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What's your favorite American macro beer?
For me, it's a tie between Budweiser and Coors Banquet.

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Mich Ultra

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>micro tier beer

shut the fuck up, no one cares about your "categories".

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Is this thing better than this thing? What is the best thing?

i have your best thing right here to go with your dumb beer

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that stuff is actually not bad.
I occasionally order one as my "nightcap" beer

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I want to work part time at a beer store just because I find it interesting to see what kind of beer people get

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Not bad but it must be very cold
16 oz not 25 because I'm not an alcoholic

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How does Bud Ice taste compared to regular Bud?

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miller high life

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unironically prefer bud light over Budweiser. They say "light beers dont have flavor" but less flavor is better than off flavors. My 100% favorite though is busch. could drink that shit all day. Busch heavy if you are just having a few with dinner or whatever, busch light if you're drinking with a purpose. Cant believe its only like 16-17 bucks for a 30 where bud gets away with like 22-23 when its an inferior beer.

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only had bud ice once when I was in 'bama for a hockey tournament. from what I remember it was closer to malt liquor than beer.

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I don't think I've ever had Busch
How does it tasted compared to Bud?

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Mexico is in the Americas, strictly speaking.

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PA represent

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Modelo and Pacifico are better Mexican beers

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its made by the same corp (Anheuser-Busch) so its relatively similar in the fact that they are both macro pale-lagers but in my opinion busch is just much cleaner. If you have ever had bud light draft from a clean nitro tap, thats what busch taste like straight from the can

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Macro pale lagers have a lot of variance, though.
I think Budweiser and Coors Banquet taste completely different.

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Regular Budweiser is the most refreshing beer.

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this. I do love craft but there are a lot of times (like when I'm drinking a bunch of beers at a bar) where Bud is ideal.
Especially when they're cheap for bar standards, like this bar I go to in NYC that has $3 Bud cans.

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yeah pale-macros often taste similar but coors and bud are owned by different companies and I have found that pale macros from the same head company tend to taste pretty similar in most aspects. I personally hate coors banquet but dont hate bud, they are very different. Bud light vs busch light on the other hand (same head company) are much more similar, although busch is better IMO

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I'm curious about Busch now
I'll have to pick up a case

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Don't be like the dude who bought a McChicken (when they were still $1), then posted an angry rant about how "you lied to me". Not the guy you replied to, but Busch is the cheapest brew at most gas stations, and easily one of the 10 worst beers I've ever drank.

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I like Budweiser and he claimed it was better than Bud so I'm curious
I might just order a single one from the bar I go to

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please do. I tried it once underage and hated it then had it again years later and loved it. I dont know why but I would definitely give it a chance. its the cleanest macro on the market from what I have tried, and I have tried everything.

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Do you like Miller High Life?

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busch is in the 10 worst you've tried??? Honestly its so neutral I cant understand how someone could find it unpalatable. Out of your curiosity what are your go to macros? maybe its a preference thing. I tend to prefer macro pales that are borderline pilsners (bud, busch, keystone) opposed to pales like coors, Genesee, molson

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I dont. I dont like miller lite either personally. Miller products and yeungling products taste similar to me and have some off-tastes that I dont like

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>not a light beer
>only 4.3% alcohol
That's the one thing preventing me from buying it

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This or Corona Premier

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funny thing about busch is that busch heavy is 4.2 and busch light is 4.3, a lot of things report them as both 4.2 or 4.3 but the true ABVs are actually 0.1 different, with the light being higher which is pretty rare to see. also the "only 4.3" thing is super situational. Drinking a 8+ double IPA may be more efficient but I prefer the slower onset that comes with lighter beers. If I want to get drunk fast Ill just have whiskey

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I prefer 4.5 to 5% for beer, I'm not an IPA/meme stout guy
If something is only 4.2%, I may as well drink a Bud Light

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Well yeah, if you care that much about a difference of 0.3 abv just drink bud light. To me drinking crafts is more for the flavor, couldn't really care less about the abv. But if im picking a macro to binge drink the difference in abv is pretty negligible

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Either this or Yuengling

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should all kys

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Pabst Blue Ribbon

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$10 for PBR 4 x 11oz, not 12oz cans is complete shit.

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Shiner Bock is the best tasting and best priced.

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Prefer PBR but some places don't have it so I'll get bud light

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Budweiser is so good for a long night of drinking
I don't know how Bud Light overtook it in popularity by such a large margin

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>Either this or Yuengling

Although I haven't had Yuengling in a long time so I can't comment and you supposedly can't get it down here cause they don't distribute to Texas...

Legit tho for cheap beer you can't beat Lone Star. There ain't much to it but what is there is always fresh and crisp. I will take it over Bud or Miller crap any day of the week.

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Lone Star tastes like PBR to me

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Modelo Negra is dank

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I wish they sold Hamm's in New York

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Sam Adams

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It's ALWAYS Miller Time

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they're owned with the same comapny. along with old style and ranier

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I wouldn't be surprised if it's almost the exact same beer exact

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>not ordering bundy rum cans as a nightcap

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This doesn't matter. I'm within walking distance of multiple great breweries in Houston.

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Miller Genuine Draft. Anyone know where you can buy it in England?

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yuengling but if they don't have that I get a pitcher of amberbach instead

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American beers don't get me drunk and taste like shit so I just drink malt liquor if I want something carbonated. I'll take an old fashioned or martini any day over anything I've tried yet. Micheladas and cheladas are great though if anyone can recommend an American beer for them.

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>I just drink malt liquor
honestly patrician taste

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Off tastes aren't "tastes you dont like". Unless you got bad or old miller and yuengling, they have no off tastes. Off tastes come from inconsistent breweries (smaller breweries) that haven't gotten the process 100% yet, errors in the canning / bottling process, secondary fermentation, extremely bad storage (warehouse in >85 degree heat prolonged), or just out of date. Some of the cheaper lagers or malt liquors might have fillers that produce unpleasant tastes compared to premiums or locals, but these aren't technically off tastes either, these were intentional (to be able to be that cheap).

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I bet they only make meme IPAs and sours

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Undoubtedly better but I’m not sure it’s cheap enough to be in this argument.

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Coors banquet has no right to be as good as it is

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Dos Equis