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friendly reminder

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Turkey's fucking gross.

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Your name is Turkey? Weird.

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Isn't turkey day tomorrow?
Good luck thawing that bird if you're only moving it to the fridge now.

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That should've been done days ago

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Is it okay to unfreeze in room temperature, some people say it gives time for bacteria to develop in the outer layers, but I've never noticed a difference, except perhaps from some extra oxidation

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Why do turkeys come seasoned?

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Because you sees on the turkey dressing and sees out the turkey stuffing.

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the fact that you dont know there is a word for this, other wise known as “thawing” proves to me you are either underage or fucking retarded and you do not need be giving advice

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to be fair he's asking for advice and not giving it. learn to read, retard.

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shut the fuck up retard…you are the one eho cant into reading, you should be fucking hanged by your neck you worthless shitskin

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Oh look, a snarky English lesson from the guy who thinks "otherwise" is two words.
Only retards care about minor errors like that on fucking 4chan, you dumb faggot. Nobody is impressed with you.


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bro you needed to start that shit a week ago

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>rageful projection
all credibility lost, just leave now

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Why is it gross? Give an actual answer please

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did you know that people even call it "unthawing" or "dethawing" sometimes? Fuckin goofs

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>too big to cook evenly
>tastes like cardboard
>extremely low quality meat lacking moisture
>constantly need water to eat it because it has the texture of sawdust
fucking idiot

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my mum moved it to the sink this morning
thank you, Mum

you have been visited by the mum of turkey thawing
respond to this post or undercooked turkeys will plague your Thanksgiving supper

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>>17036240 (You)
You cooked it too long lmao
>too big to cook evenly
cooked it too long lmao
>tastes like cardboard
>extremely low quality meat lacking moisture
no u lol
>constantly need water to eat it because it has the texture of sawdust
dumb shit
>fucking idiot
well maybe

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oh shit I've responded to meself fuck

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The absolute state of this board

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based, turkey is like eating bugs

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lel, sorry for being a dipshit
didn't hurt the overall IQ of this board a bit, really

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well I am a bit buzzed to be honest

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how so?

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this post is extremely low quality

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>announcing a report
3 days, see ya

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Never said I reported it. I just expressed my view.

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>either underage or fucking retarded
why not both

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This. It's time to move the turkey into a very large bowl and very slowly run cold water over it for a while. Once it's close to done thawing you can throw it in the fridge and finish thawing it the same way if it's not done.

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Yeah, I moved mine over on Sunday and am prepping to dry brine right now

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Having a mental breakdown over synonyms, anon?

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it's to late now you should have done that on sunday.

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You should have put it in there two days ago if you wanted it to have a chance to be properly thawed.

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Means you didn't brine the bird and then fucked up cooking it
>too big to cook evenly
Means you're probably cooking it way too hot in an oven that is way too small.
>tastes like cardboard
Only to tastelets like yourself.
>extremely low quality meat lacking moisture
Now you're just repeating yourself.
>constantly need water to eat it because it has the texture of sawdust
Stop repeating yourself, you've said 'it's dry' THREE DIFFERENT FUCKING WAYS.

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