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Hush Puppies are a national treasure

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Unfortunately, people need to make their own because Long John Silver's is trash

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I've always felt like these would be really popular if they sold them in fish and chip shops in the UK. It's just the perfect epitome of cheap tasty fried stuff.

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what's disgusting about hush puppies?

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You mayoids are friggin disgusting, no cap.

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out tastelet.

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Anyone got a good hush puppy recipe? I've never been able to find any recipes that are like what I used to get in North Carolina.
My guy, black people definitely eat hush puppies. Where the fuck did you grow up?

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>no cap
perish zoomer

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which item is the hush puppy?

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Whats in the bowl??

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kidney beams
(sometimes ppl from up north correct this to beans, but as science dictates, visible wavelengths are merely light slowed to a vibrating pattern of photons arranged according to their elemental structure and while our minds perceive beans because of the protein-based electrochemical processing and comforting geometric designs, ultimately the beans are in fact not really there, and are beams of light suspended in a moment of time)

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in english, doc.

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they're black-eyed peas

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The salad looks shopped

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Could you dumb it down abit?

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pea in cup

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>Unfortunately, people need to make their own because Long John Silver's is trash
Not sure how you can mess it up except to use fishy tasting fry oil. That said, haven't eaten at a LJS in more than a decade. I'm willing to pay any upcharge available to get them on any else's menu, no matter what I'm ordering for dinner. Love them!

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The round balls

And they are great. I try to avoid deep fried foods but will occasionally buy a bag of fries or corn dogs. Never seen readily available bags of hush puppies though.

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>Could you dumb it down abit?
black-eyed peas are so good! They have a peppery bite and very mealy smooth texture.

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That looks great.

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pretend im retarded and use simple words

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Captain D's is better than Long John Bronze. Enough of my mischief. Good to see you munching on hush puppies!

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I've never been to bongland but I'm surprised they aren't served there and that's something I never even considered. Basically every fish fry place in America has them. This place in a really black neighborhood I lived in used to season their hushpuppies with lemon pepper and they were pretty great.

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That's the thing. It's a lump of doughy fried lump. Even the Dutch have an equivalent. Yet the crown jewel of all things deep-fried and brown doesn't have them? Bizarre.

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Speaking of which I dipped some hushpuppies in leftover roast gravy like a week ago. What the fuck, those fags need to step it up.

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Are those mushrooms?

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North Carolina hush puppies are nothing like traditional round seafood hush puppies. Different foods entirely. AND NO I DONT HAVE A RECIPE

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Why do the salad and soup look they were photoshopped in? Anyone else notice this or am I just retarded?

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>be me
>live in wisconsin
>wonder why there are no LJS locations in the state
>nearest to me is 50 miles away in Illinois
>get mad
>suddenly realize it's because we eat better deep fried fish every Friday anyways
>less mad
occasionally this place is alright

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Cause they were

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I was looking long and hard for a copy of the hush puppy recipe they hand out at The Old Grist Mill at the NC State Fair, but I can't find it
This recipe seems alright though

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>hush puppies

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Is it just me, or are LJ's fish and chicken practically indistinguishable? Neither seem to taste or feel like what they're supposed to be.

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I always thought corn in general was more of a favorite with the americas than europe. Like peanut butter.

This is the recipe I always used

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hushpuppies from bbq restaurants > hushpuppies from seafood restaurants IMO

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the ball, pretty much fried cornbread

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anemic serving. Double everything on that plate or get of my face