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Let’s talk about cooking eggs. Tips, tricks, favorite styles.

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Sure, all eggs are tasty whether they poached, fried, scrambled or boiled. Except American-style scrambled eggs, that shit is revolting.

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What is “American style” scrambled eggs?

t. American

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Gas stove to the max, tefal pan, no oil, two eggs, gas stove to the min, lid on, 2-4 mins, shitload of parmigiano and pepper.

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Interesting. Never considered parm on eggs before. Hmm

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It's tremendous. You can do pretty much the same thing but with poached egg and some additional arugula, it will be even better.

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eggs on the pan, let the whites settle down on the bottom, put a few drops of water near the eggs and quickly put a small lid (smaller than the pan) over the eggs. remove a bit later and you have easy sunnyside up eggs.

I used to make them over easy until someone on /ck/ told me this. I thought I'd spread the love.

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When y'all throw some beaten eggs into a screaming hot pan, scrape it around and it's cooked in 30 seconds into a dry, overcooked, rubbery mess.

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by tefal pan do you mean the non-stick teflon variety?

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I might try this tonight. The saltiness of the parm seems like it would work really well.

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American here I don’t do this nor do I know anyone who does

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Post scrambling method immediately. It's guilty until proven innocent round these parts.

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Lol that’s not the American way, it’s just the shitty cooks way. I add a splash of water to the eggs because the evaporating water increases the aeration of the eggs and I go low heat and stir, stir, stir, stir and pull them while they’re still a little wet.

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I'm european and I don't want my scrambled eggs any other way. fuck all your pretentious undercooked salmonella shit. Bet you eat ground beef burgers red too.

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super soft-ass scramble cooked with a double boiler low and slow with a shit ton of butter. then throw it on toast with some deenz.

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high heat, fuck ton of oil, cook fast. favorite fried egg.

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>Bet you eat ground beef burgers red too.
Not him but yes.
t. amerimutt

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Isn’t that essentially a Spanish fried egg?

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>I add a splash of water to the eggs because the evaporating water increases the aeration of the eggs
Didn't ask for your souffle recipe palsy

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Imagine living in a country where salmonella on eggs is a problem lmao

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kinda, but higher heat and you baste the egg with the oil. big ass craters in the egg

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I cooked some bacon in a pot to reduce splatter. Remove bacon. Add onion and pepper. Sizzle. Add egg. Pop the yolk because I don't like cum eggs. Cook on one side then flip. Add paprika salt pepper and whatever cheese. Tip pot to drain the gallon of bacon grease from the eggs. Perfect

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>doesnt like yolk

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Fucking disgusting.

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Going to try the parm on a fried egg right now. Pan is heating up.

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Nice and shiny. Why am I supposed to need Teflon again?

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You need it when you're a cooklet.

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Egg in the pan and the lid is on. Heat on low.

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I got a gas range for the first time. I'm noticing that the pan heats up more on the ring the fire's at and the middle is always colder so eggs cook unevenly. When I use my smaller ring the pan takes forever to get hot enough when trying to fry an egg.

How do you get around that?

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Sunny side up complete.

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Let’s try it out. Anon I’m going to be pissed if this is shite.

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how come it didnt stick

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Because I know how to use stainless steel.

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gee, thanks for sharing

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God damnit anon this was one of the best eggs I’ve ever had. This is how I’m making my eggs from now on. Jesus that was really really good.

If you actually want to know and aren’t just being the typical /ck/ asshole I will tell you.

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i dont see how anything i said could be construed as me being an asshole, all i did was ask how you did it

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I have exactly that pan OP, it's nice. I also cook eggs in it, mostly because I'm lazy and don't want to switch between pans and finding a place to store more in my tiny kitchen.
However it's obvious you're trying to flex that you can cook eggs in it, which is kind of a sad thing to brag about, ya know? Just because some people are pathetic enough to need teflon to cook an egg, doesn't really justify thinly veiled bragging about something so basic.

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then do you want to tell me please???????

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French omelette with cheese in the middle. That's it

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This subject tends to make any thread devolve into endless bickering. The answer as to why the egg didn’t stick is because I seasoned the pan before adding the egg. I heat up the pan, add a bit of canola oil and swish it around the pan making sure the cooking surface is coated and then I let the pan heat until the oil reaches it’s smoke point. I then turn the heat off and let it cool back down a bit and then wipe away any excess oil. I now have a stainless steel pan that is every bit as non stick as Teflon without needing special pans or cooking on potentially toxic substances.

