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What country has the most disgusting, foul, vomit inducing cuisine?

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Would say scandanavia but at least they have cute girls

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Next question

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England, hands down

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Australian indigenous food is pretty shit. Witchy grubs were the staple protein. The Australian whites ended up just doing English food but worse. All in all a continent bereft of good food.

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ingerland, straya, finland, probably some african and/or asian country nobody's heard of

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t.doesn't know about Finish cuisine.

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I already considered scandanavia. England is still worse

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Can you call it cusine if there is no preparation?

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British food is so bad that their average height is going down due to the lack of nutrients.

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I guess

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Finland isn't in Scandinavia.

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British of course. I don't get the hate for Scandi food. I was only in Sweden for a month but most of what Ihad was fairly good besides the Surstromming which my ex thought would be funny to make me eat.

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in order
> england
> filipino
> usa

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>here's some sloppa
>yeah I shit and wiped with my hand and served you the rice and the curry with that hand
>everything was improved after leaving the country by every country that cooked it
>piss bottles

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>America doesn't even have its own food. Everything they have is from another culture.
>America has the most disgusting food.

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The South has cultural food.

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Easily USA

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vegemite more than makes up for austrlian cuisine.

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I know, usa manage to make everything worse in some way or another, that's why it takes the cake

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any country below the red line

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filipino food. no fucking contest.

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>germany above
>poland above

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Excluding India, Vietnam, Brazil, and Peru, huh?

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filipino food is either extremely tasty or horribly gross, no in between.

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Iceland has Finland beat in this contest

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pretzels, schnitzel, pierogies, all kinds of breads, mustards, zweiblekuchens, polish soups, doner kebab

come on man. thats some hot stuff right there.

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indian food is terrible beyond paneer cheese. vietnam, i admit i overlooked, but what the fuck does brazil/peru have thats not the same old mexican sloppa shit refried beans and tortillas?
shut your sopa de macacao ass up

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our rednecks can fucking cook.

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Neither foods have tortilla as a thing. Flat bread tortilla (as opposed to Spanish Tortilla which is an egg dish and completely different) is a Meso-American specific thing.

Peru has potato dishes and a weird mix of seafood and meat alongside noodle dishes that are good. Plus, it is where potatoes come from and so they have a tradition with things like papas rellenos.

Brazillian is completely different too. The churrasco places emphasize roasted meats. Though in their staple dishes there is a strong emphasis on black beans (not refried as far as I've ever seen, that's also a Mexican thing) and tapioca related starches.

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yes they can!
wish i could experience a good ol fashioned seafood bake but im northern and stuck in porkrolleggandcheeseonakaiser land

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> put seasoned meat in some heat source
> wait hours
> wa la
That doesn't count as cook. That's more like knowing how to heat food which is not something that can be considered impressive

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Please tell me that isn't buttercream on a stack of bologna.

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mayo and canned cheese wiz

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I can't tell if that's better or worse.

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if you put in on bread at least, better
but still very questionable indeed.

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you just hate us for our freedom

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Hi I live in flyover USA. I have eaten some real legit midwestern pig slop but never have I ever fucking seen that or anything like that in my life. This is probably more likely to be eaten in Sweden. I still think England is the worst though.

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italian american "food"

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>cooking food isn't cooking
You non-Americans are fucking stupid.

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Almost all reductionist arguments are stupid. He had to reduce BBQ to the point where it described almost all foods of the world.

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we put da seasonin on it shieet

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As in actual Chinese food in China.
>eggs brined in little boys piss
>live baby mice soup
>fish or animals that are served ALIVE
>dog meat fried in gutter oil

no other country can compare with the disgusting filth the bugmen eat.

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>fish or animals that are served ALIVE
Nothing wrong with this.

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>all this seething about anglos
You guys have too much time on your hands

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I visited china when I was a teenager. You only eat homeless people food if you're a fucking homeless person. The food I ate in china was delicious/

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all of the "good stuff" is essentially just spanish food that they retained from colonization

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fuckoff Chang
Taiwan is an sovereign country.
Tienanmen Square Massacre happened

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Bbq barely qualify as cooking in terms of techniques.
Making a omelette, or even making a grilled cheese sandwichis 'cooking", bbq is caveman tier shit, a little step above feeding yourself

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according to that chart, the Phillipines.
The only nationality that actually likes Flip food are fucking Flips themselves, and even then they only ranked it 83% lol

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Your first post showed that you don't have the capability to make an argument beyond reductio ad absurdum. You didn't have to post again to prove that's all you know.

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lurk 5 years before posting, newfag

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It's a tie between the wegians and the suomi

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>>eggs brined in little boys piss
What number is that at Panda express ?

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Unironically vietnam

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Which country invented mustard?

