exquisite especially when the McDonald’s crew members are unsparing with the special sauce, which in my experience is almost always.

The Big Mac is invariably a messy affair because of the special sauce and shredded iceberg lettuce but that adds to the fun of the experience. After dining on a Big Mac, who doesn’t love to scoop up the fallen iceberg lettuce ribbons from the container and enjoy this natural invigorating palate cleanser? It is a ritual known all over the world and prepares you for starting (or finishing, depending on your eating styles) the world famous fries next. I even sometimes endearingly call it “car confetti” because of its propensity to decorate my car only to be found days or weeks later.

No, the Big Mac is not in my top 4, heck maybe not even in my top 5, but that’s because I’m too enamored by the McChicken, Cheeseburger, Quarter Pounder (and its promotional variations) and the Filet O’Fish. But when the mood suits me I’ll get a McChicken combo and a Big Mac on the side and it’s always almost enough to convert me. And why wouldn’t it? It is the keystone offering of McDonald’s, the radical classic that rewrote the hamburger and still holds up all these years later.

I know my views might seem provocative or even shocking to many of the Big Mac fanatics out there. But all I can say is kudos to you and maybe tomorrow I’ll see you at the drive thru. You can watch me order my usual and hesitate before saying “and a Big Mac on the side, please” as I shake my head and smile to myself.

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for me its the double-double

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yeah Americans don't have the junior chicken as far as I know.

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I’m Canadian and not sure how I feel about the junior chicken. Too much bun but tons of mayo which is kind of nice.

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In what universe?
That shit's mostly filler and evaporates in your stomach. Just get a kebab box/halal snack pack.

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it isn't. idk if they have them in burgerland but here in bongistan McDonald's do a burger in the promotional off-seasons that's called The Big Tasty. Shorter but wider than a Big Mac, has bacon as an optional topping and the sauce is heaven-sent.

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>new 'secret sauce' for grown ups
straight out of my peanus weanus of course

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