Cooking an egg is a weird thing to flex but ok lol. I just don’t own any Teflon pans, never have, never will. A ton of people on this board can’t seem to figure out how to make stainless steel nonstick like the anon above.

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What, how to do it? Just preheat the pan hot enough and add a little fat. I prefer butter for eggs unless I need really high temp for crispiness.
I recommend preheating the pan dry at medium so it heats evenly without a chance to burn the butter. With a dry pan, you can check if it's hot enough by splashing a drop of water on it, if it glides around the whole surface then it's good

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I need to invest in stainless steel but my non-stick is so damn idiot-proof and easy to clean.

Any idea if nonstick is toxic when heat is medium or less? I typically use olive, avocado, or ghee as my oil and never heat above a 4/10 on my gas. Never above smoke point for sure.

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>With a dry pan, you can check if it's hot enough by splashing a drop of water on it, if it glides around the whole surface then it's good
That’s way too hot to properly cook eggs. Steak and chicken etc etc that way is fine but eggs need to be at a much lower temp where water will not instantly vaporize off the surface. Here the solution is to actually season the cooking surface.

And here we go into the inevitable arguing that comes up anytime someone brings up how to make stainless steel non stick.

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that sounds delicious but also really fucking lengthy. how much time does it take to cook?

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>Pop the yolk because I don't like cum eggs
wtf the egg cum is literally the best part of the egg

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>Any idea if nonstick is toxic when heat is medium or less?
They say it is but they also said that the Boeing 737 Max was perfectly safe and that pilots didn’t need any new training to fly it. We all know how that ended up. When someone is selling me something that makes them money I don’t trust them to tell me the truth.

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That's fair if you want to cook at low temps, the heat method won't work. That said, seasoning stainless seems like a waste, you'll have to refresh the coating each time and it's a whole process that will get greasy residue in your kitchen unless you have good enough ventilation. Just get carbon steel at that point if you don't want teflon.

Personally I don't mind cooking eggs at medium heat, but I like a little browning on the outside of an omelet so I might just be a psychopath. For scrambled I just keep the eggs moving constantly and they don't brown at all, just gotta be quick.

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>That said, seasoning stainless seems like a waste, you'll have to refresh the coating each time and it's a whole process that will get greasy residue in your kitchen
Yes it’s an extra step but I’ve gotten very good at it and can usually get it done while I’m prepping the food to go in the pan. I don’t get any splashing of the oil so the kitchen stays clean.

>but I like a little browning on the outside of an omelet so I might just be a psychopath.
You might be lol. The thing is a sunny side up egg is traditionally cooked at a temp low enough not to create bubbles in the egg which means you are leaving more water content in your egg so it stays supple and doesn’t get rubbery. I usually have to take the pan on and off the heat to keep temps that low because even the lowest setting on my stove is too hot. I fucking hate my stove but it’s still a million times better than electric.

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Good point fellow unvaxxed anon

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you need teflon so you can release toxic fumes and get cancer, don't you know anything

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>Tips, tricks
Get a legit non stick pan like a TFal.
Shit slides right off.

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teflon doesn't release fumes until it hits at least 450 degrees.
You should not be frying eggs at 450 degrees.

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>hey, cook all your food on this hot pan that’s toxic if it gets hot. No don’t get it that hot just get it a little hot and it totally won’t slowly poison you. No don’t buy non toxic stainless steel that does the same job with non of the toxic chemicals!

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>non toxic stainless steel
enjoy your iron overload syndrome

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>he cooks egg soup

>> No.16575125

Oh, are you not familiar with white gas range poster? Everyday, look at my shiny pans. Pretends it's about the food he is making. So concerned with cooking he stops at every half step to take and post pic.

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you know this is an image board right? its an image board specifically about cooking. people tend to post a lot of pics of themselves cooking.

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Supposedly safe at med heat. Non stick has a life of max 2 years. The reason the non stick begins to fail is because it's going into your food. Ceramic sucks btw.

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I used to eat eggs all the time then I let two dozen eggs go to waste because I didn't eat them. I haven't bought eggs in like 2 months. I keep thinking about getting some but then I remember I wasted a bunch and don't

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Why are you buying two dozen at a time? A dozen is usually plenty for a week at a time if not more.

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try milk instead of water
mix eggs with some milk pour into max heat pan(butter or margirine melted before, or a nonstick pan)
move it around till it cooks thru, using spatula to cut it in size you like,60-90 seconds it should be cooked with a hint of golden brown(or not)
turn heat off let sit 30-60 seconds to steam with a lid on it

perfect scramby eggs, fluffy and not dry, not wet
i dont know what people think dry scramby eggs even are?
most people add ketchup to them anyways

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Is this a troll? This is exactly what that anon was talking about when he was shitting on “American style” scrambled eggs.

