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>this is "fine dining" for americans

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there's two fat boomers at my work that never shut the fuck up about this place. every other day at around 11AM I have to hear one of them say to the other "HEY DAVE YOU HEADIN' TO THE CORRAL FOR LUNCH?" shut the fuck up and die boomer

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I was born in the flyover Midwest, and this place is considered a trashy place for trashy people. Nobody goes there because they're feeling fancy, they go so they can stuff their gut with steak and whatever-the-fuck-else they normally cant normally afford.

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this, i used to go there because i was depressed and wanted to die, not because i was trying to fine dine

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More like a dinner and show. The show being ham planets gorging themselves in the most gluttonous and shameful ways possible.

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like I said, fine dining for americans.

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Not him, and I live somewhere too small for a golden corral, but plenty of Americans really will splurge on dining even if it isn't budget family.
It is really just the default American chain buffet in many parts of USA, and that panders to what the guy you replied to stated, large gatherings where cheaping-out isn't considered rude, and the kind of place to take the family at regular intervals due to price. It isn't fundamentally different from American-Chinese style buffets or independent buffets.
Golden Corral gets the hate because it has the aspects of tricking you into stuffing up with cheap food, cost-cutting on ingredients/prep/cleanup, and economies of scale down to a science. Or rather, it had them until lockdown restrictions threw a spanner into those works.

But no one considers it fine dining, even the people who eat there. They are not going there for fine dining. Like fast food or a diner.

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And what is your national cuisine, sirs?

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That show isn't worth it. You could go sit down in a walmart and watch hamplanets buy their goyfeed for hours.

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Not a yank but golden corral fried chicken looks pretty good, the mushrooms look good too just from a quick image search

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Nothing there is good. KFC has better chicken and they’re pretty gross. Your Bongistani Paki chicken shops definitely have better chicken.

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I'm aussie but yeah some local charcoal chicken joints do better fried chicken than keffers

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Went to one last year, everything tasted like salt

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Are they abo run chicken joints? And aren’t you guys banned from using this website of hate under penalty of incarceration?

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hey dude you're making us look bad

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the only time i've been to a golden corral, i saw a lady take a giant spoonful of whipped cream, slap it on a plate, lick the spoon, and put it back in the tray.

we promptly called over a server who brought a manager over, and they offered to comp our meal for the trouble, while doing absolutely nothing to replace the spoon still sitting in the whipped cream. no one changed it out the rest of the time we were there.

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ypepo be like, yeah, i like spicy food

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Never been there

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>Golden Corral gets the hate because
because it has a fucking *chocolate waterfall*
it's disgusting, unsanitary, messy, and emphasizes the worst aspects of obesity culture

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they need to have a chocolate fountain wrangler
>one guy stands in front of the fountain and dips the shit for you
>only one dip for the fatties
>skinny people can double dip if they like (by double dip i mean that shit fatties do where they dip it, take it out, let the chocolate harden, and dip again)
>only certain things can be dipped
>rice krispie? go for it
>chicken drumstick? go fuck yourself

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If they just kept little kids out of the fucking thing I think that'd be fine.

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hindenbergs about to 'splode, sloppy, sickening slop
absolutely pissening, revolting

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The only thing Golden about that corral is eating out Yotakwand'as's spicy butthole

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I think that's a good part of it, but it ain't just that.

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unfortunately the world is just gonna get dragged on and on

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This is good to know - going to start talking about this outloud at work since I know it triggers little eavesdropping zoomed fans like yourself.

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This is good to know - going to start talking about this outloud at work since I know it triggers little eavesdropping zoomer fags like yourself. Even though I've never even been to one

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