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Why do they suck so hard now?

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you took the vacc

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Eh they're fine, the potatoes are back which is the only important thing. Also they're like the only fast food place who managed to make ordering from their app the best way to order with the ability to customize the shit out of every single thing.

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Taco Bell tastes exactly the same now as it always has. It tastes like Taco Bell.
Are you just mad about an item removal?

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They got rid of all their good items and replaced them with a chicken nugget in a tortilla

funniest shit I ever seen

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I didn’t even get any of the discontinued items but the menu feels so lackluster to me

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I went to taco bell about half an hour ago and they were only taking mobile orders and doordash because most of their staff walked out tonight lol. we got 3 burritos and had them grill all of them

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they took the globohomo pill

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Is it because people like you go there now?

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Yum! Brands

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their new chicken sandwich is better than most places

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>removed Mexican Pizza
>removed regular Gorditas
>removed beef bean and cheese burrito
>party nachos are gone

What the fuck do you order from here? I'm glad they're still doing 3 different types of black bean tacos, fucking morons. Who th efuck is going to Taco Bell and thinking "hmm, I think I'll have a black bean bowl." Who? Who are they catering to with that move? Astronomically shit decisions all around

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The only reason to get fast food is because it's cheap. Now that it's not cheap, it's not worth bothering.

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Ruined the dollar menu. I will be mad every day until frito burritos are back

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I'm mad they got rid of the loaded grillers that were like $1. Those were my shit

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I'm pretty sure you shitting in taco bell items is why they got removed

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i only ever ordered tacos from there anyways so all of these shitty fringe menu items getting axed never bothered me.

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mas bell

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They are now literally more expensive than Cane's in my town and I haven't seen a customer in their lot in months.

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Mines still good. But then again mine is a training center or whatever so we generally have higher quality stuff.

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Got rid of all their good shit.

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no one goes to fucking taco bell for quality, they go because of what >>16756715 said.

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Because it's expensive?

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I used to go to Taco Bell every week or more and now I don't really see a reason to go ever.

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I'm still fucking mad the Potato beef burrito is gone.

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>erase all items anyone liked
>"hmmm, people don't come here for cheap, fun junkfood, they come here for tacos so thin with filling that they're barely over 100 calories for $2 apiece. fuck the whole menu out the window"
>all potato products? fuck you, gone
>start telling customers who just waited in your shit drive thru line for 3 times the usual time because you fired everyone that they can't get one quesarito because that's online only because "idk man it's a pandemic can't do anything, i'll spend the 15 seconds it would take to just use the fucking grill to argue with you instead of taking your order"
>grillers gone
>value items are completely dog shit now
>most creative new item in 2 years is "crunchwrap but with MORE crunchwrap!"

I hope whoever was responsible for this got demoted from corporate to line cook.

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based staff

>> No.16759315

No Mexican Pizza

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going by this thread i can see taco bell doesn't care about its regulars. how long till they revert or go out of business?

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Whenever they get rid of Baja. It’s the only thing keeping them alive.

>> No.16759459

Higher prices despite quality being the same or less.

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Taco Bell is going to be remembered as a covid casualty one day

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i agree with no mexican pizza
bell burger
the list goes on, del taco is way better now,
reminds of how pizza hut went to shit and dominos became the new norm.

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they still have steak tacos which is the only thing i order

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Not OP, but taco bell is my guilty pleasure. I never understood why people would care so much about potatoes from a Mexican place, but I do miss the spicy doritos tacos. Still, the complicated shit is usually way overpriced. The best thing to do is get a bag of tacos, a bunch of quesaritos from the dollar menu, etc.

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It used to be for me too but they got rid of a bunch of the shit I liked and it's not cheap anymore. Then I hear they have money to pay some gay rapper for advice on how to stay culturally woke or some shit and the local one closes at like 8pm because they can't keep food in stock. Fuck em

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>closes early
Seriously. This is the real crux; taco bell is for late night stoners.

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their "beef" sucks..but they're still pretty ok

>> No.16760372

Last time I went i couldn't drink the root beer. It had an aftertaste that reminded me of vomit. I even took a second sip because i'm retarded and needed to confirm. I'll probably die soon.

>> No.16760406

they started jacking up the prices and trying to make fancy shit. i want trash greasy 25 cent burritos. thats all.

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Honestly the Taco Bell shit bums me out. Anybody remember the green “verde” sauce packets from like 10 years ago?

>> No.16761311

>removed mexican pizza
The mexican pizza was the only reason I had for going to taco bell. Without this item I have no reason to eat at taco bell.

>> No.16761333

Feels like they're trying to jack the prices up to exploit some texmex food fad that I'm not even sure even exists. I used to eat there 3x a week but when I saw the menu change I literally just walked out and have only been back 3 times in the past year. Jackasses replaced every menu item I liked, no longer sell seasonal items in standard combos, and replaced the value combo with a $9 value "box"

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It's the same, Taco bell was always barely food. I go there when I want eat a box full of Tex Mex where the main ingredient is nacho cheese.

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