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based retard

lots of fat/oil, wait for the pain to heat up first, then put the egg on, don't move it until it unsticks

scrambled eggs and fish are the only things I really find non-stick useful for.

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ah yes, the classic max heat no butter non-stick pan method. i too enjoy the taste of sweet cancer

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so the key to scrambled eggs is low and slow?

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get a better pan

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yolk is mostly cooked, what a waste

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A piece of toast rubbed with a garlic clove, some parm and pepper w/ an egg cooked in your favorite style is absolutely wonderful. Highly recommend. I personally prefer a spanish egg for the cooking method

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Low, slow and constantly stirring. High heat is the enemy of any egg. It has a lot of water content and when you cook them with too high a temp it cooks the water out of your eggs and you end up with rubber.

>> No.16575302

Also make sure you get your eggs well aerated before going I to the pan. Whisk them briskly so you can see the air bubbles forming on the surface. This will give you fluffier eggs when combined with the constant stirring.

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Taking requests if anyone is interested in any of these egg recipes.

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398. Eggs hunters’ style catches my eye.

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Ill post the chasseur sauce in a min. It's pretty important for the dish.

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Here yah go. The half glaze is fucked up to make traditionally.

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Baked potato/french fries with curry topped with egg, feta cheese uwu desu

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...whats the very last recipe in the book?

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two shitty fried eggs with the yolks popped

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Fuck man that shit is way to complicated for a couple of eggs.

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Scallops parisienne. recipe 2984

Basically braised scallops, mushrooms, and mashed potatoes served on a scallop shell.

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That's french cooking for yah!

Use it as inspiration instead.
Fried eggs with liver and mushrooms sauteed in white wine with tomatoes and shallots. A very simplified version would probably take about 30 mins to make and would be pretty tasty.

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i just made scrambled eggs this way and they were delicious but really heavy

>4 eggs
>3/4 stick of butter
>put it on very low heat until the butter is melted and bubbling
>add the eggs to the pan
>puncture the yolks
>stir until theyre steaming and there at the consistency where i like them; a little bit like apple sauce consistency
>topped with a little salt and pepper
>very buttery and creamy

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Yes, t-fal is the American standard for cheap but not too cheap nonstick pans. They do good. I wouldn't buy any other nonstick desu

>> No.16575512

When non-Americans talk about "americans" they mean niggers
Hope that clears things up for you

>> No.16575516

Can you link me to proof that a nonstick pan is toxic to humans when overheated? I looked around once and just found some dead canaries.

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600 calories from butter, 250 from eggs. Based and animalfatpilled.

If you add a dollop of sour cream or creme fraiche towards the end it will balance the richness by adding a little acidity. Chives or green onion do well also.

>> No.16575533

Here yah go bb.


>> No.16575541

I thought I used a lot of butter lol

>> No.16575563

thanks desu
luv butter, me

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>crack 4-6 eggs into pan
>turn on medium heat
>throw in some butter when it starts to cook
>mix until done
>throw on salt and pepper
pretty basic, don't know how much variation there could be to be quite honest family

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I like to fry eggs in the grease while making sausage patties

>> No.16575816

My favorite way to cook eggs is to crack a few into a pan on a low heat, slow cook the whites while I mix them around a bit (leaving the yolks intact), then once the whites are fully cooked I take the pan off the heat and scramble the uncooked yolks into the whites. Always comes out moist and deliciously flavorful, plus it's incredibly convenient and uses less dishes since I do it all in the pan.

Nutrition-wise it's great, too: The whites get nicely cooked to improve bioavailability of the protein, but the yolks stay as raw as possible to keep their cholesterol non-oxidized and all the vitamins fully intact.

>> No.16575920

That's more or less the key to eggs in general.

>> No.16576807

Low and slow, baby


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My only beef with this is now your egg is covered in butter and you’ve taken a relatively low Val breakfast and doubled the calories by cooking it in all that butter.

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best scrambled eggs
>mix eggs together. Don't season yet, don't whisk as you don't want to introduce too much air. Just mix the whites and yolks until they're combined.
>Heat a pan with butter. Should be relatively low as you want it to cook slowly.
>Add eggs once butter is slightly browned. Let the eggs go solid on the bottom. Lift the solid parts off, and repeat. You want long strands.
>Keep going until cooked through, no visible moisture.
here's the real trick
>Take off the heat and add a little more butter. Stir the butter through the eggs. Season and serve.

