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Post your unpopular opinions here. Lets see how WRONG you really are /ck/

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Pizza is overrated

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Pizza is underrated

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Feta cheese is one of the best burger toppings, especially with a dash of balsamic

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Pizza is. simple as

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Picky eaters should be lined up against a wall and shot.

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with rubberband guns

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I think tofu is a great source of protein and the myths surrounding it are a joke to try and scare people away from seeking other viable sources of protein.

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In minecraft, of course.

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What myths? That it's tasteless? It is, but that is not a bad thing, you can flavor it yourself

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A bit drastic, but at the very least being a picky eater should be considered a sign of some kind of mental illness or impairment.

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ketchup is a good condiment

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The whole soiboi meme being heavily pushed here.

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It's not a myth. The only people who like tofu are women and pathetic weak men.

It's not that it has no taste and shitty texture that has to be supplemented with marination frying in oil(which doesn't help much), it can hardly be considered food, really.

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I wanted to like it. But, it was a failure. :(

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It's very much a myth. I have been eating tofu since 2013 and am in way better shape (weight and muscle) than I was before. Could this be achieved with meat? Of course it can. But to think it can turn you into the soiboi caricature just screams insecurity.

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effeminate men will always be effeminate, regardless of their diet.

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>But to think it can turn you into the soiboi caricature
Pretty sure the insituation is the other way around anon. That pathetic weak men avoid meat and eat shit like tofu. Not that it turns them into weak men.

Though there might be some feedback loop in there... a self-fullfilling prophecy if you will.

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This, correlation vs causation
Soy and veganism is absolutely correlated with soiboi beta faggots but that does not equal causation

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Any memebers of any race can cook another ethnicities dishes

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The tanginess of feta and balsamic could complement the Umami of the beef

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How is that controversial? Are you lost?

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Cheap generic lagers are perfectly serviceable to quench your thirst and get drunk.

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>alcohol/food pairings is random shit turned into conventions, not actual knowledge
>italian food is overrated because of gatekeeping
>food influencers are symptoms of cultural decay
feta/balscamico goes anywhere

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a quick search of vegan body builders led me to this individual, whose name is Nimai Delgado. cope and seethe my friends.

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to add to this, he has been vegitarian since birth, meaning he has never eaten meat in his life. he's recently became vegan though, in the past 4 or so years according to the article.

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Neither of us were disagreeing that they can be strong
Just that the correlation usually points to the opposite

Nice low reading comprehension and low IQ post though

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Nah, you just see what is readily presented to you. actually take the time to look into it and you'll see that you're wrong.

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I love shit like Rolling Rock or Heineken or Blue Moon with food
Overly strong IPAs and Stouts are a meal of their own

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Hold on a second, not to defend tofu but people like my father who can't eat a lot of meats anymore is trying to find an alternative. It's just how the human body gets over time. Some people have a rare illness to specific foods. I think that is the only real-time to say it's ok to eat things like Tofu

Because some faggots out there believe that only that culture can cook that food. I can cook some damn good fried rice based on some simple Asian recipes but people would say, "You're a white boy, you don't know how to Asian it up"

>alcohol and food
Do you count this as a wine and cheese situation or "this beer pairs well with a sirloin" situation?

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He's not remotely bad-looking but he needs more protein and carbs, look at his waist. He doesn't have a lot of muscle mass there.

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And you just can't read a simple post, got it
Geez up your tofu intake, you need some brain food

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I get enough Omega 3's in my diet, thank you for your concern though.

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Good, now workout and don't be cringey
Be the change you want to see in stereotypes

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Scrambled eggs are great with ketchup.
Cold fried chicken is good.
Potato wedges are the best form of cooked potatoes. Also good when eaten cold.
Oatmeal raisin cookies get too much hate.
Savory cakes and donuts should be more popular.
Dark meat > white meat.
Breakfast food should be served all day.

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do monkey brains count?

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Stop talking to me like you know me.

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You fucking BEANER

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So you're claiming this dude did all that on a vegan diet alone, and no performance enhancing drugs?

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>Posts a guy who's clearly juicing because he's insecure about a meme
C'mon man I know you were being cringey, that's for sure

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look into it yourself. he was vegetarian since birth.

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I've never had it tho. I have no idea if it's good but I'd never actually eat it, that is 1 thing I will "eat with my eyes" situation

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No shit, you have no reading comprehension
You could tell me he ate Bull Testicles and raw eggs every meal and Id still tell you he's physically a fraud
Go ask /fit/ and find out

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wow you sure are mad about something that you don't involve yourself with in your life. relax, calm down.

a quick search on the internet led me to this video.

wow you guys really can't handle the idea that tofu isn't bad, huh? how is that for "insecurity"? worrying that eating a food will turn you into a woman. if that's not insecurity, then what is?

