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What can you do with this besides putting in on spaghetti?

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You throw it away because all store-bought pesto is hot garbage.

>> No.16825103

Putting it on fusilli.

>> No.16825118

It's good when you are lazy. Just cook some spaghetti and mix it with it.

>> No.16825209

Use it as pizza sauce, goes well with goat cheese

>> No.16825223

I put little blobs of it on pizza, and spread it on bread for sandwiches

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cram it up your ass

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Put it on a turkey sandwich, shit's cash.

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>gatekeeping sauces
kill yourself foodcel

>> No.16825467

throw it into the trash and prepare your own red pesto that will btfo it a million times, you're welcome

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If your pesto is so good, anon, then how come I heard it sucks?

>> No.16825497

>how come I heard it sucks?
because some retard that bought it from a store told you so, aka, he's retarded

>> No.16825504

put it on a burger. genuinely the best burger sauce out there

>> No.16827003

add to your tomatoe sandwich

>> No.16827009

Goes well on sandwiches

>> No.16827011

Italian food is the biggest meme, there's literally no difference

>> No.16827018

give me that sundried tomato pesto mixed with fig jam topped with goat cheese and grilled chicken

>> No.16827059

Pizza sauce
Salad dressing
In sandwiches/ on toast

>> No.16827072

Toss plain salt and pepper sauteed chicken in it

>> No.16827094

Put it on dumpring

>> No.16827097

Put it on sandwiches. Put it on chicken before grilling it and after. It's good.

>> No.16827099

The only exception to this rule is Costco pesto

>> No.16827103

Put it on salmon. 400 degrees, 15 minutez

>> No.16827116

literally any kind of carb

>> No.16827147

there are a few decent jarred pestos, but they can be pretty expensive.
Barilla is not the worst I tried, but it's mediocre at best

>> No.16827426

I'd go through a liter of pesto a day if I could

>> No.16827488

>Buying globohomo barilla

Dropped them as soon as they put the fag flag on their boxes

>> No.16827912

Barilla used to be based until not so long ago, but then it succumbed to the globohomo pressure:

>> No.16827935

inna grilled cheese

>> No.16827946

based ass crammer

>> No.16827958

I'm with you anon, all those fools have never made fresh pesto. Basil is an extremely volatile aromatic, the difference between fresh and jarred is absolutely striking. Not quite as bad as fresh basil vs dried basil (which is truly worthless), but still a huge step down.

>> No.16827973

Grilled cheese with swiss and a bit of garlic powder, trust me.

>> No.16827996

I like to do a pasta salad with pesto, green peas, penne, and Parmesan cheese. Goes really well with bbq

>> No.16828015

Great on sandwiches, put it on the bottom slice of bread, layer the meat over that followed by the cheese. Then put your veg layer, put mayo on top bun. If you need oil and vinegar put those on veg prior to mayo top bun. Pesto on bottom layer enhances the taste of the meat as you chew.

>> No.16829051

I put some leftover homemade pesto on a pumpkin soup, it was alright

>> No.16829055

Not a grilled cheese then.

>> No.16829097

Use it to add flavour to chicken if you are doing a healthy meal prep

>> No.16829414

I was going to make some fresh pesto until I saw that pine nuts alone were twice the price of a jar of pesto

>> No.16829705

The pine nuts aren't really important, you can use walnuts or almonds and it tastes the same. Fresh basil, fresh garlic, and nice cheese and olive oil will make a big difference, though.

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Shut the fuck up you nigger

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I have been using it in place of a mustard or mayo on a sandwich. Spread it on the bread, put turkey and spinach on and wa la

>> No.16832831

>bottled sauces

>> No.16832847

>The pine nuts aren't really important,
how are you making fun of people for eating jarred pesto when you apparently have no tastebuds whatsoever? if you can't tell the difference between pesto with pine nuts and pesto with fucking ALMONDS for christ's sake, the only thing you must be tasting is a feeling of unwarranted superiority.

>> No.16832859

Either he has terminal Corona or it's a troll. I'd buy that the pine nuts could be replaced with something, but fucking almonds? That's a radical substitution.

>> No.16832873

I had an airline meal that was remarkably good, it was some kind of pesto-tomato sauce and chicken. Like Chicken Parm but with pesto tomato sauce.

>> No.16832905

back to plebbit

>> No.16832946

Yeah that's fair, you can taste the difference for sure, but I really don't think the pine nuts are central to the pesto's flavor. Almonds totally work, and the basil, garlic, parmesan, and olive oil are IMO stronger flavors in the final product than the pine nuts. I probably wouldn't do, like, peanuts - that'd be quite the departure - but then again I haven't tried it. I do variations on pesto pretty frequently, you can add mint, pepper, butter, lemon, different nuts (you can toast them too), go crazy. With a little trial and error it's really flexible, and the nuts are probably the most flexible part.

IMO what I want out of a pesto is the strong herbal / aromatic flavor and smell of basil, a noticeable hit of that raw garlic spiciness, and a foundation of parmesan (often pecorino romano too) and a really nice olive oil. Everything else can change.

>> No.16833879

Pesto gnocchi is fantastic

>> No.16833949

Toast, pesto, cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, black pepper.

>> No.16835897

That's a pesto toasty.

>> No.16835951

Looks based needs some fresh tomato

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