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are 40oz gas station beer the ultimate alchie beverage, sure chugging vodka is fun buts its not realistic unlike chugging 40s

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>buts its not realistic unlike chugging 40s
Hard liquor is the only way to get drunk without pissing a gallon an hour.

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They don't sell 40s around me, only corona 32oz or sierra nevada 24oz etc is the largest. To find 40s you have to drive 30 mins to the diversified cities during broad daylight to find them.

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same. I sometimes pick up a 40 when I visit tennessee, but 40s aren't sold in AL because it makes jesus weep

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Sure, if they have steelies or something of that sort. Drinking a 40 oz of pbr or miller is retarded though.

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malt liquor s cheaper and more convenient

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Vodka is so easy to chug. Pour it into a glass and add sugar if you can't stand it but just stop being a fag

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ok, unrelated how do i tell my best frined i love her (they)

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>more convenient
>Being bloated and pissing every half hour is "convenient"

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>how do i tell my best frined i love her (they)
Just blurt it out at an awkward moment, ideally in front of other people.

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Malt liquor is not beer. Stop fucking calling it beer

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You can buy them in like every 7/11. Not everywhere has vodka.

best part of a 40 is when you drink it you can just fill it back up with your piss and hide it under your bed so your mom doesnt know you are drinking, and hiding pee pee under your bed

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walking to the petrolstation gona grab some more 40s

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>Not everywhere has vodka.
>I can't shop more than 24 hours in advance.

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>I can't shop more than 24 hours in advance.
Yes, when you are drinking malt liquor all day. what am I going to do, get in my car and start driving around drunk? Actually sounds fun, think I'll go for a little ride around town right now! Thanks for the great idea anon!

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>planning in advance
yea your not and alchie

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I kind of want some Burger King lads, what should I get?

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Just order it faggot lol

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rodeo whopper. or smokehouse whopper. whatever the fuck its called

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>chugging vodka is fun buts its not realistic

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>paying for liquor to get delivered when you can walk to a 7/11
you retarded? those fees can buy another 40

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boughta fix another bev lads, tthink illlllllll pour agin & toinic

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the fees can literally be waivered you fucking retard theres a fucking voucher option on the checkout

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Do you guys have messy rooms like this guy?

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i have a messy conscious, my room is temporal

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what the fuck are you talking about. i thought you are talking about ubereats or some shit. you will have to explain to me what the fuck you are talking about

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>framed poster
>mattress on floor

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you have not take the red pilllll yet, youre still living for something

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See that lil guy on the far right over there? The Mexican that doesn't belong? Its bothering me in more ways than one, it's not even a 40oz that bottle neck is a 32oz why is this here?

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first off carta blanca is on the left, second blame jewgle

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Yes but I'd put night train and t-bird on a higher level of "alchy drinks"

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I'll go for the Evan Williams on the mid right.

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>tfw severe vodka alcoholic for 10+ years
>tfw when have life together but relapsed only 10 days ago, a fifth a day
>bleeding out asshole again
>shit is gray
It's like my liver never recovered, bros. I was clean for 6 months and have only been drinking again for 10 days. Already bleeding out my ass again and hallucinating. Not sure what's going on

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... oops mid left, I blame it on the dog.

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Fair. Don't want Jesus to be feeling blue, he's such a good dude.

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BANGING to the black eyed peas,
T. zoomer born in 98 and i wAnna go back

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I hope you feel better. I was chugging vodka for about 5 years but I've been sober 3 weeks now. I've relapsed like 4 times but I'm trying. Late night snacks and good sleep is my new addiction, I hope.

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I'm feeling far better in the grand scheme of things. It's just disheartening how even a bit of fun turns into this bullshit. For people like us I guess the best thing to do is abstain. I'm only speaking for myself, but every time I have a half pint, it leads to my old habit of a fifth a day extremely quickly, and withdrawal comes on fast. I wish you the best bro. It gets better, but fuck me if it isnt hard as hell.

