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Which one do you like the most?

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I lika the slurp. Fettuccini or linguini. All depends on the sauce.

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the shape doesn't matter
macaroni is macaroni

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I like the big ones, do not like the long skinny ones

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Shells and macaroni are unironically only for children and if you still eat that shit past 18 you need help.
I don't think i've ever seen a restaurant sell shells

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Spaghetti or orecchiette
Orecchiette is so fucking good but its fresh why is it in with the dry ones

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I desperately want to try some calamarata

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anything but shell.

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this is if I'm eating it as pasta, for soups or bakes it's a little different

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I'm a long boy. Give me that fettuccini, linguini, bigoli, spaghetti, what have you. Not a fan of that angel hair shit though.
Farfalle is the worst.

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I actually like using those pasta nests like in the bottom right of your picture because I consider 2 of those nests to be perfect for a single individual serving. That way I never make too much if I'm only cooking for myself.

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I like Felicetti, Gentile, Martelli, Di Nola, Dei Campi, Faella.

Honest companies with transparent production chains and top quality raw materials.

Some pasta should be short, some ought to be long, some narrow, some wide.

Pasta should be processed through bronze mallets as it creates a porous surface which marries well with sauces.

Pasta should be made with 00 hard wheat "durum" flour and should be dried slowly.

All other questions regarding pasta are irrelevant, immature and beside the point.

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Shells are alright it you wanna make a baked "mac" and cheese with shredded cheese. Love the little pockets of gooey goodness inside the shells to contrast the crispy, maillard-reacted top

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Omg look how quirky I am xd I know all this pasta you don't!!! and I have opinions!

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