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usa has the best food

>> No.16898820

Your first post showed how reddit you were, there's no reason to reiterate again your logic_fallacies.png scheme you faggot redditors.

There's no reductio ad absurdum, BBQ is no more different that cooking rice with a rice cooker, and both don't qualify as cooking.

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I also think you didn't used reductio ad absurdum right

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No one eats shit like that. Fuck off obsessed bong.

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Middle Eastern food is the best food you absolute nonce. You know nothing of the crump.

>> No.16898844

It's taylorhameggandcheesesaltpepperketchuponakaiser, you poser.

>> No.16898849

Reductionist and ad hominem. God you're so good at formulating arguments.
I wish I could have been the one to fuck your mom so you wouldn't have to be this retarded

>> No.16898877

> logical fallacies (used wrong)
> fuck your mom reply
You sound like a reddit bitchy virgin to be honest.
You can't even differentiate between an "ad hominem" arguments and an insult, you cretin (insult)
You are free to explain the intricacy of putting meat already cut in a slow cook devices and wait you mouth breather mongoloid

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szechuan china. hotpots are absolutely disgusting.

>> No.16898896

The UK by far, these people are nasty

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No he used it correctly. Stop embarrassing yourself

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it wasn't correct samefag.
reductio ad absurdum requires an absurdum, something that when negate, it would lead to a contraddiction of the thesis.
You could argue about a "oversemplification" (which there is none, since bbq is actually that simple) but there's no negation

The same hold with the "ad hominem" used by you which requires to address someone personal characteristic to disprove a thesis. Insults are not "ad hominem" retard

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It says "sometimes also" because sometimes retards will include Finland.

>> No.16898963

Also reductio ad absurdum is a legit math and logic technique used to prove theorem or lemmas. The usage of r.a.a as inherent fallacy just shows how little you know about logic and math. Probably your notion of r.a.a. comes from reddit and big bang theory that's why I pointed it out

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>Pretending you don’t use the same hands you jerk off with to handle food.

They’re hands, bro. Wash them and you’re fine.

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Listen dude, the double headed dick that is Scandinavia needs balls. It's in Scandinavia

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fuck off

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>geographically not in Scandinavia
>culturally aliens to Norway, Denmark and Sweden
>genetically very different
>not part of the Scandinavian dialect continuum
Only some retards like you include Finland in Scandinavia.

>> No.16899401

>genetically very different
>blonde hair blue eyes light skin
>Average height is 5'11 for men

I mean, I get it, you're a faggot, but like you don't see people in the United States getting so butthurt when people say Canada is part of North America.

>> No.16899477

>crying ad hominem on a website that has had faggot and nigger as an ingrained part of the vocabulary since day 1
Go back. This is not your safespace.

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Speaking of Taiwan, their food is absolutely incredible, none of the crazy hairy bat soup shit, and the people are pretty based. Like China if they ever stopped being oppressed communist bug men. Food in Taiwan is also ridiculously cheap, even if you don't take into account the purchasing power of the dollar, even if you just count the Taiwan dollar, you can have an incredible feast in a comfy family owned restaurant, for very little cash. I pray every day that Taiwan will remain independent of the absolutely dystopian nightmare hellscape that is mainland China.

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Latvia has, without a doubt, the worst cuisine in the world. I actually cut my trip to Riga short, because the food was inedible and I was starving. Fuck Latvia. Fuck warm mayonnaise and onion salad.

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You're god damn right we are

>> No.16899550

Japan by far.

>> No.16899552

>but like you don't see people in the United States getting so butthurt when people say Canada is part of North America.
You're obviously retarded. Canada is a part of North America, not something that is "sometimes included as part of North America".

If you want to stop being an ignorant faggot, you should read yourself up on the Uralic language and the Finno-Ugric countries. Finlands brother countries are Estonia and Hungary. Only ignorant retards call Finland a Scandinavian country.

>> No.16899582

Cope, scandi

>> No.16899605

Somali food is disgusting

>> No.16899630

no one cares, bjorn

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even if I took the "heating meat isn't cooking" argument seriously, rednecks still cook like crazy.
Biscuits and Gravy, fried chicken, dumplings, cobbler. You should see what they can do with mac and cheese these days.

I'm pretty sure this is just european insecurity clouding your judgement. It's okay, eurotrash can cook too.

>> No.16900035

UK and Netherlands

>> No.16900036


>> No.16900046

that's pretty shitty map, Brazil, Russia, Middle East and so on

>> No.16900137

you retards, the map clearly includes the middle east. levantine cuisine...turkish cuisine, etc

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take your northern tip jersey shit vernacular outta here dickhead the product is known as pork roll, taylor is the brand name.

>> No.16900173

Dutch cuisine isn't great by any stretch of the imagination but it's too basic to be offensive. Boil some potatoes, mash it up with veggies and add meat and gravy. Also, Dutch herring is amazing.

