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The cartilage is the best part of the chicken wings/legs
Don't tell ne you throw it away, anon...?

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I mean I crack open the bone with my teeth and lick out the marrow.
I have no idea how I have never lost/chipped a tooth

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It's really not but okay my black friend

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I get irrationally mad when people leave half the meat still on the bone, because I too lick it clean cartilage and all. Same with shrimps when people don't pinch out the last bit inside the shell.

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I don't eat the cartilage but I usually save those bones and bits for broth.
Next time you're peeling shrimp, save the shells and make broth out of them. Amazing for shrimp scampi sauce.

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It will happen, eventually.
t. Cracked a molar on a chicken wing trying to suck out the marrow, as I'd done my whole life. Now I use a cracker, like what you'd use on crab legs or nuts, to break open them bones and get to that sweet, sweet marrow.

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The cartilage is really based, and only tastelets will say otherwise

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I don't wanna eat sinewy gross bullshit you fucking third worlder

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weak amerimutt soyboys detected.

go get your protein from the African American bull's sperm

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I don’t eat it because it’s not chicken

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Eh, I'd eat it if it was cheap enough

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Lol, no it isn't.
0/10 troll

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Cardilage? Bitch I eat the bones

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Finally someone who isn’t a 12 year old girl, if you aren’t eating the entire wing bone and all you should probably be eating chicken nuggets or some other childrens food

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Isn't eating the sides a black person thing? It goes, middle > White, middle + trim sides > Asian/Light Brown, and eat all besides bone > Black.

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What does marrow taste like? I've heard of people eating chicken wings/legs like that but admittedly I've always be too chicken to try it.

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I'm not a hyena.

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well its 30cents

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Amerimutts are fucking weirdos

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>niggers live in his head rent-free

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Based cartilage enjoyer, I also eat the crunchy bits of bone whenever possible

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would it be gross if i collected used chicken wings to make broth?

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Kind of, you are sucking at the bones with your mouth and the human mouth has all kinds of bacteria. If it's just for you I guess it's ok. And if you save the bones in a freezer bag with the air sucked out in the freezer. Pretty gross and too frugal, to me

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>The cartilage is the best part of the chicken wings
It's quite literally not you mong