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where's the webm thread?

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Half of that is disgusting slop from New York. When did that city lose its magic?

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dont you like all that DIVERSITY in your food? go back to unseasoned turkey dinners white people find too spicy to eat lmao

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You can't call yourself a man unless you cook with lava

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Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (Although another dishonorable mention would be the potato famine turning New York into the world's dumping ground"

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That's some nice bark

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Lava makes a perfectly cooked well done steak. All it needs is a side of 'chup.

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wtf man.

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>molten hot cheese
what's with americans and putting cheese on everything?

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man FUCK business insider, all of these foods are shit you take photos of for your gay insta/social media

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Raclette is Swiss/French in origin.
But it's actually a nice, aged cheese wheel.
What these restaurants have with that neon yellow nacho cheese I cannot tell you.

I like nachos with it once in a while when I'm at the movie theater, but I wouldn't want to dunk whole burgers into it or smother meat with it.

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i hate these trends of food but HYUGE proportions, they are more wasted than your average buffet

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I literally don't want any of that disgusting shit

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Cope. Europoors would suck down every dish posted here that's overflowing with neon yellow cheese and ask for more.

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This. Ffs that's like 20kg of food wasted for some gay jewtube video liked by autistic 12 year-olds

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fat hands typed this out

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what? you don't waste resources for the sake of few likes bruh?

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Cope. Europeans have dishes overflowing with cheese, grocery store aisles full of squeeze tube cheese, and they pretend they would refuse to eat cheese just because it has annatto in it. Why keep lying to yourselves?

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fat hands and a amputated leg typed this out

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>T-that cheese product is different because... it just is ok!

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lmao, that chick looks like that guy who did the Kosher ASMR vids on Tiktok

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That's just Sweden. They love food from a tube for some reason.

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Liquid hot MAG-MA

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Enjoy your guaranteed bowel obstruction memewich, resectioning surgery, and lifetime of GI complications and mandatory dietary restrictions, sir.

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Swedes, please explain to me why you like tube based food paste so much?

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well they love sucking cock, so its natural for them

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if anyone has any questions about this one, ask away

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we should make her go eat all his eggs to he can finally go home, it's been 17 years, he's gonna miss his son's arranged marriage

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>tube cheese

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I despise all mukbangers but there's something about her that makes me hate her much more than the rest.

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i understand why people hate her face but for me, i just love seeing her "acting" when trying to convey pleasure

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Nice try, but it's more than just Sweden.

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She's like a female version of that child rapist who always gets posted here. I forget his name.

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you mean the seastern guy with protruding cheekbones? kek he's like polar opposite of her in terms of expression

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was it actually true that he was a rapist?
I thought that was a joke because every clip of him has him blasting rope in his pants while eating food

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That shit was literally a gag in one of the Hot Shots movies.
God, I hate "food journalism"

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>the soyboys who immediately takes out their phones when the ice cream is delivered

What the fuck is this world we live in.

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it'll be cheaper if you order pizza that big and some boneless, roll them like a burrito and eat it

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i have never seen a more jewish face in my life.

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>42 foods you need to eat before you die
More like 42 foods that will kill you

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well, same difference

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This just looks like any breakfast I've had while staying in a hotel

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I know your being stupid but it's the American governments fault. But when when the government's cheese surplus started getting into the billions of dollars and government cheese became a big thing the government was giving kickbacks to restaurants and businesses that sold more cheese in their foods

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>T-that cheese product is not the same as the dumb american product because... *insane rambling conspiracy theory*

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Wait... What the fuck? How have I never heard about this? Europeans really are shit posters.

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kek, wait until you hear all the other bullshit you've been led to believe about Europe

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>kalles kaviar
damn i love that stuff

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Theres easy cheese and spray cheese in America, anon.

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I don't believe you.

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Believe it, I ate it myself when I was a kid

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Perfect, she'll burn her tongue and she won't taste my smegma.

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>#1 Burger dipped in CHEESE

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>tfw even modern cooks like Babish will throw away perfectly good food because he's "watching his figure"
>watched him spit out perfectly good desserts because of it
>rest of it likely went in the garbage the next day too

I have nothing but contempt and hatred for people who waste.

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a /ck/ webm if i've ever seen one

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quite sure babish always has production people, friends, family etc nearby when he doesn't eat something he made that's edible, can't recall him just straight making something good and saying/implying it's going to waste. I entirely agree, food waste is a sin

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>lobster topped pho
if that was made by a white person > go back to microwaving pizzas
if that was made by an overseas vietnamese > we refuse to accept them as vietnamese

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incorrect. those guys owned a gym or something and invited entire parties of whores and friends to eat every last bit. dudes were the pinnacle of awesome before the whole beard and bacon fad even existed.

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Because it's shit tier content from insider which is a media company based in new york

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Do you really not know about government cheese? Lurk more

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actual cope

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forgets that one race actually charted the stars, sailed the seven seas, conquered savage empires,.

All in search of spice...


other "races" banged two sticks together and just now (last year) discovered the wheel (after a Eurocuck showed it to them)

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Eat all the eggs?

>> No.16553363

the guy with the weird eyes named mark or something?

