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What is the perfect cheeseburger?

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call me boring but give me a Dave's Double and I'll be on my way

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Honestly I'm always happier to have a cheeseburger that has as many veggies as possible. I want the cheese to compliment it, not dominate the flavor.

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pub pretzel was pretty good.

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Plain Jr cheeseburger

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he's Greta Thunberg's younger timetraveling (from the future to the past, present) brother isn't he?

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This is an ad.

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Meat grilled medium well
Slice of slightly melted cheddar cheese on top
All on s brioche roll

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double smashed patties with american cheese, ketchup, mustard, onions, brioche buns

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vegan burger

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For me, it's Baconator or Bacon classic triple after solid workout.

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Why do Americans call them hamburgers? There's no fucking ham in it!

In the UK we call them beef burgers

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For me, it's the BBC.

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