This method works best because the eggs are not left phlegmy, but are still moist from the last bit of butter. Plus seasoning at the end rather than the start gives a better texture, as salt can denature the proteins before they cook

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Butter is good for you.

>> No.16577071

Sunny side up is most based way to make eggs. Throw it on a buttered piece of toast and all it a day.

>> No.16577143

The PFOAs in them cause cancer

>> No.16577230

Any tips for making your hard-boiled eggs easy to peel? Sometimes it just takes chunks of the egg away. Thanks

>> No.16577242

Ice bath.

>> No.16577244

Are you applying to be the next GDQ announcer?

>> No.16577400

>”why are modern cancer rates skyrocketing” he asked as he cooked his food in a pan layered with known carcinogens.

>> No.16577406

That coupled with the massive amounts of radioactive fallout produced from over 10k nuclear tests.

>> No.16577427

The biggest meme when it comes to eggs is how the pros tell you to crack eggs on a flat surface. It’s fucking stupid and doesn’t work nearly as well as cracking them on the edge of a counter or cutting board.

>> No.16577448

Jesus, I hate directions like this.
>Gas stove to the max, tefal pan,
The longer you leave the pan there, the hotter the pan will get.
If you crack the eggs right after you put the pan on, then "gas stove to the min", the pan won't be hot enough to cook the eggs.
So HOW FUCKING LONG do you heat the pan, or better yet, how hot should the pan be when the eggs go in?
Do water droplets pop, sizzle and almost immediately evaporate?
Jesus, dude.

>> No.16577455

The only thing you would ever actually use max heat for is searing meat. Eggs are always cooked at low heat and it’s usually a low enough temp that water will not dance on the pan. Set your flame to low and let it heat for a few minutes so you minimize hot spotting. You can always increase the heat once the eggs are in the pan but if you add them while it’s too hot it’s going to make your eggs rubbery at best and burnt at worst.

>> No.16577466

>Bet you eat ground beef burgers red too.
Both raw eggs and raw beef are safe to eat, eggs more so than beef.
Tuna and salmon too.
Don't be so provincial.

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File: 202 KB, 1920x1080, [RH] Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu [CAB428BB].mkv_snapshot_02.03.17_[2019.12.24_23.35.58].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My rice cooker uses a nonstick coating should I be goncerned o_O

>> No.16577486

>cooked some bacon in a pot to reduce splatter.
>Cook on one side then flip.
>drain the gallon of bacon grease

I'm confused.
How do you flip an egg down inside a pot?
With all that grease, are you deep frying the eggs, or you exaggerating the amount of grease?

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It's too late for you, sorry.

>> No.16577505

Directions like that are equipment specific. You do something with the same stuff enough you just know to put the stove at a certain setting with a certain pan for however long.

>> No.16577564

Yeah just don't scratch her up or use the scrubby side of a sponge. Rice cookers use relatively low heat in a very controlled manner, so it's not that bad.

>> No.16577566

That guy is retarded anyway. Just use a stainless steel pan and experiment with different heats using oil or butter.

>> No.16577704

>ctrl+f cocotte
>no results

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>> No.16577953 [DELETED] 

I wasn't going for specific, autistic directions. I mentioned Tefal "My friend's friend's best friend told me it causes cancer" pan, which has an indicator that goes red when it's ready to cook, never failed me. As simple as that. What kind of fucking detailed directions do you need to have in order to fry a fucking basic pair of eggs anyway?

"just experiment, anon, who kept bitching about how abstract those barebones directions were" great fucking job, you niggerfaggot

>> No.16577994

what book is this, anon?

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Yeah you're right, i should have just trusted that industry blindly. How foolish of me to not take any risks while products are constantly recalled from supermarkets

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>3/4 stick of butter

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I could eat huevos rancheros everyday

>> No.16578020

I almost agree with you,, but ALL scrambled eggs are fucking disgusting and people who make them should be treated as war criminals.
Fucking low class degenerates.

>> No.16578053

french tier amounts of butter lol

>> No.16578086

When mixing eggs for an omelette, I put a pinch of garlic powder for every egg and a pinch of chili flakes for every two eggs. You can use minced/crushed garlic if you wish but i find I get a much more consistent taste with the powder.

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File: 1.19 MB, 2085x2959, 20210810_171107.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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when frying eggs I use the egg whites to form a pouch around the yolk so if I fuck up flipping them the yoke will still be trapped in the pouch and won't just leak onto the pan

>> No.16578336

I almost like it, but you should season the avocados and double the quantity of eggs (at least).