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Nobody said tofu is bad that's why I'm so mad. Dealing with somebody who has the reading comprehension of an 8 year old is tiring

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yes, and yet here you are wasting your time frustrating yourself over an individual with an"8 year old" reading comprehension on the internet. move on and find something better to do with your time.

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Yeah because you're a fucking retard and should be ashamed. I am done in fact
Keep propping a man injecting himself with Elephant testosterone as a vegan

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lmao i already shared a video that'll lead you to more videos of him being interviewed where he clearly states he is not on steroids. wow you are quite delusional, aren't you? anyways, there's nothing left to say. i'll leave you alone now since you are clearly mad and i don't want to cause you to be any more mad than you already are. take care of yourself.

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I see your video included his drug test results!

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lol you are one of the most naive and gullible mother fuckers I have run across on here. Good luck in the tragedy that is going to be your life.

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cope, seethe and dial eight my friends. bye now.

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We're sorry, but you have selected an invalid key. Please try again.

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American food sucks lol

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Raisins are S-tier, they taste great on their own or with some nuts as a snack. They add great texture to baked goods like cookies, scones etc. Raisins are great with cereal or in oatmeal. They're so versatile and tasty and yet redditors who hate pineapple pizza and heckin love baconerino have made it their personality to shit on raisins for no reason.

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Potato chips, cheetos/cheezies, poptarts, little debbie snacks, butter tarts, and brownies belong in the freezer.

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i know about dessert snacks, but what do they do to chips?

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They freeze them. Retard.

>> No.16763896

in regards to why they belong in the freezer. you can put many things in the freezer, doesn't mean they belong there.

>> No.16763902

I think it prevents them from becoming stale. My parents did that when they would winterize their RV and we would have an ice cold bowl of chips for the new camping season.

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Based raisin lover. Consider soaking them in hot water to rehydrate them for baking.

>> No.16763909

interesting, i usually buy smaller sized bags in which i don't have to worry about them becoming stale.

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On the other hand, bread and bagels do not belong in the freezer. I don't know if this is actually unpopular or if my family is just weird, but they put bagels in the freezer and it always makes them freezer-flavored.

>> No.16763935

Well either
a) use a bag
b) wash that freezer ffs
c) combine a and b

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asian cuisine is mostly stir fry shit in wok

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Pork has a weird aftertase.

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Adam Ragusea is cool

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bread in freezer equals to a way longer shelf life.

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I put BEANS in my CHILI and yes incels, I AM A TEXAN

>> No.16764059

your TEXAN card has just been revoked

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beans on toast is hearty and delicious

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"Acquired taste" is literally just desensitization to gross food. Prove me wrong.

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you are not the same person you were as a child.

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Goat cheese belongs in the trash
Syrup belongs on eggs
Imitation crabmeat is the single greatest food ever invented
Pancakes and waffles are overrated
Alcohol and food together are overrated

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I hate cheese a lot, to the point where my favourite part of a quarter pounder is the edge of the burger where it's just the dry ass patty and bread.

I don't like bacon. I don't like french or italian food, either.

Crocodile meat is better than every other meat.

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pancakes are best served medium rare

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The last season of Daria was the best.

Daria finally got fleshed out as a person and got told off for being a stuck up bitch while everyone else around her was actually nice and friendly. If the series was to ever take its self seriously it needed to happen, rather than just be about a unconventional mary sue.

And that fat no name goth chick needs more r34

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Well done steak is the best

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>lmao i already shared a video that'll lead you to more videos of him being interviewed where he clearly states he is not on steroids
As an ex bodybuilder, I just want you to know you're a fucking retard. They all claim that - admitting it is career suicide. Anyone that knows jackshit about lifting can tell from a mile away who's natty and who's not.

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Nachos rules huhuhuhuhuh

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did you watch the video? he doesn't look roided up, at all. people tend to fast during photoshoots to make themselves look much more leaner so their muscles stick out more. stay mad like the other individual.

>> No.16764413

>he thinks memes are real life
You need to step away from the screen anon.

>> No.16764436

>he doesn't look roided up, at all
Whatever. Join a gym and lift weights for once in your faggot sheltered life, you'll quickly learn how retarded you are.

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Another individual talking to me like they know me. Go find something better to do with your time my man.

>> No.16764450

beans in chili
tomato in guac
green bell peppers are delicious and belong on pizza

>> No.16764452

Pizza is too much effort to make at home.

