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I can't eat it.

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no one cares

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You VILL eat it

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same, I always wash my shit in a colander

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its already been in the fucking ground it can't get more dirtier by putting it in the sink

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umm, yes it can sweaty

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Learn to spell

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do you not clean your sink? with bleach? if anything that can kill you survives that then you just have to suck it up and accept your fate, it has won.

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stay clear of restaurants then

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go back

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Do you really eat food contaminated with bleach?

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why would you use bleach rather than normal dish soap, do you clean your plates and glasses with bleach too?

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Yeh my ex's mum would fill up the sink with water to clean salad ingredients. Would make me quietly seethe.

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>washing carrots in the sink
Just fucking peel them you utter retard.

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Hey OP I wanna show you something so badass it's gonna blast your balls off

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Although I do have "balls" I will say please do not misgender me as I am female thanks.

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Dish soap doesnt kill bacteria

Yes, i leave bleach in the sink permanently, i love it.

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why do you have a nerf football in your sink?

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>do you clean your plates and glasses with bleach too?


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I just put a regular round colander in the sink for washing vegetables. No need for that retarded unitasker.

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Unfortunately at the grocery stores I have worked at many things are "crisped" in the sinks before display on sales floor. So it is likely all along you have enjoyed sink soup.

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That's racist, there's nothing wrong with the way black families prepare their food

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Nothing hits the spot like a nice spoonful of sinktrap stew

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I got sperm in it stupid, you just leave yours to get crusty when you're done?

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No, I clean my plates and glasses in an ultrasonic bath of 70/30 IPA.

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wash with dishsoap, rinse in sanitiser water, after im done scrub both sinks with anti-bacterial hand soap and rinse with boiling water

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Just because the dad is in prison for burglary, rape and felonious possession of a firearm doesn't mean the mom, granny, boyfriend and 8 kids aren't still gonna stick together in their section 8 house

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The sink cannot be sanitised well because of the plumbing tube (or whatever it's called)... that shit has bacteria fermenting there and may contaminate the food. Seriously, do it over a colander.

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i clean my sink quite often and pour boiling water down the drain so i consider it fairly safe, but ill keep this in mind in the future

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way to ruin the thread you racist assholes

now the janitors are going to delete it for being “off-topic”

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I'm going to kindly and politely ask you to delete this image

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Too bad, might as well make the best of it and turn it into a thread about crossdressing femboys while it's still up

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those are very feminine testicles you have, anon.

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sure it does. it ruptures cell membranes like nobody's business.

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dirt is not bad for you.
If you can't eat a carrot that's had 90% of the dirt rinsed off, your ancestors hate you

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