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is there a single meal better than two fried eggs on a piece of toast?
didn't think so

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Two boiled eggs with toast

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eggs and cut up hotdogs

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Great yolk consistency anon.

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European flag, probably a kraut
100% American flag, shit eggs

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honestly, eggs are just the best food in general
not a europoor, guess again friendo

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Just over nine minutes @2600ft of elevation

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needs some cheese

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it's a swiss diamond

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>is there a single meal better than two fried eggs on a piece of toast?
Fried in lard no
Fried otherwise yes. See above

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4 eggs fried in butter on top of 2 pieces of toast.

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Don't forget balcony puke girl.

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omelet and toast

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Obviously 1 egg and 2 pieces of toast (a sandwich) is better

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That with bacon dumbarse

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>saved the thumbnail
>didn't save it as vomvom

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No, there are many.

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I have about 30 chickens and probably eat on average 3 eggs per day and I still love them. They can be used is so many ways. I never got bored of them. Perhaps one day I will, but so far I have not. I've gotten eating them scrambled but really, really loose. They make my wife gag because they look too jiggly. But I love em.

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>is there a single meal better than two fried eggs on a piece of toast?
>didn't think so
This thread has been blessed by the Surly King of the Egg Fort
Many double yolks will come your way
But only if you reply
"Thank you Egg King"

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three fried eggs with two english muffins

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3 eggs and bell peppers

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A 'mlette

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Why do I like this video so much?

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Thanks for joining us tonight, Laurie

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I want to see them all get smashed so bad.

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Take your meds, Alex

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whole soft boiled with a little sour cream and some breakfast meat, maybe sprinkle cheese if you feel like it. Eat it in a bowl.

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IS there a blander more jaw bone reducing meal than this?

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>surrounded by eggs on all sides
How does he get out of there?

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what makes you think he leaves?

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buttered toast

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Only one piece of toast?

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how long do eggs keep?

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>two eggs
>one slice of toast
thats not a meal but a small snack at most

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post body fat percentage

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scrambled eggs and bacon between two pieces of toast!

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fried egg and chips m8

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>Bleak toast
>Makes the yolk firm for an egg sandwhich

Are you B̶r̶i̶t̶i̶s̶h̶ English by any chance?

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Show me the egg and then we'll talk.

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how out no break eggs?

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no leave :(

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Redpill me on eggs. They taste bland as shit to me. I've had them boiled, I've had them scrambled, I've had them over easy. Ive had them in a hole, I've cooked them myself and I've ordered them from diners. Am I missing something? I see a lot of people in this thread being like "eggs goat" so what the fuck is so great about them?

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Spoilers: you don't have to eat them by themselves. Eggs for breakfast means they're going over tomato chutney and getting flavoured by high quality butter, light soy and sesame oil.

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Unique umami taste in runny yolk.
Love some over easy eggs over a bloody steak with salt and pepper on top
Cut through the eggs and the yolk and blood mix together

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Are you using salt, pepper and butter? That's enough for me to make them taste good honestly, but you can try a billion different things like >>16839007 said. Eggs are a staple of diets worldwide, so there's all kinds of cultural influences and tastes you can combine with eggs. Truly GOAT.

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