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Which do you prefer?

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Both are real bacon. They're just processed differently. Unprocessed bacon is very good too.

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why not both?

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They're both bacon, just from side bacon vs back bacon.

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So the rasher bacon cut is naturally attached to belly? Why don't we just keep them together and have the best of both worlds?

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Both are delicious, and you can't make me choose!

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because Big Bacon™ has other designs in mind that's why

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prefer canadian variety

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That's ham you twat

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For me, it's Beggin' Strips®.

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I prefer cured pork belly sliced thin

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I wonder if that dog is still alive. Where do animals in commercials come from, anyway?

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Probably true.

One of you smart anon's run the numbers comparing the price of full cuts of bacon such as >>16599621 and rasher bacon+strip bacon together and see how much of a mark-up there is per pound.

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The animal actor agency.

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I hope they don't kill them when they're done with them

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>I wonder if that dog is still alive.

Although it looks like a Nineties commercial to me, the video was uploaded in 2008, so let's say that's the latest possible production date. And the Golden Retriever looks full-size, which according to internets takes 1-2 years from birth, so the dog would be at least 14 years old by now. But average life expectancy for Goldens is 10-12 years--so no, probably not still alive.

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Where do you think Beggin' Strips come from?

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the store

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alright Numbers-Anon, here's another job for you >>16599654

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This guy gets it

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>Unprocessed bacon
Bacon is pr. definition processed.

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I'm cheap and buy pre packaged from the supermarket, but I find middle can be a bit hit or miss sometimes. I like to keep bacon soft, and some packs have really nice big rashers with plenty of fat on them which tend to have this great creamy taste to them. Sometimes though I get a pack of sad looking rashers often lacking a bit of fat, and those sometimes end up tasting more like a dry and partially flavourless ham.

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Anon I don't know how old you are but by the age of 28 1/2 you should have all your standard shopping brand preferences settled

pic related for example

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Bong here, I like streaky bacon better

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tfw all bacon used to be thick cut bacon, then they started selling thin bacon as a “low fat” diet fad, and now all bacon is thin cut and you have to pay extra for thicker bacon

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Like I said I'm cheap. It's either middle cut 1kg dandy from coles (which is where the hit and miss comes from) or paying the same price or more for a few hundred grams for short cut shit or whatever.

I eat a lot of bacon and eggs, don't want to spend more than I really have to.

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Nobody in Canada would ever call that "bacon", retard.

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I prefer bacon bits...the american way.

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these taste like concentrated processed grains with barf flavoring

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>I'm cheap and buy pre packaged from the supermarket
Isn't buying whole bacon from the farmers market the cheapest option though? Unless you only use 5 slices a month and the rest would spoil.

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we have neither in my country but i've bought both for sale from promotions in the lidl
i'd go with the american style simply because it seems more useful. it renders out more fat which you can then cook the rest of your degenerate fried meal with and provides a more interesting and crispy texture.
that's not to say the bong version isn't tasty or anything, i'm just saying that gun to my head i'd pick the american version.

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The large chunk of meat is literally the loin, a part that is cut away and sold as its own piece. It's more profitable to sell the belly as bacon and sell the loin separately as its own cut.

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yes i would, eh

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>British sausage co
Do Australians really

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is ann reardon a food scientist? i don't remember ever hearing her claim that even though i've watched a bunch of these

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I grew up on "real" bacon and while it was okay, it was always poorly cooked. Something about other bacon types compels people to stick it on the pan for a second and then serve it semi-raw. Such bacon is disgusting.

The first time I tried American bacon was the first time I could truly say I liked bacon. You can't argue with taste, I'm never going back to rashers.

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That's ham.

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Capitalism denying americans yummy bacon

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>you should have all your standard shopping brand preferences settled
Do not think. Just consooom.

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That's just gay schmackos.


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Anon... did you really try to eat dog treats thinking it'd taste like bacon?

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according to her wiki page and personal instagram yes
whether that is proof enough for you, is your choice really

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that's ham

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>thinking it'd taste like bacon
no i just wanted to see how bad it was or if it even had bacon flavor..nope it does not

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both are pretty nice

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>She left the field of food to work with youth in a low socioeconomic area in Western Australia

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I'm an American and prefer the """real""" bacon. I like meat to be thickly sliced in general.

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real bacon (American)

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>Which do you prefer?
Buy my own pork belly, cut my own bacon. Best of both worlds.

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euromuslims are so gullible holy shit, no wonder we dont let you fucking retards have your own armies

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forgot the pic

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No, it means you should have already gone through the phase of trial and error and sorted out what you like and more importantly, what you don't like, so you aren't wasting time and money buying trash. And this applies to your basic items; olive oil, condiments, butter, seasonings, canned goods, washing liquid, flour, etc

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>tfw 28 and 5 months
it doesnt get better... does it?

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confusing thread

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not OP but: I tried dog butter cookies, they where fucking awesome

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>23$ cheapest
lmao for 23d you can get 2kg of beef tenderloin in here, from irish cows
the magic of export to eastern europe

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I'm sorry you grew up eating terrible food, OP.
No need to be bitter about it.

