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I dont get it. It literally all tastes the same. Sometimes i'll get a vague hint of an aftertaste but mostly it all tastes like alcohol. how do i actually start tasting all the various "notes"? or is it all a placebo

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Brush your teeth, faggot.

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If you think absinthe, vodka, tequila, and rum taste the same there might be something wrong with you.

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You probably burned out your palate on sugar and artificial flavorings. A good way to taste anything more, not just liquor, is to cut out soda and cheap candy from your diet and eat real food. Make your tongue remember there are flavors besides pow wow in your face fake ass grape and shit

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that means you have covid. hopefully you werent a magachud and got your free vaccine or else you will be dead very very soon.

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It's sweet alcohol they flavor to taste like caramel and toffee

Somehow soys think it is worth dedicating their life to

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yep the only alcohol that actually tasted good to me was some cheap beers after hard manual labour... everything else just disgusting.. most of all vodka.. which is actually my favorite alcohol because it gives you the effect but almost no hangover later (at least to me)

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If anyone calls scotch or whiskey in general sweet, I am scared of what they don't consider sweet. Is that nigger guzzling gasoline?

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I hope vaccine kills all you insufferable cunts

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>anything that tastes like anything else is artificial flavoring
Tastelet cope, oldest in the book

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You can just avoid a handover by eating or drinking water. it isn't rocket science unless you're a hard core alchoholic who'd need to drain a local lake to stay hydrated

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lel tastelet
look on the bright side, at least you can save money eating absolute garbage

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i hope you get raped by a wild pack of niggers

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The most important thing: take small sips, only enough to where it mixes with your saliva, or just barely enough to swallow anything. If you're taking big sips, the alcohol simply overpowers everything. Swish it around it your mouth or "chew" and you start getting the idea.
Use a glass that's appropriate for nosing/tasting, one that holds a relatively small volume, and has a smaller mouth so you don't get hit with alcohol when you go in. See pic. Compare sticking your face in a big tumbler full of whisky vs just sniffing the opening of the bottle, it's a huge difference.
It can help to let the drink sit in the glass for 10-30 minutes.
It can help to add a few drops of water, especially to higher proof whiskies.
Nosing is another aspect I've glossed over, but I think just learning to drink the stuff without wincing or burn is more important.

Also, should be obvious but it helps not to drink bottom shelf liquor if you're trying to appreciate taste.

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Alot of drinks young people drink are very sweet forward. For example vodka raspberry, Expresso Martini, rum&coke for example.
Drinks like greyhound, blood and sand, Intro into Aperol and clover club will play to the sweetness but add a complexity.

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I'm alive and well after two vaccines.

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>muh refined tastes

reddit thread

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Nice post

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this, also you can clear your taste with black coffee, without sugar or any sweetener.

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>how do i actually start tasting all the various "notes"? or is it all a placebo
A lot of it comes down to how you frame your mindset.
That "burning" sensation you get while drinking hard liquor can either be painful, or it can be a washing feeling that flows through your body.
It's fire water. Either it will hurt you or it will warm you.
If you can reframe your mindset around that, you'll start to understand really quickly what separates good whiskey from bad whiskey.

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It's malt.
Malt is sweet.

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I heard that coffee ruins your palate, from winefags I believe.

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If it has sugar it will leave an acid aftertaste, but bitter black coffee will delete any residual smell or taste.

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If you can't tell the difference between smoky and smooth whiskey your palate is broken. You're probably just drinking different brands of the same type. Pick up some bourbon, Islay and Speyside and see if you can't tell the difference.

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go eat some horse paste you faggot.

hopefully you die in a place that doesn't taint the water supply.

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stop buying garbage

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Just be a man and drink Tom Collins instead of drinking whiskey like a pretentious faggot.
>No hangover because you're not dehydrating your body and replenishing it with water, vitamins, sugars and antioxidants
>Can get so drunk you can't walk and still feel perfectly fine because you've not dehydrated your body to the point of death
>Undeniably delicious and refreshing
True alpha male alcoholics have a game plan.

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Are you retarded? Drink water alongside your liquor dumbass, and less sugar = better.

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"Yo. Give me two fingers of Black Bottle...
also may I have a glass of water, please?"

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>going to a bar and paying x4 price + tip for straight liquor

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Do not put ice in whiskey, you need to take small sips at room temperature. Putting ice in kills most of the flavour.

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>Do not put ice in whiskey, you need to take small sips at room temperature. Putting ice in kills most of the flavour.

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Seems like soyboy snake oil

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