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I hope it's worth it and not a meme. I've gotten so fucking fat, man I need help.

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Why would you expect bone broth to help you lose weight? Unless it's buy sapping all your junk food budget, I guess

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are you replacing your food intake with bone broth?

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>Bone Broth is bad for you

W-what? That's not what I was told/read. I was going to use it to stave off hunger or incorporate it into like a fasting style diet, where on days where I fast I just consume bone broth. I don't understand how it's fattening?

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It's just water with some flavour and gelatin in it, it's not going to "stave off hunger" or whatever the fuck you're going on about.

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I mean, it's not BAD i guess, but it's not particularly healthy or anything. It's just salt, fat, water, protein, and cholesterol.

It's not super high in fat or salt though, so if you're moderating how much you're drinking, it's probably fine.

I would suggest vitamin supplements if you're not using them already.

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Do you think it's magic or something? It's salty chicken water with a little bit of protein. How is it supposed to help you lose weight?

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just buy bones for ¢20 in your local butcher lmao

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this is a bait thread

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No it's not, literally everything I looked up and diets utilizing bone broth said it was a weight loss food/superfood.

The "Bone Broth" diet claimed you could lose up to 15 pounds in three weeks, granted I can't say that's true or not since there are 1000000's of diets and most are crap.


Already went down that road a few months ago, didn't do shit and was a waste of money. I think I spent about $60-$80 on different vitamins and at one point I was taking 6-7 vitamins a day. I couldn't tell it did anything over the course of six weeks.

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>I believe literally everything I read on the internet

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if you are fat you don't need superfood, you need to stop eating superfood

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If it wasn't the internet, it'd be something else. And I'm not saying I believe "everything" but I try to actually research stuff before I decide to try something or go out and buy something.

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>bone broth

we’re just talking about stock here, right?
fucking zoomers and their buzzwords

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I think so.

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Yeah, it's just stock. I forgot how it's made, but just go look it up. They simmer animal bones in water or some shit and create stock that's been flavored by the bones. It's suppose to have a lot of protein compared to regular chicken stock and it's "suppose" to be less unhealthy.

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i had no bloody clue that stock was considered unhealthy

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You should research calories in vs calories out

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I don't personally think it is? But certain stocks can be high in sodium...I think?

You should research how to not be a faggot.

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>uhhh ackschually I just need some magic chicken juice with high protein and low sodium, I've done the research

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But fond made from meat has more protein than just bones. Who the fuck falls for this false advertising? Those fuckers really made people think that bones are snake oil while they just were used in fonds to make use of trash and for a thicker mouthfeel.

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repeat after me

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Not an argument

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in order to address this proper, I will admit that I’m guilty of buying tetrapaks; I’ve tried a lot of commercial stocks & broths and none can compare with what I make at home
all my homemade stocks are jelly consistency at room temp while tetrapaks are still water in the fridge

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Opinion discarded

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Where do you live? Pretty sure a box of broth is like a dollar at my store

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i think you're stupid so i'm going to help you.

bone broth is extremely nutritious. if you want to lose weight, you need to stop eating. fast for as long as possible. eat some bone broth once a day. or once every two days. or once every three days, depending on your strength.

get a instapot and make it yourself, get herbs and bone and joint cuts cheap and cook it to hell and puree the marrow into it and then strain it, add salt and drink that instead of eating.

bone broth with the herbs and marrow will be an ideal nourishment in between fasts and you will lose weight very quickly if you stick with it. being that there's basically nothing as healthening as bone marrow and that there's no sugar, it'll help your fasting and keep your strength up.

but the stuff in the box probably sucks.

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Just stop eating, retard

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I drink beef bone broth a couple of times a week, it's a great thing to have on hand and quite delicious especially if you make it, season it, and freeze it yourself or if you can find a non-shelf-stable variety in the frozen section of your grocery store. It is nutritious and does satiate hunger despite what some are saying here.

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this anon said it better before I could finish typing

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imagine being filtered by a simple descriptive term

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It depends on the brand. Pacific is "organic" and anything "organic" or "high quality" is usually grossly overpriced but most people who buy it don't think twice about the price because they think it's justified.

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Right? Idk why people deliberately speak like retards. It's like having a face tattoo kek.

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8 dollars though? That's craaazy

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>starts sentence with the word imagine

this classifies you as brainless 4chan clone with no personality of your own.


this classifies you as an easily impressionable computer loser who sits on 4chan all day.

>simple descriptive term

faggots who spend their lives on the internet always talk like this. something is 'simple' or 'basic', you have no vocabulary and are very unintelligent with shallow horizons. from using the internet all day and having no personality.

you are a troglodyte with brain damage. you're the NPC zombie sludge-feeder on the internet.