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I didn't cum

>> No.16764459

Checked, but unbased. You're defending a vegan bodybuilder and clearly know nothing about lifting yourself - that's all I need to know about you. f a g g o t

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>oh no, i'm unbased!

>> No.16764467

>guys he said he didn't roid so he's honest
You are like a little baby

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OP is straight

>> No.16764478

did you watch the video?

wow, who knew tofu could enrage so many people.

>> No.16764497

Ketchup is great with 90% of all cooked foods

>> No.16764513

No one's mad at tofu, they're mad at PED frauds. A vegan one at that - and rightfully so.

>> No.16764515

So i'm guessing that's a no.

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I want to heem you so bad, as a joke.

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He didn't actually say he didn't use steroids in that video.

>> No.16764559

If this discussion is throwing you into a fit of anger, you probably should take a break from here and go do something that makes you happy. I'm not even joking, you shouldn't be getting like this over a discussion.

The title is literally called
"Why I don't use steroids". It wouldn't be stated as
>why I
if it wasn't a direct quote. it'd be stated as
>why (insert name) doesn't use steroids.

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>> No.16764639

With 10 000 different supplements ofc

>> No.16764668

did you watch the video?

>> No.16764688

Oh you like jokes? Here's a joke bitch
*heems you dead*

>> No.16764699

Dude looks like he could fall apart any moment

>> No.16764704

seems like a normal individual to me. why is everyone hating on him?

>> No.16764707

Guaranteed small dick, dick size is genetics and nutrition during childhood into puberty

>> No.16764711

and why is that of anyones concern, let alone you or me? you sound like all the other haters here. does it really bother you that a vegan body builder exists that doesn't take steroids?

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Mayo and peanut butter sandwiches are better than PB&J

>> No.16764719

i can see how that'd work. which mayo do you use? i feel like miracle whip would work best.

>> No.16764721

Looks like I ruffled the feathers on this pigeon boy over here

>> No.16764727

not at all, it intrigues me how much hostility this body builder has managed to draw into this thread.

>> No.16764736

Good opinion

>> No.16764744

Hellman’s Mayo and Jiff crunchy

>> No.16764750

hellman's is quite tangy so it makes sense. i gotta try that sometime, peanut butter and mayo. different brands. have you ever tried a grilled cheese with peanut butter? it's delicious.

>> No.16764783

Simple, filling, nutritious meals with an umami and savoury taste are as good as food gets.


Just give me a steak with cheese, grilled veggies and some buttered buns, all condimented with Jamaican pepper only because added salt is unhealthy.

>> No.16764787

Women caanot cook

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File: 1.18 MB, 300x168, mousasi.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16764837

Holy fuck you're a retard, why would you brag about being so damn stupid?

>> No.16764886

Boiling meat can be just as good if not better than grilling, baking or frying meat.
It's only because of classism, and wasteful modern sensibilities favouring only certain cuts of meat, that it's seen as repugnant.

>> No.16764893


I think all pizza is great, even pineapple, but i strongly dislike cheese pizza. Even as a kid i wouldn't want to eat cheese pizza. Sure, every pizza base has cheese as the base ingredient, but when I eat a plain cheese pizza, it feels so sad and flavorless.

I remember my mom accidentally ordered a half cheese / half meat pizza online, and when it arrived, me and my brother were so upset about it and she kept apologizing because she also hates cheese pizza. My mom even hates pepperoni pizza because it's too bland for her. She only likes meat lovers or triple meat, etc.

>> No.16765054

Well explain to me why gooks, chinks, and islande chinks aren't godless cum-guzzling fatherfuckers? They eat and guzzle soy products everyday y'know.

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File: 121 KB, 805x796, f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're also 5'6'' on average and have small dicks. What point did you just try to make?

>> No.16765087

I can't cook what I don't like to eat, I have zero motivation for it, but I can eat what people cook me that I don't like using the water method.

Thus I need a wife to eat healthy

>> No.16765092

Most foods that have melted cheese would be superior without it

>> No.16765096

Huh... You're kinda right on that, most gooks and chinks I met are literal DYELs and nobody knows how to lift or get healthier. All they do is spend $100 on some dumb chink "exercise machine" where they just spinny spin on a fucking wheel with some infrared "accupressure" bullshit, and $0 on a dumbbell.
Touche anon, touche.

>> No.16765105

This. I find most inexpensive wines to be almost undrinkable, but even the cheapest lager is always at least ok if served cold

>> No.16765116

Only asian I knew that got big was a genetic freak by their standards, he was 5'11'' (same height as me, only 1" taller than the average white) and strong as fuck - dude had gigantic calf muscles as well. He's chinese but I'm starting to think he may be Mongolian and he just doesn't know it. Because AFAIK they're the only asians that are the same as huwhites and blacks when it comes to height, weight and muscle distribution.