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Ham already exists. There's no need for Canadian tranny "bacon"

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Do dumb people actually fall for non-statements like "processed with chemicals"?

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>synthetic supplements burn
>natural supplements won't
says fucking who
how are people so gullible that they just read assertions and believe them

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The absolute state of Trudeau's imported browns...

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What are some good uses for leftover bacon grease? It feels like a waste to just pour it down the drain but I don't really know what to do with it.

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I think you can use it to make some sort of bird feed.

Honestly around the kitchen it's not very useful. It has a very strong flavour that will overpower in most cooking applications and it goes rancid way too fast to keep.

It's garbage anon, just loose it down the drain and be done with it forever

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You will never be a real bacon

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Why do Americans slice belly pork so thinly? Get that 3 or 4 cms thick and fry it and it's delicious.

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>blocks your path

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Real becon is the only one I know.

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literally only americans call this bacon, then get mad at canadians for some reason
is it mental illness? the country seems VERY sick

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English bacon all fucking day long.

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They want the bacon crispy for sandwiches like BLT or clubs. Thick sliced is for eating straight

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Danes eat the "American" version and they are the final authority on bacon.

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I think you guys might be confused.

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There's isn't bacon though, that's my point. It's thinly sliced pork belly. It's an entirely different cut to the rest of the World.

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>still has the word "bacon" in it

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>imported browns...
really activates my almonds

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This kinda bacon is perfect for bread rolls.

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They are processed the same, but they are made from totally different cuts. American bacon is made form pork belly. British/Canadian bacon is made from loin.

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"real" bacon
lmao even

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In case you haven't realized, they're more than willing to eat pork as long as it's cheap and/or someone else is cooking it for them.

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Center cut best cut

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That explains why American bacon tastes better.

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Streaky bacon is far superior to back bacon and anyone who says otherwise is just a "do americans really?" shitposter.

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Make a dressing for a veggie salad.

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It's like $11-13 a kilo at the deli counter. Once saw it at $6 a kilo (was a good day). The prepackaged shit is always more expensive

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nobody cares about the rest of the world.

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Can it be both?

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Even though we use the rasher cut as the "standard" bacon in Ireland, and American bacon is apparently a Jewish scheme to sell cheap slop to the golem, I'm partial to American bacon if "by itself" (i.e for burgers, used as a "topping", with cream cheese on a toasted bagel)

For a fry up or on a BLT I prefer rashers.

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Obesed lmao

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ahh back when things made sense still

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>Be a kid
>Hear about leaf bacon
>Ask to see it
>that's ham
>think leafs are fucking retarded for years
>Come on here
>confirm leafs are retarded but not only because of their ham ploy

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You should not be buying branded meat. Locate your local butcher and apologize for years of fuckups.


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A fucking leaf

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there's an aisle dedicated to british food in a lot of supermarkets that you'll only ever see old brits looking through

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The tip is in the name. It's BACKON not BELLYON.
Yank processed pork belly strips are not bacon.

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As someone who have real bacon like pic related all the time in my part of the world american bacon is goooooooood

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>bongbacon is "real bacon"
suck my dick, your thick ass ham slices can go fuck themselves

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No, it's bacon, you retard. Spoiler alert: both bacons come from the same region on the animal. That's why you can get both of them attached together such as in Australia middle-bacon.

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Bacon comes from the loin ie the back of the pig, hence its name.

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I do what I can when I can anon. Don't be unreasonable, it's glib.

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Are you purposefully being retarded...?

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oh bless their round little hearts

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I forgot you guys have a lot of Bong immigrants, makes sense I guess.

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Literally everyone's mums I knew growing up was a housewife. Just don't be poor.

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Now that's based

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This board is so fucking dumb. Doesn't even realize these are just different cuts of meat.

>> No.16609638

No one in Canada calls that bacon, that faggot was larping

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>anon, you're almost 30 and don't have BRAND LOYALTY? LOL!

>> No.16609673

No anon, it's all about brand DISloyalty. Shit that you know is a scam or poor quality and you avoid. Like, oh, for example, Lo Gan Ma etc

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norfolk pork is fucking great
t. from norfolk

>> No.16610380

And yet shitty prepacked bacon loaded with synthetic nitrites is your

>standard shopping brand preference

Grow up. The only one holding yourself back is you. Would you rather eat 6 boxes of steakums, or grill one 12oz steak fresh?
>Shit that you know is a scam or poor quality
You mean like PRIMO BACON?

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not to mention the pioneer nature of early america meant that you weren't carrying pork loins while traveling but you would have a side of bacon since it makes its own grease

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>is ann reardon a food scientist?
this is relevant how? The logic and demonstrations are shown in the video, no need to appeal to authority or credentials.

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Fuck me, I didn't know that was an option

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this is like 5 levels deep of bait and im here for it
gotta love the impact font greentext, really ties the video together

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Ironically the only people I know from Norfolk are Jewish. And you know what, I do want to pork them.

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>norfolk pork is fucking great
Can confirm

>> No.16613430

>Ironically the only people I know from Norfolk are Jewish
Probably moved there (or holiday home) from north London.

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Hamada! Out-o!
>inb4 Tanaka thai kick-u

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You said it...

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i hit it with my car. true story