>> No.16900212

Cope about what? It's not like I don't like Finland.

If you want to include Finland, it's called "The Nordic countries".

>> No.16900316

t. Taiwanese tour guide

>> No.16900359

>korea above line
>india/iran not

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>be Texan

>mog the shit out of your heat source by carefully tuned smoking with carefully chosen woods in purpose-made smoke-ovens
>mog the shit out of your seasoning side sauces by massively innovating on barbecue sauces with extensive experimentation
>mog the shit out of your seasoning blends on the meat by massively innovating on rubs and extensive experimentation
>mog the shit out of your cooking timing standards through expensive experimentation for optimal tenderness
>mog the shit out of your meat freshness by cooking with freshly killed meat from local cattle
>mog the shit out of your meat preparation process with pre-injections for maximal juiciness, brines, dry-ages, and marinades

And just because we haven't finished dabbing on you yet
>mog the shit out of your sides with shit so good fatties here literally die to eat more of it

And these uppity euros have the audacity to say "that's just adding heat to food" - no wonder they lost the revolutionary war, they lose at everything!


>> No.16900680

>>be Texan
stopped reading here

>> No.16900690

No its cosine if it describes the ratio of the adjacent to the hypotenuse of a right triangle.

>> No.16900700

SEA where they eat fried tarantulas and shit

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china or some African shithole duh
Have you seen the shit Chinese eat? and those Korean chinks drink poo wine
and japs eat fish semen

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Definitely Italy. Only subhumans would ever want to eat that disgusting slop. Just looking at Italian food makes me want to vomit.

>> No.16900714

>joke answer
>real answer
Fermented shark anyone?

>> No.16900723

Im never gonna stop saying Finland is Scandanavia

>> No.16900734

I drove through texas once. NGL those cattle I saw looked amazing. I even saw actual cowboys on horses herding them It was pretty based.

>> No.16900748

>the tourist didn't eat the shit most of the locals have to
wow, what a fucking surprise.

>> No.16900750

Yeah I wouldn't want to be BTFO by him either

>> No.16900764

That mostly applies to English food too, but the thread veered off from "disgusting" right from the off.

>> No.16900767

Sorry next time I go to china I'll just go to the yulin dog festival and boil some rabid puppies alive.

Its like saying if you visit the american south you need to fuck your cousin otherwise its not "authentic".
go fuck yourself.

>> No.16900804

Sure, then you might be qualified to comment on their actual cusine rather then the shit they serve to tourists for a weeks salary per head, you fucking child.

>> No.16900809

>complaining about meat pies and pickled fish
>completely ignoring chickity chinkos and their bugs and bird fetuses

>> No.16900823

>America doesn't even have its own food
Meme of the most uneducated nature

>> No.16900838

I'm pretty sure my chinese teachers family did not get paid to feed us.

>> No.16900847

Japan has some grody looking food. https://youtu.be/VginQY8UXBs?t=129

>> No.16900860

any nordic

>> No.16900915

what the fuck makes you guys so obsessed with this "brisket" shit? explain it pls

you get a big slab of meat and absolutely cover it in seasoning, then throw it in an oven for 1 million hours and when it comes out, the entire surface is burned to fuck and pitch black, while all of the inside is pissing with liquid plus it's been cooked like a sous vide ie totally soulless

dont get me wrong, it still looks like one of the best american foods when compared to all the other trash out there, but i'm just a bit confused

>> No.16900967
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>what the fuck makes you guys so obsessed with this "brisket" shit?
This is the kind of thing a poor, confused soul who has never had mind-meltingly good brisket could be expected to say. Pity him, anons.

>> No.16900974

ok cringe faggot

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Aight have fun with whatever you call food in your Euro backwater.
>you WILL eat the spotted dick

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New Zealand food is based you son of a bitch

>> No.16901051

none of that shit is even remotely exclusive from texas you idiot redneck.
Try leaving your retarded island once in your life

> mog the shit out of your meat freshness by cooking with freshly killed meat from local cattle
kek what a retard

>> No.16901072

that pics makes me fucking hungry
How much of a faggot you have to be to dislike tripes?

>> No.16901108

>deliberately being retarded
Not surprising considering we're on 4chan.

>> No.16901134

>none of that shit is even remotely exclusive from texas you idiot redneck.
Point to the line I said this shit was "exclusive to texas" you dumb fuckin' euroshit, they just do it top 5 best - and the other 4 in category are all gonna be cooked by other amazing American redneck cooks too.

>> No.16901173

it implies that bbq is trivial shit that didn't even need a name

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Regis, I'd like to ask the audience

>> No.16901197

Posting YouGov trash should be a bannable offence.