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Most Chinese food is bland and tasteless..

>> No.16765189

Coz their mother's a dumb yuppie, their boyfriend's a faggot, and their dad's fucking gone, unfortunately.

>> No.16765203

>Most foods that have melted cheese would be superior without it

true, i can't eat a hamburger if it doesn't have cheese in it. the cheese provides a much stronger flavorprofile.

>> No.16765215

onions are disgusting and i am not ashamed to pick them out of my meals in public or even in someone else's home.

>> No.16765322

thats a belief i held as a child but then i grew out of it. i believe if someone is picking out tomatoes, pickles, or onions out of their food, then they are still acting as their child self. personally i love whole pickles but i dislike sliced pickles on my burgers or sandwiches. i think its dumb because your teeth pull out the whole pickle in one bite.

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File: 9 KB, 262x68, Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 11.10.16 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now this here is a based ass nigga. Also wtf happened in this thread OP stop talking to yourself

>> No.16765347

Careful. If you don't eat bugs you'll soon be considered a picky eater.

>> No.16765352

This guy has pretty big arms for a nip and his entire channel is devoted to making chocolate desserts, so idk how he stays fit.

>> No.16765467

its normal for your body to react adversely to things youve never eaten before, especially if you already assume its going to be bad based on appearance or where it comes from

>> No.16765471

savoury and umami do not imply the same tastes, and hardly anyone actually used either term so its of little importance anyway

>> No.16765511

>"Acquired taste" is literally just desensitization to gross food.

i agree with your sentiment, but i also would express that accepting gross food tastes is a normal phenomenon. similar how they say alcohol is an acquired taste, because of course its gross, but you learn to like it because you enjoy the effects

>> No.16765637

Mayonnaise is the devil’s semen

>> No.16765652

I would not be surprised seeing this guy's mugshot associated with a murder.

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>> No.16765879

I do enjoy it. I have all of Daria on my phone

actually I am.

>> No.16765887

No he didn't. And the whole video is him being butthurt and defensive about people (rightly) calling him a fraud.

>> No.16765912

Why does a comedy have to take itself seriously? Daria turned to crap the moment she got a bf.

>> No.16766034

If you don't own a sous vide machine I guarantee that your cooking is trash.

>> No.16766172

Bullshit, sous vide is great but not every type of food benefits from prepared sous vide. Sous vide can't help you make a stir fry for example. Someone who specializes in Chinese or Thai cooking would see almost no point in using an immersion circulator.

>> No.16766305

>should be considered a sign of some kind of mental illness or impairment.
fuck no
last thing we need is the cunts getting special treatment like fuckin trannies and gays.

>> No.16766311

when I was in greece I would just order feta/olive oil/origano

>> No.16766745

Seething poop eaters.

>> No.16766752

oh, so now there's something wrong with eating poop?!

>> No.16766756

>actually I am.
We all know you enjoyed getting molested by your uncle you faggot. Now go back to grindr you gigantic homosexual.

>> No.16766759

Post hands

>> No.16766767

No, it's just an acquired taste really. You'd have to be an actual child to turn your nose up at a nice fat log of shit on your plate.

>> No.16766773

>last thing we need is the cunts getting special treatment like fuckin trannies and gays.
Neither of those are considered a mental illness anymore. Psychology is more of a political movement than a science at this point, it's really sad.

>> No.16766901

pesto pizza is better than tomato sauce pizza

>> No.16767047

Why are you so angry anon? Wanna talk about it? Who hurt you?
Also, I was saying that I was straight.

>> No.16767080

I hate any pasta with red sauce

I'm an Alfredo fatty

>> No.16767083

Dude screams child predator / slave runner

>> No.16767091
File: 1.31 MB, 2400x1200, cilantro-tasting-bad-today-main-200310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate cilantro it smells like stink bug

>> No.16767114

Mexican food is extremely overrated
German food is extremely underrated (and is in my top 5 national cuisines, I am a sucker for sausage, schnitzel, pretzels, etc.)
Cities like New Orleans and Charleston have the best food in the USA

>> No.16767172

checked,I was amd until I read your whole post. how do you feel about pickle spreads on sandwiches?

>> No.16767178

*about to get mad, I'm a bit drunk sorry

>> No.16767205

Spaghetti are trash

>> No.16767220

you am trash

>> No.16767221

nice inferior genes fag cilantro is the best

>> No.16767285

Bumstead doesn't claim natty, you dumbass

>> No.16767287

Make some proper carmelized onions at home and I guarantee you’ll reconsider. That shit is basically vegetable candy.

