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do you love mexican food?

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No, I love superior Tex-Mex.

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>seasons the Doritos
Damn I guess Ramsay was onto something

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Absolutely. 100% my favorite food.

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Tex-Mex will never be superior because no seafood. American Chinese is closer to being better than the original

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Always love taco night with the family!

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Do spicoids really?

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Americanized mexican food is great. Food in mexico is shit. They also dont understand food safety. You will get sick in Mexico

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What? Have you never had shrimp or fish tacos?

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>You will get sick in Mexico
95% of the time it is caused by not being used to that kind of food, not because of lack of hygiene.
Just like how some americans get sick from eating at tacobell.

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Ive been to 3 different places and got sick as hell everytime. I was puking and shitting black sand. Eventually I just ate at mcdonalds.
First time I went was an all inclusive place that had buffets set up. I think they just keep putting the same old food out until it eventually got eaten.

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Yes. Specifically from that one place outside of Denver where the abuelita that works there speaks zero english. Mexican food is the bomb.

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That's not how food poisoning works

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>I think they just keep putting the same old food out until it eventually got eaten.
Well, chances are you're right.
Chinese food is also a safe bet.

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I haven't had food poisoning in more than a decade.
Or maybe it could be a problem with the tourist places?

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Those aren't tex mex

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I go to Mexico every 2 months and never get sick. I eat raw seafood all the time and never get sick. The most famous street food cart in Mexico sells raw seafood and people never talk about getting sick

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I think it has to do with your tolerance to bacteria. My mom was a nurse and everything was sterile when I was a kid. I can eat weird shit if I cook it myself but shady restaurants get me every time

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>Americanized mexican food is great. Food in mexico is shit.
Most of the food that is popular in the US comes food in Mexico though. quesabirria is everywhere in the US because of Tijuana taquerias

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I have been looking for this kino webbum for ages anon, thanks

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You must have more of a tolerance. They tell americans not to drink the water, but mexicans grow up drinking it and have no problems. Things like Crohns disease is also rare there.

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>Americanized Mexican food is great!
>everything is either a taco or burrito, 50% it’s deep fried
I, the superior CHI, can enjoy quality authentic Mexican cuisine, while occasionally pigging out on a deep fried chicken burrito covered in queso

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That must suck, especially if you're too lazy to cook or like to travel.

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No, to hell with mexicans.

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>not because of lack of hygiene

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>not because of lack of hygiene.

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I'd bet my own life this was filmed in the USA.

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your life is worth more than this, please don't please

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No spic, it was filmed in your nation.

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>your life is worth more than this,

No it is actually not.

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Its genuinely from mexico

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Welcome to planet Walmart.

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Just saw this webm on /fit/ for the "fph" thread.
truly gross and worth of a fat people hate thread.

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