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i'm getting pepperoni and extra cheese, what else should i add

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For me, it's a matter of mood. With pepperoni I either get onions and mushrooms or onions and green peppers. Just depends on how I'm feeling at the time.

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>hot oil

The fuck?

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black olives, onions, and mushrooms

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i ended up getting
>extra cheese
>hot oil
thanks for your suggestions. i will try onions next time
it's very good

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sausage, green pepper, and onions is my usual order
spinach, anchovy, and cherry peppers is good
mushroom and green and/or black olive
gorgonzola, steak, and artichoke hearts might be good
any meat + pineapple and jalapeno

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>jalapenos + bacon
>pepperoni + mushrooms
>ham + pineapple
this is 95% of my pizza orders

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add pineapple to the second one. trust me.

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Clams, anchovies and mushrooms 80atd

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I will. And if it isn't good, I'll traceback your IP and slaughter your entire family without remorse. Thanks for the tip!

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okay good luck

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Black olives, anchovies, fresh tomato slices.

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clams anchovies and gorgonzola

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and more anchovies

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just a splash from the deep fryer ladled all over the pizza, very nice and succulent

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