>> No.16901203

Relax, m8, you're taking one of the worst cuts of beef and throwing it in the cooker and literally forgetting about it for multiple hours until it turns black as coal. As far as respect for the freshness and quality of produce, you're right up there with the snowniggers who bury shark meat. Most normal countries won't bother trying to outdo that behavior, so you really are in the top 5.

>> No.16901212

We're not talking about fucking math you idiot you're just flailing now

>> No.16901216

Mustard seed is from India but the earliest recording we have of mustard the condiment is Roman

>> No.16901222

> math **and logic**
How about you learn how to read you buffoon?

>> No.16901224

idk i just learned about the fish guts soup they eat in the south

>> No.16901235
File: 1.17 MB, 1024x683, 1414414862115.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You take that back

>> No.16901271

get the sand out of your neovagina anon

>> No.16901389

>what the fuck makes you guys so obsessed with this "brisket" shit? you get a big slab of meat and absolutely cover it in seasoning,

no, you don't cover it with seasoning
S&P only is classic TX brisket
though, as our redneck very patiently explained, experimentation has led to many, many very good alternatives
... which you will never experience

>> No.16901417

>I'm ready to settle down with a nice guy now

>> No.16901431

*shrug* nobody outside of your inbred area wants to do that

>> No.16901437

holy fucking shit sauceeeeeeeeeeeeee

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> experimentation has led to many, many very good alternatives

>> No.16903055

Yeah bro shit and cum are totally the same bro

>> No.16903058

they're coping mutts, the shit they eat is much worse. They can't even make decent coffee despite drinking tons of the stuff.

>> No.16903061

who the fuck eats it from a tin????

>> No.16903102

Englands food is catching a lot of shit ITT but it's not even disgusting. It's just not very exciting. There's nothing vomit inducing or foul about shit like meat pies or vegetables.

>> No.16903131

But I can tell you for sure, that the most boring cuisine, overall, is Estonian cuisine.
Sure, they have one or two tasty things, but the standards and overall fare, is like a grey monochrome painting in a beige room with a single naked light bulb for lighting.

>> No.16903134

Finland is not Scandinavia, only brit bongs and uneducated Americants refers to it as such.

>> No.16903138


>> No.16903145

Literally wrong — objectively: on all planes.
Wrong geographical location.
Wrong ethnic groups.
Wrong culture.
Wrong language and language family.

Just accept that you're either an idiot from Blackburn, Lancashire or a retardesesian from Deteoit, and learn something for once in your life.

>> No.16903147
File: 46 KB, 500x522, this-bait-came-from-the-moon-36297489.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay, so you are a troll then.

>> No.16903165
File: 102 KB, 1200x900, 4cd5495d4d0cc7e8516ce57f510161f7_ef19c9d3-0613-412b-aa24-fedd05e576ef-large-landscape-150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, we'll do that.

With our equal tax rates to yours, our 8 weeks off, paid healthcare, free university, and freedom to all of our nature.

You go on with... Chowing down on oxycodone and your rioting and your electing either traditional cronies or reality tv cronies as your leaders.

>USA. Sometimes included in "the developed world."

We cry all the way to the bank.

Your learning disabilities are profound, but at least you're having fun. You gotta respect the Americans for their ability to enjoy almost anything.

>> No.16903172
File: 20 KB, 720x533, 1609743687230.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not surprised.

Let me know when they announce whether you qualify for bail.

>> No.16903200

Its just starting to get cold here. That means it's fucking callos season, fuck yeah.

>> No.16903215
File: 111 KB, 625x415, do-you-think-you-could-eat-these-weird-filipino-foods.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is largely true. They adopted a few good items from Spain, also the rest of Asia. Lumpia is the same as any Asian fried spring roll, and fucking everyone can make simple stir frys, fried rice, etc. Recipes that are truly native to the Philippines are always bad. Some of this is the result of destitute poverty. The ingredients are limited to the cheapest of the cheap, most households do not even have an oven, many do not even have refrigeration. So your initial conditions are an extremely basic kitchen and bad ingredients.
Filipinos adore American food. A lot of them are starving so greasy, processed, sugary junk is like manna from heaven to them.

>> No.16903391

Cool meme, mongoloid. The top 2 restaurants in the world are in Denmark, and Sweden has one in the top 10.

>> No.16903429
File: 82 KB, 800x717, map-of-nordic-and-scandinavian-countries.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

American education, everyone

>> No.16903472

why is gotland not scandinavian?

>> No.16903479

What do people even consider English cuisine for this kind of reaction? I mean its nothing special but not that bad. English food is basically just meat pies and stews

>> No.16903488

I’ve had some great food in Iceland.

>> No.16903494

You’re talking to the same mong who didn’t know Afghanistan was an Asian country.

>> No.16903496

what the fuck is the japs problem

>> No.16903542

If a country doesn't use soy sauce aka liquid msg they hate it.