>> No.16767291

I think I'll try this, thanks

>> No.16767295

I don't care that people pick stuff out of their meal, at least they're not asking I don't put it in

>> No.16767305

No one should eat polony/spam/pink too products outside of wartime

>> No.16767312

Spam is literally like 4 ingredients man. Nothing in it that's bad for it

>> No.16767412

Someone cross reference this guy's place of birth and general conception date with Metallica concerts, Lars might have some 'splainin to do

>> No.16767947

this is why you are a lonely loser anon, it's the retardation

>> No.16767961

Be nice to him anon! He can't help that he has to wear a football helmet on the bus! It keeps him from licking it and hitting his head against it.

>> No.16767985

xD lmao put me in the screencap

>> No.16768009

check /r/4chan :^)

>> No.16768018

fuck, i was a junior in highschool when daria came out i wanted to fuck her so bad

>> No.16768041

I wanna fuck Jane more. I see Daria as the type of girl that gives lazy blowjobs while Jane at least would do anal and make a joke about accidentally shitting on your dick (hot)

>> No.16768047

>Cold fried chicken is good.
>Also good when eaten cold.
>Savory cakes
you mean like cornbread?
He has a good niche with his food journalism.

>> No.16768051

tempeh can be pretty decent

>> No.16768067

pecorino > parmigiana

>> No.16768070

Frozen fish is as good as fresh*

*except if you live next to the ocean

>> No.16768082

or a really good river. I live really close to Lake Laneir in GA here, we get some nice fish from there sometimes.

>> No.16768129

It is a mental illness. Maybe not among Americans, but among normal human beings.

>> No.16768148

Last 2 GFs I had were.
I had a GF that wouldn't eat a single green thing and then bitched about how she would get constipated... GEE I WONDER...

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>> No.16768154

fucking someone as inexperienced and awkward as daria, she’d get addicted to your cock and then you could do anything you wanted with her
you could get other guys to pay you to fuck her while you watched, totally degrade her and string her along because she doesn’t know any other way
she’d never leave or mouth off to you and become absolutely submissive and obsessed with you all the while becoming a shell of a human being

>> No.16768162

Enjoy your freedom to only eat chicken tenders while still being considered normal in your country.

>> No.16768202
File: 44 KB, 620x413, GettyImages-1279734279-24aade8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks, I will enjoy easy access to varied, delicious, high quality foods and cuisines from all over the world. That's very kind of you, I wish the same for you one day, buddy!

>> No.16768297

I'm no cuck. I respect it if it's your fetish. I'm more of a watersports and scat guy.

>> No.16768502

>steak dinners are overrated
turkey dinner is better and there are plenty of superior ways to enjoy beef
>banana is gross
cant stand em, they are only ever edible for a short window of time
>canned pasta products are disgusting
lot of better things you can eat than spaghetti-os if you are poor
>extra cheese on pizza is unnecessary
spend that money on other toppings you fat faggots
>fried chicken on the bone is boring and a nuisance to eat
better in sandwich form

>> No.16769156


>> No.16769246

Unpopular opinion threads are garbage.

>> No.16769394

people only drink whisky, beer, whine, and coffee because there is a drug in it, and not because of the taste.

picky eaters have a highly developed sense of taste and smell. not liking food others like is perfectly fine.

>> No.16769407

It's not tasteless at all. I think it faintly tastes of some savory sweet pastry thing

>> No.16769409

My nigga!
I'm bored of all food tasting like cumin and peppers. Bratwurst is the ideal convenient protein and mustard is the best condiment by far.

>> No.16769429

beans are disgusting

>> No.16769437

watch out there's an anti-soi brigade on here that'll tear your head off your neck for saying something like that.

>> No.16769444

>picky eaters have a highly developed sense of taste and smell.
lmao bullshit. They will only eat chicken nuggies or chicken breast or spaghetti sauce or cheese pizza or potato chips/fries. They're pussies who only eat the blandest food. It has nothing to do with taste though. They're just childish.

>> No.16769476

Most food is legitimately better cold than it was hot, with few exceptions.

>> No.16769503

I think cilantro smells like stinkbug AND i like cilantro. checkmate, stinkbugs

>> No.16769547

That sounds more like pimping than cuckoldry.

>> No.16769563

Came to post >>16769444
They're the people whose tastes never developed past childhood and will refuse to even try something they encountered past the age of 10. You can trick them into eating something new and even when they rave about it will retroactively say they hate it once you tell them what it was

>> No.16769728

Stop eating shitty Mexican food

>> No.16770020

Cane's is shilled constantly, because it isn't that good and needs a boost.