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Pacific broth is $2-4 where I am.
OP probably bought it somewhere retarded

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First day?

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i was probably here before you were born, the difference is that i don't feel the urge to imitate anonymous morons on 4chan and start talking and acting like them.

you do, because you have no spine or personality and you're unintelligent, there's nothing to you, so you're easily impressionable. so you come to 4chan, and start acting and talking like everyone on 4chan, despite most of it being complete puerile idiocy.

if 4chan does says or thinks something, you should probably do the exact opposite, because this place concentrates the dumbest people with the least character in society into a single website.

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I don't know? I live in Texas, and the prices vary from store to store and state to state.

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Stopped reading

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>the prices vary from store to store
Stop shopping at shitty overpriced stores
>state to state
I live on the west coast, everything is more expensive here

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It's not even baiting anymore at this point.

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imagine being this basic.

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The lure is used to catch trout and flounder.

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Bro calm down. I discarded his opinion but like, you've got a lot of hate there n8

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of all the hipster/millennial food trends, I think I understand this one the least.
Do they seriously not know what stock is?
Or am I retarded and missing something? Like is “bone broth” uniquely different from a reduced “stock”?

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I think there is no guarantee that store bought stock was made with bones, it could be bade from just meat or even bullion

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>I live on the west coast

I'm sorry for you.

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The term is texture you ovarynigger.

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I found a 1 year old prime rib in my freezer. Think it's still sage to eat?

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Only if you make it yourself, box stock/broth is still going to be filled with salt and probably still sugar.
$8 should get you a few chicken carcasses, roast em, simmer em, add basic veg, simmer more, add herbs, simmer more, drain and chill.
It's nutrient dense, low calorie and filling. Also drink more water

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I feel sorry for people that have to live around spics and niggers, so the feeling is mutual

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>I live on the west coast, everything is more expensive here
You can get your faggy bone broth for $6 at Sprouts in LA retard

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Not a calispic, I buy my faggy bone broth at grocery outlet for $2

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maybe 10 years ago
price of bones have gone way up,

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>bone broth
Isn't this redundant? Its be like saying corn popcorn.

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>bone broth
it's called stock zoomer
literally every culture on earth used to (and still do) make it and eat some variant of it

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It's almost like bone brother is a subset of stock, retard.

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What you want to do for a fast is stop eating entirely. Drinking too, for a few days at least. Consume zero calories; consume zero liquids. The bone broth is for the end of your fast to slowly reintroduce nourishment to your body. If you're significantly overweight you can easily manage 7 days with no food. Don't go crazy on not drinking water, but a day or two at a time is okay for an otherwise healthy person. Do it right and the weight will melt off.
You won't manage this, however, due to lack of conviction, self control, or both.

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What kind of mouthfeel does the cock in your mouth have, dimwit?

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it won't kill you but if you're unironically fasting, don't rely on magic tricks to stave off hunger. what actually staves off hunger is your body adjusting to fasting. the ghrelin spikes at programmed meal times eventually go away. first day I fasted, I was starving, weak, and shaky. by the end of the first week, I hardly even realized I was fasting (was on an alternate day schedule). The only thing that really triggered hunger at that point was being around other people who were eating and social events around food. So long as you avoid those on fasting days, you won't even notice you're fasting....unless you're eating a few calories here or there, which completely fucks it up.
also don't fall for the sodium bad meme while you're water fasting. since all you're taking in is water, you're shitting and pissing out all your electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium) and that's what's gonna make you feel like shit.
also just get bouillon. better than bouillon is the best and has the most diverse flavor range
good luck, fatso

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Nah, friend.
It could be “plant broth” made from veggies, or “exoskeleton broth” made from crustaceans.
The real question is where one draws the line between “plant broth” and “tea”.

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chicken carcass, chicken feet, pork feet, whatever, there has to be something that's cheap that gets you the same

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...but you live on the west coast?

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In a state that's 75% non hispanic white.
I go months at a time without seeing a nigger

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>stave off hunger
Why would you want to do that? Hunger means it's working.
When you do eat, eat slower - the signal from your stomach that tells you you're not hungry anymore lags behind your actual food intake. You'll feel full with less food if you take your time.
Also, don't eat till you're full, just eat till you're not hungry. You have the capability to eat a lot more than you should, but don't do that.
Also, don't eat anything you don't absolutely love. Never eat anything just to eat it. Be very picky - picky people are skinny for a reason, and it's because they turn down food because it's not good enough.
There was a nutritionist a while back who proved you could lose weight while eating literally nothing but gas station junk food. It doesn't matter what you eat, it only matters the caloric value of how much you eat. So eat what makes you happy, only what makes you happy, and just eat less enough of it that you burn more than you eat. EZPZ

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