>> No.16578340

>canola oil
Canola oil is terrible, it's just as bad for you as Teflon. You should switch to a non seed oil. Really neat post, though.

>> No.16578342

PFOAs have literally no health effects in humans unless you're a chinaman who works with them constantly
Your skillet will not kill you

>> No.16578348

>have this book
>almost never use it because of how specific and expensive most of the recipes are

>> No.16578351

Yeah it's fucking Escoffier what do you expect

>> No.16578371

I like big curds of scrambled egg that are firm enough to be forked individually. No browning or rubberiness though.

>> No.16578381

>chemicals that have no place in your physiology aren't bad for you unless you ingest so many of them that you develop overt symptoms in a very short time frame
You have no idea what you're talking about. Your body doesn't just perfectly handle toxins until you suddenly have 1 picogram too many and cancer happens. Do you think microplastics are OK, too?

>> No.16578383

French cuisine is adding food to butter and that’s what makes it based

>> No.16578391

Hate to plug the guy here, he's almost a cliche at this point, but Ragusea has a really good video on the toxicity of non-stick pans. It's not nearly as bad as you would think, even if it chips and you swallow it its very inert and will just pass right through you. To actually get sick from the pan you need to heat it to 800+°F for a long time, like put it on high heat and fall asleep for an hour. Even then you just get the flu for a day or two. The potential for cancer is only really for workers in the factory making them, your pan at home doesn't have enough of the chemical left in it to give you cancer.

>> No.16578423

Salt Fat Acid Heat is not gospel.

Scrambled eggs should have literally zero hint of sour. You probably put red wine vinegar in your carbonara. GTFO.

>> No.16578494

A small bit of sour cream wont taste sour you ding dong. It just reduces the over the top richness of 3/4 stick of butter in 4 eggs. Same with the chives or green onion. The spicy and fresh flavor helps balance the richness.

Not saying I like it, but consider for a moment why people like ketchup in their scrambled eggs.

Also I will not be leaving. Thank you very much.

>> No.16578501

>what is eggs in purgatory/shakshuka/rancheros
>what is hot sauce on eggs

You have no palate.

>> No.16578511

>Fry bacon
>Fry hashbrowns in bacon fat
>Egg time!
>First I scramble before any pan.
>Mix in grated cheddar cheese.
>Put egg in bacon pan.
>Heat it slow so the cheese melts before it's cooked.
>If you don't melt more shredded cheese over the top after it's done you're seriously missing out.
>Serve in a tortilla with ketchup.
I don't like ketchup, but this seriously needs salsa at the very least.

>> No.16578518

Gotta agree with this. I think it's good for inspiration.

I'd like to make big batches of the freeze-able mother sauces and keep them on hand to actually try out some of the recipes.

3 tbs of half glaze? Gotta spend like 18 hours making stock and reducing it.

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Get a single egg sized nonstick pan and silicone spatula to flip it with. It's like cheating, perfect fried egg every time. Use a high smoke point oil like avocado.

>> No.16578595

This would only be good for me if I was a little girl who ate 1 egg at a time. Also, why would you possibly need avocado oil to fry an egg? Just use butter. Please don't tell me you've ever burned butter cooking an egg before.

>> No.16578606

>people like ketchup in their scrambled eggs
I would have used hot sauce as the example there, works a lot better.

>> No.16578792

What do you guys have against fluffy eggs?

>> No.16578977

Thank you. The fact that people there keep parroting some anal, insignificant shit they've heard through a grapevine will never not be amusing to me. It reminds me of situation when /lit/ kept talking shit about particular editions of Thomas Pynchon's books, because they had a little typo on page 43 or some shit. Who gives a flying fuck if you prefer to use stainless steel pan? Good for you avoiding the cancer stuff. You are going to die from cholesterol now though, so don't be too happy about it. Keep seething and telling me that i'm stretching it and that the amount of oil used for eggs is insignificant and harmless.

You will never be a good cook if you keep following instructions/amounts of ingredients in recipes as meticulously as you probably do. It's all immensely subjective and depend on many things, like the stuff you're using, your preferences, etc.

Sorry about my shitty directions, though, here you go: in order to get the best fried eggs of them all you have to leave your pan for 28 minutes and 36 seconds EXACTLY, not more, not less. After that you're good to go. Under no circumstances should water droplets pop, sizzle and/or evaporate. They should speak in the softest voice, telling the >>16577566 guy to fuck off and die a horrible death for telling you, a careful and rigorous cook, to, pfft!, experiment with stuff.

