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>order pizza
>keep an eye on delivery tracker
>went through everything smoothly up until "quality check"
>sat there for an hour waiting for the driver to pick it up
this is why you're not getting a tip

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The absolute last time I ordered a pizza the bitch showed up super late with a cold pizza and told me a story about how she had to pull over to vomit on the way over.

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It's entirely possible that the chef fucked up the order and had to redo it
At least you get free pizza points when it goes over a certain time

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Anyone ever get an uncut pizza from Domino’s? Just noticed it’s an option and I’m thinking about getting one

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What the hell did you order?

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I pay extra for that

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Excuse me. Was this the slovakia thread? I can't recognize their flags for shit...

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You have a mental health problem.

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>Place order with Domino’s
>Look at Pizza Tracker
>”Reiko began custom-making your order at XX:XX PM”
mfw eating this pizza means I’ll also be indirectly licking the fingers of a cute Japanese gril

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>he doesn't realise it's also a masculine German name

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Why, so you can pretend to be a wagie?

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You shut your damn mouth.

The Reiko that made my pizza is a cute Japanese girl. Her English isn’t the best, so she’s a bit shy, but she gives 100% at work. She wears glasses, and adorably pushes them back up her nose when she starts concentrating hard, making sure the pizza toppings are distributed with maximum precision, ensuring even flavor distribution with each bite.
Her hobbies are cooking and shoujo manga.

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I tried to give Domino's and Papa John's change last month and it's always something.
Ordered online, no contact delivery.
Left a black folding chair out for the food to be placed. Dude pulled an Amazon and didn't knock. Thankfully I had a sibling visiting who saw him leave the food. I have thieves in the apartment complex so that.No good.
Order again the next week. Again no contact via card. No tip this time. The faggot too forever to drive in, knocks on the door, hands me a receipt with the tip option circled. Put an X signature and called him a cunt.
My local places aren't better. Had a tranny sit outside the door too retarded to read door numbers, then call my phone, I thought it was some teenage kid being a knuckle head so I was taking it in stride, then I noticed the wide shoulders press on nails, and stuffed bra. I lost my appetite and had to talk myself into eating the pizza.

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Buddy see>>16657544

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>Call about tracker
>Says out for delivery for 25mins
>"Oh yea our online timer doesn't represent reality"

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>>sat there for an hour waiting for the driver to pick it up
I still remember the days when the company had a nationwide policy of "delivered to your door in 30 minutes or it's free." Those were fun times. :)

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Can't even order pizza in Cardiff they're all run by paki's and people who will sabotage your food, wouldn't dare touch it. 90s pizza delievery by white, respectable, on time, actual people is gone.

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Did you at least get the vomit on your pizza?

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No. Was thinking about folding it in half and having a sort of calzone but made from pizza. Like a Papadia but not gross or racist like Pap Johns

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>order dominos
>watch tracker
>cancel order if I see a black person's name at any step in the process

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>Papa John
Pick one

1. He's not there anymore
2. Everyone took him out of context, he was explaining how Col. Sanders said 'nigger' all the time

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>guys he’s totally not racist! He was just quoting a racist!
Get bent CHUD

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this is such a shit insult that ironically it's hilarious and good
shame i cant use it

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I'm sitll wondering how Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers came back into popularity.

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Wait he's not racist? Not gonna order Papa Johns anymore

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did you get sick from her norwalk virus?

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I gave Dominos a shot. Never again.
>pizza out for delivery
>tracker shows the driver going all over the fucking town dropping off other orders
>tracker says delivered
>"weird, no call, but ok, I'll go down and look"
>no pizza
>wait 10 mins
>still no pizza
>call Dominos asking what the hell
>while on hold with them, driver shows up
>tries to give me someone else's order
>argues with me when I say no, I didn't order a pineapple pizza (I shit you not)
>realizes it's the wrong order
>"one sec, let me go get it"
>they apparently parked two blocks down because it took another five minutes
>pizza was cold and shit
never again

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fuck you redditors stealing my post

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