>> No.16770032

>alcohol/food pairings is random shit turned into conventions, not actual knowledge
would agree but would also argue that alcohol stimulates appetite and being drunk makes food taste better in general.

>> No.16770038

That's not controversial at all

>> No.16770974

Let me guess, Canadian?

>> No.16771013

>those veins
He's on a 300% amount of roids.

>> No.16771038

Like every bodybuilding poser faggot

>> No.16771119

a reasonably sized piece of bread is the only carb and meal needs.
as nice as they can be I don't see the point of staples like rice/pasta/potatoes/etc 95% of the time

>> No.16771268

steroids are animal products, numbnuts.

>> No.16771281

Unpopular opinions are just commonly held opinions that people want to feel special for holding.
More importantly. Most aren't actually an opinion and instead a personal preference. Saying you don't like something isn't an opinion.

>> No.16771308

I don't want to be as mean about it anon, but he's absolutely using some PEDs, that size with such a low % body fat, not to mention the proportions of his physique is very indicative that he's enhanced.
I imagine it's a lie of omission, as "steroids" is a really broad term
That rapid loss of gains is also a common sign of juicing anon, the fact that he looks so much smaller and softer in the interview is really just more evidence against his claims, natural gains stick around a lot longer than fraudulent ones
I'm not trying to be a dick about it, but you're out of your mind if you think he looks like that without any help from chemistry

>> No.16771320
File: 13 KB, 470x313, giorgio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my man

>> No.16771458

Onions ruin every single thing they're put into, doesn't matter if it's cooked, how it's cooked, what other flavors it's paired to, their smell, flavor, texture and color always ruin it
French fries are boring
Authentic italian food is a meme

>> No.16771467

ESL-kun that's literally what an opinion is. Preferences ARE opinions, they're literally synonyms.

>> No.16771482

American. And yes, I have been to both Mexico and Germany multiple times

>> No.16771484

>I don;t like thing is an opinion
okay ESL

>> No.16771486

I love the taste of beer, I wouldn't mind drinking non-alcoholic beers but it's not my preference obviously

>> No.16771491

are you mentally handicapped?

>> No.16771495

Are you?

>> No.16771517

What's the water method

>> No.16771603

filet mignon is overrated as hell. The shoulders are the best cut

>> No.16771713

There's nothing wrong with IPAs as a beer style. People always go "eww they're so yucky and bitter" but the simple ones without a bunch of bullshit flavors added are nice. like Bell's two-hearted ale.

>> No.16771818

i like both german and mexican food, the problem with mexican food is that everyone with enough money to buy a shitty food truck in the US thinks their food is "authentic". It never is, just random cuts of beef seasoned with whatever seems cool.

>> No.16771846

the worst parts of tofu is taste and texture and fuck those retards who say it doesnt have a taste it has a very distinctive taste no matter what you add into it.

>> No.16771857

tofu just kind of sucks in general, i'd rather just eat beans or any vegetable at all

>> No.16771886

>you mean like cornbread?
no i think he means like this https://snippetsofparis.com/savory-cake/

>> No.16771901

raisins are shit, sultanas are S-tier.

>> No.16771906

Lemon & coffee gelato are a delicious combo

>> No.16771919

I like plain tofu

>> No.16772074

Well I mean if you train your brain to like the taste of something, it's not really gross to you anymore so what does it matter?

>> No.16772106

but only if the feta is folded into the burger patty and cooked in it. I cant imagine adding it as a topping after the fact.

>> No.16772110

Steak Sauce is superior to ketchup in every way

>> No.16772243

I'm gon piggy back off of this cause I agree, but also taco sauce is also superior to ketchup in every way

>> No.16772251

the best fucking coffee on the planet is that from-concentrate stuff that's free at the casino. Any other coffee is just some bullshit we're all pretending to like.

>> No.16772252

What a shit life

>> No.16772388

variety you dumb fuck

>> No.16772421

this but i have my own spin on it. cheap black coffee is best and adding all kinds of shit to it is a waste of time and money, you don't drink coffee for fun, you drink it for the effects of waking the fuck up or clearing out your bowels if you're one of the people that coffee does that to.

>> No.16772430


Right, and every time somebody recommends a coffee shop to me, guess what: it tastes exactly like every coffee shop that's been recommended to me. Cheaper is better, it's just supposed to taste like coffee.

>> No.16772433

Anyone who is into coffee makes their own.
Starbucks is for people who want sugary drinks

>> No.16772512

different forms of empty carbs =/= 'variety'

>> No.16772544

Pumpkin spice frappes are amazing. On the inside, I'm a basic bitch with coffee

>> No.16772597

>green bell peppers are delicious and belong on pizza
Is this an unpopular opinion?