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keep chugingg

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we al fuckikng die

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The warm fuzzy feeling never happens anymore. I go from half pint to pint to fifth a day and lose my appetite and get sick. It's not fun anymore.

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Are you hallucinating while drinking, or in between drinking? If while drunk, that's somerthing I've never heard of

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Same with me. I'll say to hell with food after the second day of hard drinking. From then on, its hell until I ween off or go to a detox. I'm not trying to lose a good job this time around though, so trying to taper currently.
The most hardcore hallucinations happen when weening off. Fuck cold Turkey, I've had true dts three times. Recently, I've been getting fucked up hallucinations while drinking, but they are pretty mild. Just shit out of the corner of my eye or pretty vivid audio hallucination, which I've learned not to take as seriously. Stuff like opera music playing in the background or hearing my mom cry as i go about my day to day life. I can deal with that. Once again, this is likely only happening because I'm tapering, (though I'm still pretty drunk throughout my tapers).

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>The most hardcore hallucinations happen when weening off. Fuck cold Turkey, I've had true dts three times. Recently, I've been getting fucked up hallucinations while drinking, but they are pretty mild. Just shit out of the corner of my eye or pretty vivid audio hallucination, which I've learned not to take as seriously. Stuff like opera music playing in the background or hearing my mom cry as i go about my day to day life. I can deal with that. Once again, this is likely only happening because I'm tapering, (though I'm still pretty drunk throughout my tapers).

Interesting. I don't think I've had hallucinations while drunk. I usually get them the next morning and afternoon before I drink heavily again in the evening. I usually hear doors slamming or my name being called, and visually, I see what I think are spiders out of the corner of my eye. The spiders are by far, the most common and vivid hallucination for me

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why don't alcoholics just make their own alcohol
it's not that hard

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Dude. go to the ER and get back off that ride.

7 days sober again after another 7 day bender, I've been so fucking good this year before this last month

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Homebrewing is probably a good part of what brought me to alcoholism. It was a hobby to try to fit in, and theres just too much in a batch of beer

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If I had that sort f willpower I wouldn't be an alcoholic

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What % is that stuff? Even that Polish 10% stuff we can get here is less efficient than spirits

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>risking running out of alcohol
You've been drinking for a year, max. I pre-buy whisky a crate at a time

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Between 6 and 9% ABV apparently

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Fermentation takes 3+ weeks

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Where can I find the video of pic related? I forget what to search

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unironically i think playing too much destiny 2 broke the addiction synapse in my brain. i got tired of bungle's shit and shortly after that i was finally able to stop drinking nearly everyday and drop weed like a rock

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who else here buys 40zs by the case?

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>Alcoholism is FUN

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No it isn't, but I'm on day 5 of 50mg naltrexone and it's kicking my ass worse than if I was just on a bender.

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What beer is lowest in hops

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Let's not forget fortified wine, aka bum wine. Should I be concerned that my local convenience store has started selling MD 20/20 and Wild Irish Rose? They've had 40's of malt liquor and cheap beer for a while now. Does this mean my neighborhood is going downhill?

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That doesn't sound good. My liquor store does sell any 40s. I don't even think they sell malt liquor in cans. Ironically though, like every grocery store around me sells Steel Reserve

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what's the difference between these and europes 1 liter beer bottles?

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no, but the build up is a fucking blast

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>steelies in glass
whoa.. im not that classy

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Pissphobia will not be terated on this board! You've already been reported to the mods you shitlord goatfucker.

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Sleep tight steeler

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More pisslet cope

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No, it's not, but my brain is so fried that booze is the fastest & easiest means of obtaining the happy chemicals.

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I keep spilling on myself

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I insist King Cobra is not bad beer.
6.0% the bare limit for "malt liquor" but Cobra is best for drinkability. OE is classic too. Special memories drinking in parts of the country that sell Hurricane...