Don't forget the parm!

Glad you liked it. Next time do it with pecorino!

>> No.16579058
File: 19 KB, 428x368, 1620050621006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>without cooking on potentially toxic substances
>uses canola oil

>> No.16579063

boogery ass egglets ITT

>> No.16579074

Oh man this post reeks so much of midwitism.
>toxic chemicals are OK for you in lower doses
Such a dumb statement made only by people who are completely ignorant of biology.
>You are going to die from cholesterol now though
Such a dumb statement made only by people who are completely ignorant of nutrition.
>that whole LARP about giving instructions
So cringe.

>> No.16579079

Nice catch, that cracked me up, too. You have 1 guy talking about how he avoids toxic substances while he consumes canola oil and another guy who eats 2 eggs and no more because he doesn't want to "die of cholesterol." Normies are so dumb.

>> No.16579089
File: 20 KB, 640x320, 1622515535190.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bet none of you do this...
I take the shell of the cracked egg and a knife and surgically cut out the chalazae. Otherwise eggs are gross to me.

>> No.16579094

Calling someone a midwit and dropping some pontificating implications that you know shit about biology or nutrition IS midwitism. Posts like you used to get a pity "tips fedora" reply back in the day. Judging by, apparently, your >>16579079 post, you totally missed my point about ""high"" cholesterol and made hilariously wrong assumptions about eating two eggs (?).

I also like how how you ran out of nitpicks and made up some shit about me larping, ending it with a very condescending "so cringe". Talk about a pot calling a kettle black.

>> No.16579100
File: 358 KB, 820x625, OverEasyEggs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Over easy style is S tier

>> No.16579105
File: 384 KB, 1280x1707, 1620181564846.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look at MY eggs. :)

>> No.16579128

The worst thing about this picture, to me, is a fucking tomato stem that hasn't been removed.

>> No.16579129
File: 88 KB, 3370x152, Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 7.19.08 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>implications I know about biology or nutrition
Would you like me to calmly explain to you why ingesting toxins in any amount is bad for you? Would you like me to calmly explain to you the mechanism behind arterial plaques and/or heart disease, and why cholesterol consumption is not a driving factor behind that?
>made up LARPing
Since you have no idea where you possibly could have been roleplaying about giving instructions in your post, I screenshotted it and attached it to this post. Let me know if that helped you understand what I meant.

The way you write is just so awkward and weird. I'm letting you know in case you think you're funny and witty or whatever. Just trying to save you some embarrassment in the future.

>> No.16579148
File: 2.42 MB, 270x480, Omurice.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The best egg dish


>> No.16579170

anon, what the fuck is this shit?

>> No.16579177

I call it... A healthy full english breakfast deconstructed.

>> No.16579240
File: 2.72 MB, 626x360, 1622632937034.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16579530

How does he get out?

>> No.16579548

How does he get IN?

>> No.16579555

he has to cook all the eggs

>> No.16579576
File: 3.45 MB, 4032x3024, 20210819_143912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yesterdays lunch was frying spinach, pepper and onions in a spoon of green curry sauce, then cooking 2 eggs into this

looked better in the pan, i broke it apart to serve.

onion/spinach/egg great combination, can turn eggs into a more filling meal and good nutrition value

>> No.16579784

>omelet doesn't even have a cute girl draw on it with ketchup and then spit on it for me
I'll pass

>> No.16579995


>> No.16580016

>gas heat at max
>on a fucking t-fal
Literally just cooking the cancer into your food, fucking pleb

>> No.16580039

can someone give me some scrambled eggs tips, mine always come out bland and boring

>> No.16580062

add chorizo

>> No.16580065

Okay so listen to this, you let the egg cook until it's done.

>> No.16580070

>stove on mark 4
>t-fal pan on
>butter dropped
Yep it's eggy time.

>> No.16580099


same. love eggy time

did parm and pep and fried in butter with some anchovy oil

>> No.16580110

I cook bacon in the pan first then add the eggs prescrambled. Add salt and pepper to taste.

>> No.16580976

My grandfather liked to a mince a bit of onion and sauté them until they are soft and then add the egg to the pan and scramble.

>> No.16581017

If you do it right on higher heat it's not bad. If you prebeat in cream or milk and ur other stuff like cheese It stays most and you lose less to the pan. I like to use bacon fat I just cooked to cook them in. Just need to immediately stir them and cooking time is under 20 seconds. They only become dry if you burn eggs or leave in pan longer.