>> No.16772878

Women can actually cook as well as average men once properly trained.

>> No.16773122

Um, yes it does?

>> No.16773141

I only like clear liquors

>> No.16773176

Fluoride is a communist plot to sorrupt our precious bodily fluids

>> No.16773182

Purity of Essence

>> No.16773252

there's a certain level of excitement assigned to the experience of eating that it really does not live up to
>omg this food was incredible
no it really wasn't, even gormet stuff. You got a few endorphins fired when your brain sensed the umami and fat, beyond that diminishing returns. I'll use a food analogy to describe food, compared to other activities it's like eating popcorn. steady stream of mild endorphins.

>> No.16773499

did you watch the video?

>> No.16773505

>he was vegetarian since birth.
that's kinda fucked up desu

also, was?

>> No.16773611

wrong they eat "bland" foods because other foods overwhelm their sense of taste and smell. dipshit.

because there is not alcohol and this no reason to drink it. you proved my point.

>> No.16773617

>They're the people whose tastes never developed past childhood
correct they still have very sensitive taste and smell well in to adulthood unlike normies who have little taste or smell and it gets worse as they age.

>> No.16773851

pizza is a child's food.

>> No.16773857

grow up tendie boy

>> No.16773872

You're literally just parroting stuff that "man bacon" guys say. Tofu is superior to meat in several dishes.

>> No.16774025

Bobby Flay sucks donkey dicks.

>> No.16774029

Guy Fieri sucks Bobby Flays dick

>> No.16774031

Giada de Laurentis doesnt suck anyones dick

>> No.16774038

The only good thing on the Five Guys menu is their hotdogs with extra seasoned cajun fries. Also, both Five Guys and In-N-Out are garbage.

>> No.16774832

>I've never had gourmet pizza
and it shows

>> No.16775226

The only good nachos are the ones from taco bell with that fake liquid cheese sauce. Regular nachos made with real cheese suck donkey balls.

>> No.16775229


>cook a steak, any steak
>slice it thin
>place it on top of a bowl of plain rice
>pour the juices from the pan into the bowl

literally the best food has to offer.

>> No.16775233

Sushi si overrated and almost any other aspect of Japanese cuisine is superior.

>> No.16775235

You're eating your meals too fast. Try to savor each bite and really pick out all the subtle nuances of the flavors.

>> No.16775256

What're some of your favorites? All this talk about it has me wanting to give it another try

>> No.16775296

did you read my post?

>> No.16775305

People that like everything without exceptions and have no preferences or likes or dislikes have absolutely no taste, no class, no culture, and notice no difference in quality from good food vs a piece of shit on the floor. They are so careless in their reckless and complete disrespect and disregard for any sense of quality. Their most paradoxical feature is their immeasurable inability to hold in their hearts any standards or principles other than their unconditional hatred of other people who will not stoop to their level of culinary incompetence and utter abhorrence of the human spirit.

For these people who hate "picky eaters" or just normal human beings with their own preferences, it doesn't matter how much the meal is, or the size of the meal or the amount of time or money that goes into the preparation of it, or what it's made out of, or the quality of the ingredients. They don't care about any details in any way, shape, or form. The only thing that matters is the singular soulless purpose, which is to fill their bellies with shit. They grin with their teeth full of brindle muck and breath of manure, an exclaim their own superiority, demanding supreme worship, for they are the false gods of a gingerbread kingdom built of brick-shit houses.

>> No.16775308

I dare speak that I am a human being with a soul and red blood pumping through my heart, and I declare that I enjoy foods that differ from their neglectful, thoughtless, and mindless laxity and abandonment of the spark of life within themselves and immediately receive bitter petty pretentious frowns of hypocritical disgust and disapproval. We are surrounded by such puerile idiots. All around us, you will find the same sort of ignorant and pretentious people who look down their noses at others who are not like them. They believe that other people's lives should be made up of mindless, brainless, and stupid activities. They do not wish to see others enjoying things. It would be an abomination in their eyes. When they speak, the very air is vibrated with negative thinking. It is not so much as a thought in their minds. It is a negative, negative, negative thought that seeps out of their mouths like a thick black fog. It is the smell of the sewer that creeps in under their skin and crawls up their noses.

To all the intellectuals, sheep, those that disrespect the individual, those that hate freedom, those that hate the soul, those that hate God

WE WILL MAKE OUR FOOD HOWEVER WE WANT. Call us picky, we embrace this. WE PICK. WE CHOOSE. WE ARE ALIVE. You are an NPC without self guidance and self reflection. You are not picky, because you are incapable of choice. You choose to cast off your soul into the garbage heap by refusing to choose foods that make you happy, and you hate those who choose to eat good food because they embrace their souls and love the parts of them that you hate of yourself. Seek mental and religious help, and desist insulting those with food opinions.