I drank, I GUESS, a bottle of vodka this sunday? it was across the whole day but there's a lotta stuff not really accounted for, I think I lost a few hours. Stuff doesn't really make sense but it fried my brain nightmarishly ever since and fuck man. I think I accidentally drank the last portion thinking it was water at a point. fuck me man my head still hurts.

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I submit to this thread the finest 40 video ever. EVER.

>> No.16760250

easily the best 40. Wish they sold it in 30 racks of 12 ounce cans for parties.

>> No.16760283

I concur, every other 40 is much grosser than Cobra. Colt 45 wasn't that bad, but man Steelies were really far more disgusting than I expected. I'd happily drink a Cobra, honestly on par with a PBR or something.

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i speel my drink

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the important part of 40-drinking is to swoosh around the beer so it gets all the carbonation out and drink it in that fresh-but-stale state. Less bloat, goes down quicker, this thread is REALLY making me nostalgic for the corner-gas-station-$2.09 Cobras back home. Next time I hang out with someone I wanna drink one, damn.

If I get one to drink alone, what dinner goes well with King Cobra?

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50mg is too much, just take half the pill. I've been on it for a month now and the side effects went away and my drinking had decreased by like 70% keep going anon

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A .45ACP bullet fired from a hi-point to your brain stem would perfectly match your drink of choice.

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not if you don't care about the taste

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50mg is what the sinclair method doctors have as the gold standard, but I think I was doing better on half the pill. I feel like a goddamn zombie. Way I figured, I can give it two weeks at the recommended dosage because I can always default back to less or none at all.

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why not, but whos got the bloated elastic stomach for that.
drink half a 40 and 'slam' or mix it with a steel reserve, 4loko or MD2020. It's a pretty strong buzz way on the way down. just thinking about the sugar from the md2020 is making me wince.

have only ever had the mildest DT's at the start of 2021 at the height of the pandemic hysteria. I was drinking 40 oz's four days out of the week for four months.
got cold sweats, blaring headaches and muscle pain and slight delirium. no hallucinations though

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>he doesnt have a catheter

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2 Sierra Nevada 24s will definitely get me fuckin piss drunk

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>country club
>Drank by people who will never go to a country club
What did they mean by this?

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Ofay ass white nigga (aka HONKY) dead after three 211's and an application of speed stick, where jesus at people?

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Based and Deus Ex pilled

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In my alcoholic experience, i realized that only crummy gas stations carry a wide selection of 40's. The gas stations that aren't Circle K and 7/11. The dingy dirty store with dim light is your go to.

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Mickey's fucking delicious honestly

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Black people under 50 don't even drink this shit, this type of stuff only survives because of old black guys and white kids trying to LARP as 90s rappers
That being said, I dig malt liquor as long as it's not too sweet

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7-11 sucks dick, half of their alcohol selection is seltzer

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Neither Colt 45 or OE are above 6% alcohol

>> No.16765800

ha weak sauce

>> No.16765802

A fish sandwich + 8 piece mozarella sticks, that's my go to

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182 ml more than a liter bottle.

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You can fix her anon

>> No.16766840

just make stuff like whiskey and cokes and vodka and orange juice or vodka and other citrusy juices. it's the easiest thing in the world to drink

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I drank three hurricane 40s last night. I woke up feeling like absolute death and I have to go to work in a couple hours. Help.

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Any of y'all fuck with Earthquake? It's the worst tasting, most vile swill I've ever consumed but it costs less than $2 for a can and is 10%.

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What are you guys drinking?

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Wait for a moment that she says something funny, or something not funny that you're willing to pretend is funny, and after laughing fondly say "god, I love you," then pretend you didn't intend say that out loud with a bunch of flustered embarrassed stuttering "n-no uh uh I-I m-m-mean that uh..." People like to feel like they're in a television show when it comes to romance. Divorces happen when those fantasies collapse under the weight of reality.

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try four 40 oz Sunday through Thursday, THEN on Friday and Saturday 18 pack each day, and repeat that formula for 5 years

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