>> No.16903546

It's not big enough for one of the red lines on the map to pass through it

>> No.16903560

I don't dislike tripe, i just hate tomato sauce and Italian food in general.

>> No.16903562

uk and its not even close

>> No.16903661

In terms of where you'd actually eat: Burma, Cambodia or general SEA. They can't cook for shit and it's all gristle and oil. In terms of where is totally without any positive qualities whatsoever even using 'wanderlust' interpreted meals trying to shill it: anything sub saharan african.

>> No.16903679

It's a safe racism for söys. British food is often excellent and when I've travelled the every day standard is about the same as most of europe, better than the US and the rest of the world. France, Spain and Italy were better but that's about it.

>> No.16903690

The chinese answer is an outright lie. If you actually travel around half the time you'll be eating plain rice and weird anonymous tendon meat packets. You'll see horrors beyond your conception like spider water.

Chinese 'chinese' food is not what you get from a western restaurant. It's utter crap.

>> No.16903779
File: 225 KB, 800x600, Alicha_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ethiopia. literally just slop that you eat with your hands.
Same with indian.

>> No.16903791

sounds like someones never eaten or prepared a smoked brisket. dont worry, one day you'll learn.

>> No.16903795

This. In my cringer liberal years i kept trying different african cuisines, ethiopian, sudanese, zambian etc. Despite fooling myself everything they eat looks, tastes and smells literally like vomit.

>> No.16903882

I'm spanish and we like to make fun of the english for their cuisine too, but my actual first hand experience has been similar to yours. It's pretty good in general. English food hating is just memes.

>> No.16903899 [DELETED] 
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>> No.16903904

>British food is often excellent
ok britboy, stop falseflagging

>> No.16903935
File: 1.80 MB, 1060x1052, mission control with the hat on.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based Hank
how'd you guys like that fucking comeback at the Red River Showdown
c u next year fuckers

>> No.16903958

Nice cope fatty

>> No.16903969

>says the angl*id
comedy gold

>> No.16904006 [DELETED] 

Wasn't even me but ok, also not anglo. But keep licking black feet and laughing safely with your twink friends about how bad british food is.

>> No.16904021

You literally have zero knowledge about what you are talking about

>> No.16904026

Imagine being so insecure about your national cuisine you have to pretend you're not british to actually defend it. Pathetic, nasty people.

>> No.16904185
File: 566 KB, 1660x956, 21986939-3DD2-413B-835A-B4EC6F152D4C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anything above the red line.

>> No.16904224

>you will eat de bugz

>> No.16904964

All slop

>> No.16904987

Gimme the code senpai

>> No.16906023
File: 997 KB, 2134x2753, 1618140591978.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16906078
File: 132 KB, 900x1200, 1619194926105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Sorry guys just the webm. Maybe go to /gif/ and ask. Pls report back if you find it.

>> No.16906108


>> No.16906113

Lmao what a fucking FAG

>> No.16906131
File: 129 KB, 1280x720, C9D1FB48-C1B5-42A2-B668-4785133B5DAE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>America doesn't even have its own food.

>> No.16906203
File: 46 KB, 562x600, 1611324395442.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Thanks senpai. Just watched it. Kinda weird but I'll do what I must this weekend.

>> No.16907262

>> filipino

I'm gay if that matters btw

>> No.16907307

I know this is bait and a meme but having tried actual indian food recently I kinda have to agree with you. Bought a piece of garlic/onion flatbread and a bowl of spicy onion/pea mush and I gotta say for $20 it really wasn't worth it. Plus it gave me horrible farts for the entire next day.

>> No.16907318


>> No.16907327

no shit. don't even want to try fucking brazillian food or shithand slop from dirty indian slum towns. who would?

>> No.16907338

>Be Texan
>Get left in the dark by a measly minnessota winter

>> No.16907340

Just because your food is so bad you exclusively eat Iraqi kebab doesn't make it good

>> No.16907350

you'd think that countries whose main foods are all in liquid form would invest in some fucking utensils, it can't be that hard to carve a spoon out of a piece of wood

>> No.16907355

Nah there are bangers, the crazy and poverty food just gets meme'd the most.

>> No.16907998

I think it's mostly up to Finns if they're part of Scandinavia. Was out drinking one time and asked a Finnish guy if he was Scandinavian and he cracked the shits about it the lil bitch

>> No.16908011

Australian doesnt really have much cuisine per se, we borrow from everywhere else in the world. What we do have is really good quality ingredients.

>> No.16908217
File: 2.43 MB, 1052x592, American Cooking.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actual nonbait answer is American ""cuisine""

>> No.16908237

I don't know why people say british when the largest influces on modern cusine are british.

>> No.16908252

Texans bbq is just avarage BBQ its the rest of the states that are legit retards who cannot cook.

Compare any of those "texan" methods to lets say butcheres in italy or the poultry producers of france.