I am Not a doctor. Ask your doctor before doing anything.

>> No.16775314

>Different textures and flavours =/= variety
Are you ok?

>> No.16775315

tl;dr fag

>> No.16775320

IF you can not will yourself to spend a simple 3 minutes and 22 seconds reading my two very short and concise posts then you are likely incapable of caring enough about what is said within them.

>> No.16775425

Blanching it gets rid of the grassy taste.

>> No.16775430

>fights on grass
>head lands on strip of concrete


>> No.16775432

Raw meat is superior to cooked meat.

>> No.16775433

sucks to be you i guess

>> No.16775450


>> No.16775459

>French fries has entered the chat

>> No.16776200

vegan now, according to his testimony.

>> No.16776540

same thing

>> No.16777540

youre so fucking pathetic

>> No.16777549

based. raisins are great pleb filters

>> No.16777558

I love ketchup but comon wtf are you talking about xd

>> No.16777563

NTA but thank you for the tip

>> No.16777564

I have no idea what issue people have with raisins. Too dry? Just re-hydrate them, preferably in warm rum.

>> No.16777567

Holy based

>> No.16777736

this is a man that eats his steak with ketchup

>> No.16777800

Being a picky eater is a good thing, if you eat everything it just means you have no taste or standards.

>> No.16777931

oh my goodness

>> No.16777963

Yes and no, I think there are levels of a picky eater. You should know the difference between raw and good

>> No.16778161
File: 2.52 MB, 300x203, 1439453271309.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Room temperature drinks are completely fine. Water, beer, soda or literally anything that tastes good cold still tastes good warm.

>> No.16778299

almost near frozen coke is awesome.

>> No.16778306

Nothing has ever been more wrong than this

>> No.16778367

based but i disagree with you on bananas

>> No.16779017

bananas suck mang, the only good ones are fried plantains.

>> No.16779082

I read pickle eaters and I wondered how a man can be so mad

>> No.16779149

If you consider your taste as a 1-2 year old child, you would basically hate almost every food available to you if you hadn't acquired a taste.

>> No.16780161

There's the "I prefer to not eat x" picky eater and the "I absolutely will/can not eat x". The former is fine, the latter is childish. Allergies don't count of course.

>> No.16780242

Pork sucks

>> No.16780247

Olives and olive oil are fucking disgusting

>> No.16780291


>> No.16780301
File: 65 KB, 1200x1200, how-to-cut-an-avocado-12-1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Avocado tastes like grass, dirt and cardboard and has a repulsive texture. The only reason zoomers crave it is because they're vitamin and mineral deficient from an otherwise unhealthy diet.

>> No.16780517

chicks with FAS are hot af

>> No.16780579
File: 488 KB, 1200x1812, carbonara-ala-anon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A culinary recipe can not belong to a culture. Fuck you, Italians.

>> No.16781020

This opinion is common, and usually held by people who have only eaten dry, overcooked pork. Not that you can't like nicely cooked pork, just a common thing I've noticed.

>> No.16781024

/cock/ ruined this board

>> No.16781074

Most people with food allergies (especially gluten) dont really have intolerances but are attention seeking snowflakes.

Also french cuisine is highly overrated

>> No.16781111

That's just wildly untrue. The occasional tofu dish at an Indian or Thai restaurant is fuckin great. Tofu is good if you know how to cook, you're just cucked into thinking "MUH MEET" is what makes you manly, go develop some tastebuds and a personality while you're at it.

>> No.16781147

Tea and coffee suck.

>> No.16781196

Mine is that horse semen is the perfect condiment. Pizza, bagels, and even pizza bagels, it goes good on all 3 foods I eat!

>> No.16781424


>> No.16781428

Also tripfags

>> No.16781436

>gluten = attention
I don't know if I have a gluten allergy or something else but everything I eat lately gives me diahrea and I don't know why.

>I don't know what good tea tastes like
Try earl Grey

yeah fuck them!

have you tried elephant cum?

>> No.16781623
File: 580 KB, 623x620, absolutely disgusting baby.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

test test

ahem. fuck jannitors

>> No.16782152

Was going to say this, but also I feel the same way about coconuts. Coconuts and coconut "Dairy alternative" products are nauseating, only coconut oil is good.
All other dairy alternatives are processed, tasteless garbage and veganism should be abolished

>> No.16782324

Nah you're just a low T faggot