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Behold, I am the best French dessert.

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It's fun to make, but a little bit too much just eating pure sugar.

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nah, I like souffle.

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This isn't Kouign-Amann

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why the fuck are they so good at making dessert, everything is fucking delicious

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Desserts and pastries are more science than art at times, once you get the right ratios of fat/sugar/starch/chocolate you're going to have something that tastes pretty good no matter what.

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they really are good at desserts

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No matter how much systematic aspergers Escoffier brought to the game, France is pretty good at food in general.

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Well, I don't know much about Ecofier but my parents took me to France as a kid and I had a crepe with nutella and chantilly and it still is one my fondest food memory

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All Escoffier did was simplify the work of Carême

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Ok, no matter how much of Careme's autism that Escoffier pumped into the mainstream understanding of French cooking, French food's pretty good.

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for me it's saint honore without the candied fruits

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>he isn't an Opéra chad

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How does one eat this?

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any ghetto workarround ideas on how to cut the biscuit in very thin layers like that? Last time I did this I used like a tuna can or something similar but the biscuit was way too high and ruined everything

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I found this in a National Trust charity shop for 2 pounds (GBP) and I adore it.

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i'm a sucker for choux pastry
you can either eat a bit of everything (fork/spoon) or eat per layers (hands)

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Step aside, plebs Baba au rhum coming through.

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Would gladly eat anything in this thread. The french really do desserts well

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The french really are the masters of cuisine, and I say this as a non french.

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I wouldn't go that far but their desserts are SSS

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I would, but I agree to disagree. Who would it be for you though?

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fair enough

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Can you describe what you mean more? I don't see how a tun can gets involved in making biscuit less high.

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you place the knife on the tuna can and you move the biscuit arround so all of it is cut at the same level evenly

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Japanese, seriously ?

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I think the professional way to do it is with a steel string cake cutter.
You can probably get similarish results with a piece of string and some spacer to make sure your string is at an even height.

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Fascinating, really. I may have to try making these

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Have you tried the kouignettes?

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that was my ghetto solution, and it worked quiet nice, you can use a book or literally anything, the good thing about books is you can regulate the height by flipping more or less pages

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came here to post >>16648593, but since it's been done, I like this too. Anything with hazelnut cream or praline is 10/10, now that I think about it

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For me, it's the canelés.

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Oh. I'm pretty sure they just bake thinner sheets of cake in the first place, but you could try unflavoured dental floss.

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what are those even made of??

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I'd swear they do it my way, mostly caus I've seen the special gear they use, which is pretty much what I do except unghettoed, my method pretty much works pretty well, my results were flawless, I just thought that maybe there coudl be other way

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Use a wire cutter like

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well they're called cannelés so obviously they're made with cannelle, or cinnamon. Another fun fact, Chardonnay is an alternative spelling for the original chardonné, which is a wine traditionnally made with chardons, or stinging nettle. They stopped using nettle but the name stuck

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but no honestly I'd feel gay using that, plus my kitchen is small and I don't want extra gadgets when a knife and a book can do the trick just fine

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Never heard of or seen that, so it can't be the best. Sugar pie is better

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Floating islands are pretty common.. nothing special here.

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>I'd feel gay using that
Desserts are not for you

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It's sort of like a tiny cake, but the batter is very eggy (and usually rum or brandy flavor) and the mold they're baked in is coated in a mix of beeswax and clarified butter, so they end up with a really crispy shiny shell and an almost custYNW2Kardy interior.

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