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>Giant fries
It's just a fried baked potato

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I wanna eat all that cheese.

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Perfect way to fuck up a steak.

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chicken gyro

>> No.16553633

its the avocado lady

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How can it be baked when it's fried?? Lol

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how dare you post this horse faced cunt

>> No.16553663

you have to bake the potato first you fucking amoeba brain

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what the fuck
what the fuck

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If you threw a raw potato in a fryer it would burn on the outside and stay raw on the inside.

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Cool it with the antisemitism mate, here at insider we only hire jewish females and females of colour. Venmo a bipoc shut up white people. Jew York forever.

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of course most of this stupid shit is from jew york

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most yuros who post here are fat NEETs who spend their welfare on shit food and spend all their time obsessing over the US

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Those clips of them stuffing their faces at the end made me want to vomit. Why do they eat like obnoxious pigs?

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Why would you want a giant fry? That just means less golden brown crusty bits and more of the tasteless inside part

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Holy kek


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If you don't post your life experience to tiktok and facebook, then did it really happen?

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This one always looks genuinely delicious to me.

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Documenting your location constantly is useful for if you get falsely accused of shit.

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There's a whole industry of upselling things that White people are used to getting for free to blacks, and they call it luxury.

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It's a leftover from the early 20th century. It's efficient and it just stuck.

>> No.16554041

Also it's important to note that it's not cheese. It's like a weird version of creme cheese in most of them.

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How did he get in there?

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good question! the universe actually formed around him, so it's much less how did he get in there and more so how did anything get outside of there? the answer to that? only he knows

>> No.16554063

He hatched in there.

>> No.16554064

Who is this man?

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Someone post the ridiculous ramen that's like 99% deep fried beef stripes pl0x

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I you're think this webm is cool I've have got bad news's for you.

>> No.16554272

Look closer. She's obviously used to opening her mouth like that.

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Lue lisää vastuullisuustyöstämme osoitteessa

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>heavy cutting with a rolling knife towards your finger

>> No.16554299

Do they call them hot dogs because they look like dog penises when you squint?

>> No.16554305

>that side of diabeetus

>> No.16554313

Why do they call them hotdogs if you in food or the in of eat but no out when the

>> No.16554320

>last one
>edible cookie dough
Isn't all cookie dough edible?

>> No.16554346

>Burgers dipped in loads of cheese
i hope someone remembers that CHEESE HAHAHAHA CHEEESE!!!! post i made a few years ago :)

>> No.16554360

We've seen this webm a lot. I always play it in reverse.

>> No.16554456

need the 4cc webm after he scores

>> No.16554472

it's probably pasteurized in some way to make it fly with food inspectors. raw eggs technically carry some risk, but more importantly flour can also be contaminated.

>> No.16554617

That barbecue looks fucking awful

>> No.16554971

I dont but i wana hear the news

>> No.16554977

Lol, even the soldier in the background is like "dude what the fuck"

>> No.16555055

holy cope
stop samefagging and shitting up this thread lardo

>> No.16555059

all me btw

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Europoors absolutely seething at their tube cheese being exposed.

>> No.16555692

You're a worthless cunt who wasted a steak. Get the fuck out. You're no longer welcome in /ck/

>> No.16555829

I actually tried doing this dish decently, it's pretty good.

>> No.16555848

>food tube expert

>> No.16555872

We literally conquered the world, adventured to the stars and stole all your precious spices and recipes while we we were at it. No wonder you guys are still seething lmfao

>> No.16555888

When I see webm's like this, my immediate reaction is always "oh they're just memeing" but then I remember there are 400+ pound people out there actively eating themselves to death. This world is depressing

>> No.16555930

looks legitimately great.

>> No.16556026

I swear if some FAGGOT posts the pures lesben videos!

>> No.16556109

How can it be cool when it's lava? Wouldn't it just like dirt and shit?

>> No.16556212

>ladle of hot sauce

>> No.16556219

Looks like it's got a nice seared bite.

>> No.16556231

>when eating hot sauce no longer does it for you

>> No.16556245

delet this

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>> No.16556297

what is straccetti di pollo (sounds like chicken fries) and sottiletta?

>> No.16556308

I think no one likes any journalism now days

>> No.16556317

>wow it’s a toaster!
For thirty bucks you get breakfast with the added bonus of it sitting out for hours with a hundred people from all over the world handling and spitting all over it.

>> No.16556342

this might be sloppa but I'm gonna try this next time I see my family

>> No.16556388

I committed suicide after watching this

>> No.16556424

After all his health troubles I guess it was only a matter of time before he started making videos on holistic and alternative therapies.

>> No.16556620

>chicken breast
>bake 90 minutes
chicken breast is done cooking in like 30 minutes max, i think you're going to end up with some pretty dry chicken doing this

>> No.16556648

>hot in the can
Mmm, melted can lining.

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>> No.16556692

This was a while ago

>> No.16556696

They mostly donate it after doing the retarded bit and eat it within a few days/weeks.

>> No.16556708

>Actually trying to take a bite off a a block of spam
I know she spit it out soon after but man.