I understand that 80% of the states are too retarded to cook a medium rare stake but simple cooking techniques such as these are normally tought in white countries.

>> No.16908312

Now this is definitely bait. You can buy that for 20 rupees here, not dollars. Try researching before larping

>> No.16908314
File: 94 KB, 816x459, Ričet-s-klobaso.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm Slovenian and things are pretty bad here, bros. All Slovenian food is poverty food.

>> No.16908323

I was in Italy for months and didn't see BBQ served once, not even at expat places. What region is that in?

>> No.16908326 [DELETED] 

Our average height is going down due to wholesale importing of inbred pakis, you spastic mutt

>> No.16908333
File: 255 KB, 800x580, cacciucco alla viareggina.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Most poverty food is good food here, you can't be that bad being only a few kms away from us
That sloppa is poorly done

>> No.16908338

The Italian and French methods for meat alone are fairly bland and tasteless, especially if you’re used to people who know how to use smoke to cook.
Now the Brazilians really know how to cook meat rare and medium rare. They have a better understanding of smoke and fire than europoors, even though they’re a poverty nation.
I think Kansas City has the best BBQ. Better use of fats, and sauces that enhance the meat. But Texas is very good, much better than the Carolinas or Tennessee.

>> No.16908344
File: 58 KB, 540x720, 191E370E-72FE-4E26-9B9A-BBE7CA828847-540x720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Then maybe you'd prefer some sloppa from the environs of Trieste - oh, but would you look at that, it still looks and tastes awful!

>> No.16908354

I did not say that italians BBQ I said that's is monkey tier cooking which is why ameri mutts brag about it.

Fuck tribal germanic were rosting whole cows over a fire for a long ass time does that make them advanced culinary geniuses?
I get that you have been buck broken by a few gangs of mexicans but good quality meat should be left as god intdead it. You only cover shitty quality food in sauces and 10 different spices.

I'm sorry that you went to france and ordered fried chicken and was shocked that it had no epic crispy skin but if you looked a few rows down the menu you would of propably found marniated meat.

We use our higher quality cuts of meat such as the back of the pig to make bacon not to be a nigger and grill over a fire like some barbaric savages.

>> No.16908357
File: 119 KB, 800x600, segedin-golaz-6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More Slovenian culinary horrors incoming!

>> No.16908364

Problem is, Trieste is filled with novaxxers, just look at the current state of their city
Of course those people are dumb so they can't cook anything good but don't despair! You can still check for our recipes and copy them, accessibility to italian ingredients is good from Slovenia

>> No.16908367

Nigeria with their slime food

>> No.16908380

you know that the butter melts away in the fryer and your just left with a light fluffy pastry right?

>> No.16908399

If the god didn’t intend for us to use fire, he wouldn’t have given it to us.
I’m sorry the French think that beef tartare is the best thing you can do with meat, but they are wrong. The French are great with baking and pastries, have fantastic wine and coffee. But they are either lazy or stupid with meats.
At least the Italians understand how to cook out the flavors and aromas of vegetables, and make good tasting food as a result, even with simple ingredients and methods. But even then, they’ll often mask the flavors of the meat with other ingredients. Carbonara doesn’t taste porky, it tastes of the cream and salt from the cheese. There’s so much going on in bolognese that it loses most of its beefiness. Pan-fried sea bream was done well, but that’s just because of a good EVOO and fish, and not really the method.
Even Jordan is better with lamb, camel, and chicken. But they are too obsessed with yogurt and pine nuts.

>> No.16908443


Fuck off.

>> No.16908655

Your average height is going down because anglos are subhuman

>> No.16909392

British food isn't the problem, it's the way we see food. A recipe like shepherd's pie exists all over Europe with variations, and is very nice, but the average mum here will make it dry and dull. Our recipes are simple but nice if done right, but people here can't taste the difference between a ready meal and a Roux brothers meal. But really when foreigners think of British food they think of working class food, the product of an attitude that I think began with wartime rationing. It reminds me of how the working classes abhor intellectualism.

The cheese is very good at least

>> No.16909418

You’re one of the dumbest fucks I’ve ever seen on this board

>> No.16909435

Peruvian is actually good tho

>> No.16909963

>No one eats shit like that
t. hurgin consumer
you can't fucking fool me.