>> No.16581024

Or you could just cook them properly and not do it the wrong way and then try and justify how it’s not that bad. Just a thought.

>> No.16581033

I've cooked eggs every single way. Cooking is about experimenting. I actually normally cook eggs the "right" way but the difference in flavor is negligible especially if you prefer larger pieces of egg. Sounds like you're just a bad cook who has no control over the pan.

>> No.16581038

>Cooking is about experimenting.
Ya but we figure out the best way to cook eggs a loooooong time ago. Cooking eggs on high heat and then actin like you’re experimenting is like a kid fucking up his shoe laces and saying he’s experimenting.

>> No.16581070


The only person in this thread who does this is european

>> No.16581079


Scrambled with cinnamon and thin apple chunks.

AKA "Apple eggs" very good, the kids love 'em

>> No.16581083


>> No.16581118

Not as good as milk and orange juice mixed together, but it's close.

>> No.16581137

Didn't know it's actually called Spanish scrambled eggs. My late mom used to cook it this way and really loved it despite how simple it is

>> No.16581148
File: 13 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16581163
File: 17 KB, 300x400, 04263704bc91643ace3d8d9340b47c92-charlie-kelly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16581188

There is no such thing as Spanish scrambled eggs. A Spanish egg is a fried egg that’s cooked in a significant amount of olive oil.

>> No.16581207

what are those little bite-sized things the guy in the foreground's eating at :21?

>> No.16581213

well done; this looks good. you have sticks & thing in your bread, tho

>> No.16581553

not for women

>> No.16582159

>figured out

Ok faggot. There isn't a right answer its how to get the results you want and what tastes the best. Very slow cooked eggs are great because even if you are shit you can't fuck it up not because its the only way to do it.

>> No.16582167

Crack eggs in to pan, cook white and scramble it, when it is cooked enough remove from heat, break yellow, scramble it into white. Enjoy creamy scrambled eggs.

>> No.16582198
File: 178 KB, 2048x1463, listen here mark you little shit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like sunny side up eggs and pouring the hot pan's sunflower oil over the egg yolks with a spoon to cook it but still keep it runny

also fresh eggs from chickens are so much fucking better you can immediately tell by the taste

>> No.16582211


>> No.16582243

oh and cook eggs in the same oil you just cooked some bacon

>> No.16582250

Dark magic.

>> No.16582274

Ever since I started frying my eggs in olive oil I stopped using butter.

>> No.16582340

>fresh eggs from chickens are so much fucking better you can immediately tell by the taste
This is very true. I used to think I hated eggs until I tried farm-fresh ones, and even the pasture-raised organic eggs from the store, at which point I discovered eggs are fucking DELICIOUS. It turns out that there really is a substantial difference between eggs you get at 99 cents per dozen and ones that are $5 per dozen.

>> No.16582881

That’s true with everything in life. Butter is the same way.

>> No.16582919

I have never heard of this method and I lived in america

>> No.16582928

My mother, bless her heart always made scrambled eggs like this. Always overcooked and rubbery. It pushed me to learn how to make proper scrambled eggs. My family laughs at how it takes me 20 minutes to make scrambled eggs, let them laugh.

>> No.16582932

I made a poached egg sandwich this morning for tomorrow breakfast
>3 eggs in a boiling saucepan
>malted bread
>mayonnaise on both sides
>mature cheddar
>2 tomato slices
>lettuce leaf
>onion slices
Should be good

>> No.16582955

Same. My mom taught me to cook eggs low and slow.

>> No.16583010

If you use enough butter they never really dry up, but they do finish cooking.

>> No.16583028

If you cook scrambled eggs the "correct" way they end up with a consistency something like cottage cheese.

>> No.16583725


>> No.16585745

I do this.
t. Swede

>> No.16586636

don't worry, nobody expects any better from nords

>> No.16586686
File: 3.51 MB, 4032x3024, 99C66005-3416-4B9F-97DD-42C806B24E6E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More eggs this morning. Took the earlier anons suggestion of Parmesan on a sunny side up egg and combined that into the old McMuffin formula and it’s great. No cheese except the Parmesan and it’s pretty close to perfect. Hit that perfect medium yolk which I like for a breakfast sandwich. It still has all the flavor but doesn’t all bleed out of the sandwich

>> No.16586699

Urnordisk gör samma

>> No.16587539

Damn I want some eggs. Maybe for dinner.

>> No.16587883

How the fuck do you cook fried eggs like this pic? Every time I've done it, it's usually brown on the edges, or speckled with tiny egg fetus or some shit.

