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Butter fried eggs over medium are objectively the best way to make eggs.

Bonus point for hot sauce in after the butter melts.

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nope, gotta have them dippy eggs for bacon.

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Eggs are disgusting

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nope, over easy fried in bacon grease

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Just made some over easy. Very tasty and satisfying

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french toast is the best way to make eggs

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Yea but you dont get that crispyness on over easy, I'd gladly sacrifice like 20% of the yolk to have them crspy whites

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Yea if ur fat lol

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>wanting oil infused burnt egg whites over delicious goopy egg yolk

go take your HRT

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Goopy egg yolk has the texture of what I imagine the sides of my small intestine is. Nasty

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Wait nvm I meant whites, I gotta lay of the booze when Im eating only eggs.

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Yes and they are delicious.

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h8 dried out overcooked eggs

Acceptable eggs are sunny side up, poached, soft-medium boiled, French omelette, tamagoyaki, or pasteurized then eaten raw. Tabasco sauce goes on each.

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I use bacon grease and fry them to over medium, they're usually done by the time the bacon is cooled a little.

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i dont like runny eggs. they have to be cooked until they are solid.

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The best eggs are only cooked enough that the whites are set, uncooked whites are the nastiest shit so I usually cook mine past what I want anyway which is much better than liquid whites.
Gross, I have never been able to stand hard scrambled eggs or chalky over cooked yolks.

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Sausage? Intestines is how to make sausage anon...

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Wrong, this is how you make a fried egg


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Exactly. Over medium don’t gush in circumstances like pic related.

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I do over medium for sandwiches, over easy for toast.

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This makes sense.

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i try to make over easy but they’re too goddamn hard to flip :(

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>over medium
This is the babby equivalent of medium-well.

>likes solid yolk
>takes HRT
>imagines the sides of a small intestine while eating (=sexual desire for anal)

I'd say YWNBAW but I think that's pretty fucking obvious at this point.

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