>> No.16910293



Not everyone wants to die off of grease, fat, and sugar

>> No.16910492
File: 1.07 MB, 1157x1067, Anglo food.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

t. seething colonials
Britain has the best food the world can offer

>> No.16910502

calm down patel/guadalupe, no one wants to eat your shitslop or mystery favela meat.
the best foods come from the med and THAT AIN'T YOU. NEVER WILL BE

>> No.16910510

only bongs thinks their shitty food is good. The fact is if your god forsaken island sank tomorrow no one would give a shit

>> No.16910542
File: 110 KB, 960x960, 1620830680356.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>tfw from one of the 13 Colonies
>tfw you niggas havent been relevant since you invaded the Suez without our permission and ran home like a scared puppy when we told you to cut the shit
>tfw you dumb asses went from owning 1/4th of the globe to living on an island the size of Michigan

UKfags need to shut the fuck up

>> No.16910759

theres plenty of good authentic filipino dishes. try sinigang, kare kare, paksiw, sisig or lechon kawali to name a few

will definitely give you that most of it is poverty-based though, feels like the vast majority of filipino entrees are stews/soups. still delicious though

>> No.16910771

forgot to include my favorite dish dinuguan. fucking bomb

>> No.16910858

The English breakfast, Sunday roast and Fish&chips are loved and envied throughout the world. Keep coping

>> No.16910876
File: 390 KB, 1019x1022, 1622220175048.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Fish and french fries are good, but far from "beloved" kek

>> No.16910987

There's no way British is this high

>> No.16911201

I'm so mad right now

>> No.16911225

I ate fish and chips in London. They were revolting. I've had school lunches more appetizing than that.

I've had battered and fried fish in America that is a million times better than the trash you claim is the same food in England. What the fuck is up with you guys and your aversion to seasoning?

>> No.16911808

I had the exact opposite experience

>> No.16911978

Id eat that with rice

>> No.16912028

the flips. They eat like midwestern trailer trash.

>> No.16912032

I would argue, but I guess that people believing this leaves more ango-saxon pussy for English women.

>> No.16912073
File: 62 KB, 1024x1005, 1609946295619.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's your favorite cuisine?

That one's the worst.

>> No.16912085

Bad restaurants are bad. The best fish & chips I've had were better than the best equivalents I'd had in America, but the bad places are McFish tier.

>> No.16912111

>English food but worse
oh no anon, oh no oh no.

>> No.16912160

Fat uncultured hands made this post

>> No.16912161

Oh yes bruce

>> No.16912169

Lmao take a look at this retard

>> No.16912188

>Fried Cheese with deep fried butter on a butter glazed bagle with bacon and cheese on top
>amaaaziiiing graaaace

>> No.16912194

Fried Cheese with Deep Fried Butter sounds more like a scottish thing, to be honest.

>> No.16912203

This. When I think unnecessarily fried food, I think of Scotland.

>> No.16912594

nice ween reference, dork

>> No.16912695

that looks fucking amazing

>> No.16913046

Rent free

>> No.16914169

probably because you've never been to america
land of the deep fried everything

>> No.16914539

ween reference?

>> No.16914594

nigga what
what the fuck are you talking about

>> No.16915107

Colombian food is pretty fuckin awful

>> No.16915129

>I’m sorry the French think that beef tartare is the best thing you can do with meat, but they are wrong. The French are great with baking and pastries, have fantastic wine and coffee. But they are either lazy or stupid with meats.
This is something of the most stupid I've ever read here. Ever heard of sauce espagnole? No because you're ignorant retard that somehow think you know something. No one is as elaborate with meats as the French.
>Carbonara doesn’t taste porky, it tastes of the cream and salt from the cheese. Th
>There’s so much going on in bolognese that it loses most of its beefiness.
If you lose the beefiness you screwed out. It's a meat sauce that's supposed to taste beefy.

>> No.16915141

They couldn't invent the wheel are you all that surprised that spoons were space-age level tech to them?

>> No.16916450

no one should take your advice, they're better off killing themselves anyway

>> No.16916514

you have never been to america

>> No.16917407

Szegediner Gulasch is great tho

>> No.16917526

sure could go for some of that hurgen right about now

>> No.16917569

It's usually eaten with potatoes.

>> No.16917582

America, obviously.

>> No.16917585

How much of a filthy peasant do you have to be to enjoy tripe?

>> No.16918609

I think it's mustard instead of cheez wiz.

>> No.16918754
File: 177 KB, 293x208, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You better not be talking shit about vegemite

>> No.16918844
File: 13 KB, 446x528, 1628106961298.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>oh no! he doesn't like third-worlder slop!
the horror. the culinary horror.

>> No.16918859

>I’m sorry the French think that beef tartare is the best thing you can do with meat
God you're such a fucking retard, shut the fuck up

>> No.16919822


>> No.16920125


>> No.16920129

God's not real

>> No.16920178


>> No.16920205
File: 337 KB, 2126x1242, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic related.

>> No.16920386


China. Actual Chinese food is repulsive, westernised Chinese is meh tier. Pretty much anything from south east Asia minus Thailand is disgusting as well

>> No.16920459

Ghana. Have you ever heard of a Ghanan restaurant in civilized countries? No.

>> No.16920547

The english breakfast is the fucking sampler platter of breakfasts.

