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This is, without a doubt, the best beer I’ve ever had.

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>best beer I’ve ever had
there's a reason for that.

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Try the oatmeal stout.

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If Samuel Smith’s was the only beer company in the world, I wouldn’t complain.

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that's not what the post meant.
google "sub rosa".

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Anyone else here have a Sam Smith pub as their local? Beer is excellent and not too expensive (though it has gone up in price since before the pandemic), but their no-phones no-swearing policy is a bit retarded. Hope the geriatric fucker who runs the firm hands it over to someone younger.

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Is there some sort of secret operation involving the conpany?

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That's my favorite beer.

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I’m American so we don’t have the pubs down here. It’s a shame because this is probably better than 90% of the local stuff.

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I'm glad you hate yourself but please you do it somewhere else

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The majority of our beers are pale lagers that all taste similar and craft IPA’s. Hipster ruin everything they touch.

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O-okay bro you can stay

2 OBBs and some chilli peanuts cheers

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Extremely good order.

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Not even the best Sams beers