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I WANT TO EAT THE SWEETEST, most unhealthy, diabetes inducing, most caloric dessert that there is. Any suggestions?

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sugar, in water

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probably one of those towering ice cream monstrosities with bacon and tons of syrup etc.

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deep fried cheesecake.

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Donuts maybe?
Sugar, fried, dough. It's the best of every world.

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Oh good idea. Fried cheesecake with some sort of sugary dipping sauce.

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Hong Kong style French toast
Take 3 slices of the thickest, most heavily processed white bread you can find
Your choice of sweet bread paste, like peanut butter, Nutella, jelly, etc
2 or 3 eggs
Condensed milk and butter
Vegetable oil

Basically make a triple decker sandwich of whatever fillings you decide, make sure they stick together
Cut off the crusts (this is important, they'll turn to shit once we fry it)
Whisk the eggs, coat the sandwich with the eggs, enough to just evenly coat everything, don't soak it
In a pan, heat up at least an inch of vegetable oil
Once hot, fry it up; start with the edges of the sandwich in order to seal it shut, for a few seconds each. Then fry the rest of it, one half at a time, probably like 30 seconds - a minute each side
Drizzle with condensed syrup and top with a slice of butter
Wa la

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tres leches

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>deep fried cheesecake.
Deep fried chocolate lava cake

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try any indian sweet like Galub jamun, Jalebi or ladoos

It's basically sugar, butter, more sugar, wheat, and sugar

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My teeth physically hurt watching this

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Pound for pound isn't the "worst" or most calorically dense thing just straight sugar?
I think a pound of jolly ranchers would be much worse for you than a pound of any cake.
So, buy a bag of jolly ranchers.

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>Pound for pound isn't the "worst" or most calorically dense thing just straight sugar?
No, fat is most calorically dense. Protein and carbs have 4 calories per gram, fat has 9.

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Probably some kind of bastard amalgamation from instagram that's like a nutella stuffed skillet cookie with candy and whipped cream and fudge, etc.

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Good lord, that oreo shake when converted is 63 teaspoons of sugar


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this pie from costco is 8000 calories

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Strawberrys and hot pink panties.

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Your supposed to portion and share it instead eating the whole thing at one time like a big fat piggo.

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Look up crack pie. Pretty obscene and delicious

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can't leave humanity behind with recommended portions.

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Chocolate peanut butter cheesecake. I made on one time and it had something like 15000 calories in total for ~7" inch cake.

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Cracker Barrel Apple Dumpling

"When Men’s Health contributor Sarah Jacobsson Purewal sat down for a family meal at Cracker Barrel, she was shocked when she used the My Fitness Pal app to check the nutrition stats for CB’s Baked Apple Dumplin.

According to My Fitness Pal, this dish packs 3,229 calories. Yes, 3,229!"

Cracker Barrel themselves state,
Is nutritional information available for your menu items?
"Here at Cracker Barrel, we pride ourselves on using recipes and ingredients that are genuine and of the highest quality available. We strive to prepare and present these food items to you in a way that upholds those authentic traditions of days gone by.

Cracker Barrel certainly understands the health-conscious concerns that some of our guests have. While we are currently unable to provide exact calorie or fat content information for our entire menu, the following choices may help you in your selection. You can get very specific nutritional information on some select dishes at both weightwatchers.com and healthydiningfinder.com"

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Came in here to say shake with real ice cream. Most people are flabbergasted when they find out for the first time how calorically dense these are.

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To get the sweetest, most caloric thing, you're looking to max out pure fat while keeping enough sweetener to taste sugary. You could just stir sucralose into oil, but webm related is a good candidate for an actual recipe.

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Gay =/= Sweet

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Brandy butter is just fat, sugar, and booze. It's about 600 calories / 100g.

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The Edgar special

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alexander was right about the brits

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high fructose corn syrup and butter.

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as if anybody goes to baskin robbins

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NGL, looks breddy gud

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Those costco pies are huge, like 12" diameter and weigh close to 4 pounds.

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They weigh 4.38 pounds.

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aktuallee it's 79.35

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That's close to 4.

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Way to split hairs, bud.

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Fucking hell, and just the other day I was reading a dozen page long piece on what a huge, unsolvable mystery the obesity epidemic was.

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It is solvable if we gave people the right advice. Same with diabetes, fatty liver, cvd, most cancers, etc

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you can't eat a four pound pie? are you a woman?

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Do Amerifats really?

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Giving people advice does nothing if they have no incentive to follow it.
It's not like anyone is forced to be a fatass, even nowadays. It's just that weak willpower is common.

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Euroean pro cyclists in the tdf consume literal sugar water and sugar gels for weeks on end yet have no health issues or diabetes. Why is it that only Americans have issues with sugar?

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>263g of sugar

Impressive, but can you do better? Any "dessert" that goes over 300?

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The average yuro is not a pro cyclist

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By the way, the solution to all of those issues is long term fasting
Snake diet

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>Not making your own dessert
You are on /ck/ anon, why don't you get off your ass and make a supreme dessert.
Do a chess cake, top it fruit butter cream, and walnut caramel sauce. It's frankly simple, calorically dense, and you can make it as disgusting sweet as you want.

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>no fat content

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>Snake diet

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>pro cyclists

inb4 this becomes a toilet-posting thread

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A stick of butter dusted with powdered sugar

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fucking hell, I got the beetus just from watching that

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retard level image

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pecan pralines

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Vasherin - layers of chocolate pudding and meringue covered in whipped cream. It would be impossible to swallow a bite without the whipped cream.

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