>> No.16587889

Very low heat. There’s no secret.

>> No.16587894

Just looks like half a boiled egg to me.

>> No.16587903

You remember the white stuff? Wut

>> No.16587920

Americans call this diner-style. Given non-Americans don't really have diners and STRONGLY associate diners with American culture you can see why anon called it American-style. I can't believe I have to be the one to say this.

>> No.16587959

>cast iron pan
>fry hashbrowns in oil first
>mix in some chopped bacon and onions
>remove but leave all remaining oil/bacon fat
>decrease heat to medium low
>eggs in
>wait for whites to firm up enough to flip
>wait 10-15 seconds
>eggs out. Season with salt n' pepper

>> No.16587971

Hot pan with lotsa butter
Beaten eggs with milky
Pour in
Wait 5 seconds
Stir clockwise 10 times
Salt pepper

>> No.16587975

true story, my ex gf in college used to mix water with eggs to add volume when she cooked. she legit made the grossest eggs ive ever had and i have no animosity towards her except for her crimes against food

>> No.16587980

I boil them in the bouillon of my ramen

>> No.16587985

>I’m just making shit up lol

>> No.16587991

>A fast and easy technique for fluffy, fully cooked, diner-style scrambled eggs
What a strange thing to accuse someone of lying about.

>> No.16588001

just below medium heat
let pan get hot
butter only
eggs in, don't break yolk
cover pan and let the tops steam.
out of pan. few drops of hot sauce.
nom nom.

>> No.16588019

this actually did, thanks

>> No.16588205

That does actually work but you just add a tiny amount of water. She was likely adding far too much.

>> No.16588614

That's from pork anon

>> No.16588622

Remember that a "stick of butter" is a specific measurement in America, and it's a lot smaller than an actual stick of butter like you buy in the supermarket.

>> No.16588632
File: 292 KB, 650x439, proxy-image[3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's a lot smaller than an actual stick of butter like you buy in the supermarket.
No, it's exactly the size of a stick of butter that you buy in the supermarket. That's why it's called that.

>> No.16588666

Nowhere else sells butter in packages that small

>> No.16588673

American here, we don’t do that. At least to my knowledge and no one I know does that. I think that’s something 10year olds make when they think it’s cute to make their mom breakfast on Mother’s Day.

>> No.16588680

Everyone here considers a stick of butter that size to be a large amount of butter. What the fuck are other countries doing?

>> No.16588685
File: 35 KB, 640x640, the pak pack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

as the other guy said our butter is like this
my theory is >>16587920

>> No.16588920

European here, I'm gay if that helps.

>> No.16589048

Aren’t all Europeans?

>> No.16589084

A stick of butter is 1/2 cup.
>Why not just say "1/2 cup of butter" ?
Americans are strange.

>> No.16589090

That is an egg pudding, not scrambled eggs.

>> No.16589115
File: 1.21 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2021-08-22-21h47m57s130.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is this so true?
No other hot sauce taste good on sunny side up eggs. Other hot sauces are too vinegary or just too hot with aging of peppers at all.

>> No.16589118

Because all butter comes packaged in half cup sticks here, so it's easier to just talk about sticks and fractions of sticks.

>> No.16589131
File: 1.37 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2021-08-22-21h52m30s766.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16589396

>Every time I've done it, it's usually brown on the edges
turn down the heat, you numpty

>> No.16589404
File: 5 KB, 250x228, 1506670697791.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>space dandy

>> No.16589486

What is wrong with space dandy?
Also, the quality of eggs counts. fresh eggs or even whole foods eggs are fucking awesome and the yolk has a yummy flavor, but average grocery store eggs suck

Never fucking ever buy from walmart. I bought 96 eggs for ten bucks for shits and giggles from walmart because no one bought it and the eggs were frozen. Terrible, terrible eggs.

>> No.16590355

Not him, but I always do an ice bath for them and I almost always have a bitch of a time peeling them without massive chunks sticking to the shell.

>> No.16590488

My favorite way to eat eggs is soft boiled with toast soldiers

>> No.16590498

living the dream

>> No.16590552

how i love eggs a truly versatile easy food god bless you eggs and god bless us everyone

>> No.16590742

I cook my eggs on the toaster.

>> No.16590773
File: 29 KB, 800x533, smiling-happy-face-looking-pointing-to-side-finger-middle-age-man-smiling-happy-face-looking-135645379[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

look at picasso over here

>> No.16591304

They're always going to be a bit difficult to peel if they're warm. I tap both sides and roll, but it's a shit shoot whether I can successfully peel them every time.

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