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What's your favorite regular American beer?
I unironically love both Budweiser and Coors Banquet.
High Life is good too and PBR is okay but not as clean tasting

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Sam Adams

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Sam Adams Boston Lager and Boston Ale (which they discontinued) are both great.

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Pic related

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Based and alcoholism pilled

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I fucking wish Hamm's was sold in New York, it's so cheap and tastes like a better version of PBR

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Natty Daddy is full blown alcoholic tier

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Does it come in cases? I think I've only seen it in single cans.

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I've only seen it as a tall boy

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I only drink Miller High Life
it's The Champagne of Beers

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I used to like Milwaukee's Best Ice, but I stopped buying it after they changed the formula

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I love Miller High Life

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What's the difference between Bud Light and Bud Select?

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I wonder why Bud Light is so much more popular than Bud, Budweiser is a lot better while still basically having a light beer taste

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tried coors banquet for the first time a couple of days ago and it's one of the best i've had so far. Granted i havent' had many.

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a "local" brand in washington called rainier, I used to like pabst more but rainier grew on me. I put local in quotations because I don't think it's been brewed here since the 90s.

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Kentucky or Tennessee Whisky

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I love Banquets.

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is Shiner national or just a southern thing? also does it have to be an adjunct lager or can it be a bock?
If not Shiner then probably PBR.
Here in Texas we just got Yuengling so i wanna see how that compares as far as cheap beer goes.

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disgusting, i wouldn't serve this to a cow.
pic related is the original budweiser that americans did not manage to turn into piss yet.

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>I unironically love both Budweiser and Coors Banquet.
My nigga.
I’ve also noticed most people who seem to like those had fathers/grandfathers who did as well. Is that the case for you? My father was a Bud guy.

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When I worked at a convenience store in highschool, the bona fide alcoholic beers were Milwaukee’s Best and Icehouse. Stores in my state can’t sell beer before 6am.
We had some regular hardcore alchies who would come into the store just before then, and wait around holding their cases of beer until the cash register’s clock ticked over to 6:01 and I could ring it up for them.

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My dad drinks anything. When I was a kid he drank Bud a lot but he makes more money now and buys Modelos.
He does like craft but he's not super knowledgable about it like me

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how does you father feel about his soyboy son?

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>he's not super knowledgable about it like me
How many have you brewed?

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financial and pigment-disadvantaged individuals in this area call budweiser "head-busters". i love me a good ol og budweiser, for some reason it feels patriotic to me, only reinforced by the recent fourth of july merican flag art on the cans. i appreciate that it's cheap and full flavored and 5% abv. most other beers of this caliber (esp light beers) are around 4.2%. i like hipster beers that are 6-9% so i can appreciate a nice cheap 5% medium that budweiser offers me. also, almost every place that sells alcohol will have it stocked. i don't have to stop several places to find my favorite hipster beer, i can just grab it if it's available and default to good ol budweiser if its not.

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>for some reason it feels patriotic to me,
Owned by Belgians.

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Yuengling, Guinness, or Sam Adams.

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high life and especially coors banquet are unironically good beers. The rest are bad but always drinkable. The only beer I'd actually complain about is stuff like steel reserve, or natty ice, or milwauke's best.

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But it's brewed in the US and employees a lot of Americans with decent jobs

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High Life is nice and crisp but I noticed last night that it kind of has a vegetable oil quality to it?
At least on draft.
I prefer Banquets but I still enjoy High Lifes

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last night I determined that Budweiser is the best of the widely distributed BMC beers
An ice cold Bud draft really hits the spot

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Rolling rock.
It's a better tasting High Life for me

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Busch Light

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Do you mean regular as in American lager or regular as in brand name

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Land Rover is literally Indian by ownership, but they’re still headquartered in England, manufactured in England (at least the top end models) and generally regarded as British.

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ever been to sugars?

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Pabst Blue Ribbon!

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...is for bearded hipster faggots

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You probably drink Heineken.

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No just your delicious tears.

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Hipsters don't drink PBR anymore

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Budweiser is the most familiar beer to me, and is what I think of when I think of "generic beer" but in a good way.

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Mich Golden Light.

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Leinenkugel's Original. I haven't had any "regular" American beer better than it.

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i know this makes me a faggot but i really like coors lite and pink whitney

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Then who does? Just straight up faggots?

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Normal people. The bar I used to frequent before corona had like 5 different people drink PBR tallboys, a mix of blue collar types and younger college kids. No hipsters tho, and at least one black guy.

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I don't really like drinking beer that much. Also, I live in Oregon so almost every store carries nothing but crappy and overpriced macro beers and IPAs. I bought this the other day simply because it's a brown ale and not an IPA. It's OK, I could do without the hazelnut.

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>normal people

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Same. If the bar has absolutely nothing to offer in terms of beer, I'm fine with drinking Bud for the night.

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PBR would be out of business if it wasn't for the huge influx of hipsters thinking it was ironic to drink shit beer.

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they make a slightly better and cheaper product than their larger competitors, no hipsters are necessary

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