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Tomato juice with salt can be good shit

>> No.16729405

>why yes I drink the crushed tomatoes straight from the can, how could you tell?

>> No.16729410

I just buy and drink mugs of gazpacho soup

>> No.16729441

I always mix clamato (pickled bean flavour) with beer and a tiny pinch of salt. It’s so fucking good

>> No.16729447

>airplane trip as a child
>order tomato juice from flight attendant
>pretend im drinking a bloody mary
every time

>> No.16729515

>airplane trip as an al-qaeda intern
>drinking meriem's period blood from a canteen
>pretend it's a bloody mary
every time

>> No.16729520

I had a sri lankan roommate and he made me this drink that he just called “lime” that was lime juice, a shitload of salt, and water. I’m convinced he was taking the piss, as my bongland friends would say.

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V8 is better

>> No.16729992

I love tomato juice so much. I drink it all the time and everyone thinks I’m a freak.
I also make a kick ass Bloody Mary

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