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Bought these on a whim because I saw them and I was in a good mood. What the fuck do I do with them? I don't really like tofu at all, and can't really source retarded pastes like in the videos I've seen regarding them. Please drop any recipes or ways to use them if you want.

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Spicy oil, like a chili crisp! Great condiment for rice and soups and fried eggs etc. Those peppercorns are great.

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Wtf is that OP?

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Do you have a recipe?
Sichuan pepper

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put them in a pepper mill if you don't want to do anything special with them. enjoy different pepper flavor on your usual peppered foods

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Put them in your ramen. Grind or crush them first. Good for fish.
Fry two eggs
Add a few drops of sesame oil
White pepper
Crushed peppercorn.
Trust me.

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Quattro Stagioni. It says so right there on the lid. Can't you read?

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Why does he move the pot with eggs of top of it onto the stove at the end? What's in the pot? ??????????????

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>add pepper to your eggs
wtf, people don't just do this normally?

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I'm talking about the Sichuan peppercorns you silly duffa.

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literally any szechuan dish. Check out Chef Wang Gang on youtube

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OP there is a 0% chance you were able to find szechuan peppercorns but can't get doubanjiang or similar products. also you are trying to make chinese food but don't like tofu? man up and eat it, it's good, also there are other szechuan recipes, go check souped up recipes.

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If he doesn't do it immediately he gets sucked back into the pot. He never leaves the egg fortress. He never leaves the pot. He gets to sleep in the pot for a few hours a day and then returns to his egg Tartarus

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What's not to like about tofu? It just tastes like whatever you cook it in.

The obvious thing to cook with sichuan pepper is mapo tofu, but if you're going to pussy out on that then make dan dan noodles.

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Watch the Fuchsia Dunlop Serious Eats videos on youtube. She studied cooking in Sichuan and actually explains shit properly. desu I hated those peppercorns when I tried them though, they taste like putting your tongue on a battery

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They go well with anything lemon
so lemon pepper wings with a lil bit of them actually are pretty amazing

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Enjoy fishing out those cores lmao.

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