It's like a sushi platter or a plate of hors d'ouvres as created by someone who's only cooking ability is "cook thing in grease till it gets black crunchy bits" and "open can of beans"

>> No.16920557

>be Texan
>freeze to death

Wait, is this too soon to be making fun of the Great Blizzard? I mean, you have to consider that for some of them it was only a week ago since they were thawed out like a fresh neanderthal pulled out of an arctic ice well.

>> No.16921883
File: 66 KB, 720x469, NapuaNHeen-musubi[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hawaiian cuisine is ok.

>> No.16921987

You seem to be the racist, as is very common with your types. I simply don't give a shit about your fucking nations and don't want to visit them.
If you want to call me racist for disagreeing with you then you must have been shillary supporters since that's the best that they can do.
Are you still seething in your closets because Trump beat your annointed one?

>> No.16922087

This. Africa(in general) is the worst hands down. I had to travel there a lot for business years ago. Been to many countries.. the main dishes are usually some sort of gruel/paste. The meats are disgusting and many times are actually spoiled so it's best to avoid anything with meat or fish. Pollution and lack of hygiene is a huge problem, like HUGE worse than any other place I've ever been. Even in places like central america they at least wash their hands and many times use bottled water to cook with. Africa was a whole different ball game. My coworker was in the hospital for two weeks after eating some gruel paste with a fried fish. I also recall seeing a food vendor in Nigeria walking 15 feet from his little stall, crouching behind a bush and taking a shit. Cleaned himself with some leaves then went right back to cooking.

>> No.16922112

>le finnish food is... bad!

Weird meme. Finnish food is perfectly fine because it's literally just potatoes and meat/fish. Worst thing you can say about it is that it's boring.
>but what about (insert meme food here)
Some medieval shit you dug up in a history book doesn't count I'm afraid.

>> No.16922123

Fish and chips I ate in London were delicious, however on the same trip, same city, I ate what was easily the worst pizza I have ever tasted in my whole life. I did not know you could fuck up a pizza that bad.
>looked like it was microwaved from the freezer
>toppings: cheese
>I had to separately go ask for oregano because this shithole restaurant didn't have oregano shakers at the tables like you're supposed to, they gave it to me on a PLATE, I am not making this shit up

I truly hope that joint is bankrupt. What a shithole.

>> No.16922130

>be texan
>can burn meat on fire
>be proud of it
I don't get it, even a literal uncooked Japanese sashimi requires finesse to make.

>> No.16922132


>> No.16922141

lol @ Europoors

>> No.16922150

>Fuck tribal germanic were rosting whole cows over a fire for a long ass time does that make them advanced culinary geniuses?
Actually, yes.

>> No.16922153

Your poor is showing.

>> No.16922154

>I had to separately go ask for oregano because this shithole restaurant didn't have oregano shakers at the tables like you're supposed to
Lmao, this pretty much says it all. You probably got served an authentic Italian style pizza for the first time in your life and couldn't handle it.

>> No.16922163

lmao that is terrible

>> No.16922259

How did SPAM become so popular with islander bros? It's the quintessential alcoholic uncle food everywhere else.

>> No.16922288


No. I got served authetic British pizza by authentic British Pakis. That shit looked like they sold me the cheapest frozen microwave pizza at a 900% markup. Their fucking menu sucked by the way, they only had like 6-7 options for toppings when even the dingiest kebab joint has 20-40 at a much higher overall quality and much lower price.

Btw I have eaten actual Italian pizza in Italy and while it was bad, it was nowhere near the trashfire they had there.

>> No.16922301

So let me get this straight. You went to London and chose to go to a pizza restaurant run by pakis, and somehow it's England's fault that some foreign shitskins cooked you a terrible pizza?

>> No.16922304

>foreign shitskins

They're British shitskins you bigot. 70% of London is hindus or pakis today, I literally saw one white guy with a Brit accent on my entire trip.

>> No.16922307

>'ove me tikka mssala
>'ove me poo contaminated curry

>> No.16922308

>pizza restaurant run by pakis
that's 90% of pizza restaurants in the UK

>> No.16922313
File: 7 KB, 228x221, download.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't remind me

>> No.16922319

I mean a paki place is fine if I just want a cheap greasy pizza. If I was going to a sit down restaurant I would never go to one run by brown people. Every Londoner knows the good pizza chains like Franco Manca which is easy to find anywhere in the city.

>> No.16923221

if you exclude Mexico you might as well exclude the American SW and California as thats all they have, also bbq was born in Mexico

>> No.16923409

>The Australian whites ended up just doing English food but worse
Yeh but this absence of native cuisine also resulted in average Australians being much more open to foreign foods. 30 years ago you could get greek yogurt and panko breadcrumbs at any supermarket.

>> No.16924232

Shipping fresh meat is expensive.

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