>> No.16556715

Fucking KEK

>> No.16556731

that would probably be cool if he just poured the lava anywhere but on top of the steak, and used it as a griddle to sear for a few seconds. so what he did for the less burned-to-shit side

>> No.16556764

The tomato keeps it moist

>> No.16556781

Are we sure he's the one who can't get out? What if it's the customer?

>> No.16556826

Me on the left.

>> No.16556854

>amerikansk smak

>> No.16556907

Ironically, only 3 of those 12 tubes contains cheese and they're all swedish.
Sweden is that creeypy weirdo in the corner the rest of us does our best to ignore.

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>> No.16556934

This actually isn't a real product.

>> No.16556945

>norway is mentioned in the text, then it must be from norway!
I have some bad news for you anon. Sweden and Norway are located next to each other and trade across borders is a thing. Those tubes are made in Sweden, by a swedish company, with imported norwegian goat cheese.

>> No.16556987

Not everyone lives among savages like you, mong.

>> No.16557023

It also makes it easier for burglars to know when you're not home.

>> No.16557054

>being so cock crazed you can't even look at food without thinking about dicks

>> No.16557064

>> No.16557261

>ham flavored tube cheese

>> No.16557264

That cheese udon probably isn't too bad

>> No.16557585

i want to r*pe her

>> No.16558082

Free hotel breakfasts are usually never this good, I've been in a lot of hotels before
It's still not worth the price though lmao

>> No.16558271


>> No.16558405

>that looks like a free breakfast I got after paying for a hotel

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>> No.16558514

Faggotty little nigga.

>> No.16558574

>Kavli is a Norwegian brand of soft cheese, caviar, mayonnaise, crackers and milk. The company sells products in 30 countries, with plants in Norway, Finland Sweden, Denmark, England and Scotland.

>In 1914, Olav Kavli founded Kavli Holding A/S

We are reaching unprecidented levels of cope.

>> No.16558582

That's a policeman.

>> No.16558595

> best cuban sandwich
> Los Angeles

Food insider can go die

>> No.16558626

This looks like every hotel breakfast bar ever.

>> No.16558660


The difference is?

>> No.16558717

>blurry photo
>shitty angle
>bad lightning
With those conditions, anyone could mistake Kavli for Kalle.
Looking forward to see how you'll damagecontrol >>16556907 :^)

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>> No.16558725

There's nothing to really say to that post that hasn't already been said. Snooty europeans are on suicide watch from their tube foods, seething and frothing at the mouth, shrieking that it isn't European food because they don't eat it. That's not how it works.

>> No.16558908

Sorry for preferring stuff from a metal tube over plastic tube/bottle.

>> No.16558910

Thank you eye opening anon, your work won't go unrewarded

>> No.16558913

dude its a swedish product...

>> No.16558917

You're welcome, it looks like we are already making some progress. They are slowly admitting to enjoying the tube cheese >>16558908

>> No.16558924

Nigga you eat microwaved cheese sloppa from jars.

>> No.16558931

Um no, I don't, but you eat cheese from a tube as you just said. Maybe you would like cheese from a jar too, it could be an improvement.

>> No.16558932

It's cream cheese. What's the issue with the container?

>> No.16558936

That's a horrible video.

>> No.16558941

It's processed cheese, like cheese whiz, squeezed out of a tube. A lot of Europeans are upset at the tubes but I'm not, it's fine for you to enjoy tube cheese, maybe you would also like cheese out of jar even more than the tube cheese.

>> No.16558944

It's not like cheese whiz at all.

>> No.16558946

It's not like cream cheese either.

>> No.16558964

It's literally flavoured cream cheese. The consistency is like that arab puck stuff.

>> No.16558980


>> No.16558989

So the tube cheese is just like the arab jar cheese and you like them both? What don't you like about american jarred cheese again?

>> No.16559002

I literally have no problem with your nacho dip cheese. It's not the same as the arab cheese, though.

>> No.16559003

If a sandwich can't close then it's too big, they should have stopped after adding the griddle marks to the sandwich.

>> No.16559118

Absolutely disgusting.

>> No.16559361


>> No.16559382

Im pretty sure they basically started the extreme bacon fad
>bacon strips
>bacon strips
>bacon strips
>meat glue
>bacon strips

>> No.16559384

>42 foods you need to eat before you die
>burgers dipped in nacho cheese
>BIG ice cream
>bagels from the bagel slide?
>BIG ribs
>wagyu beef
>juniors cheesecake
>BIG ice cream again
>BIG prime rib
>pasta pizza?
>boozy ice cream
>stone crabs
>BIG pizza
>french fries
>cookie dough
wow if I ever open a restaurant I'll be sure to have one BIG fucker on the menu

>> No.16559409

i want to see someone eat that and then tell me in a few months where he is now

>> No.16559419

i like how this is presented in a more modern Tasty type style but that recipe is something youd find in some horror show post ww2 cookbook from the late 50s. wonder if they were going for that juxtaposition

>> No.16559537

>It's all swimming in cheese

>> No.16559547

what the fuck kind of volcanic heat source do you need for that mountain of rice to even get warm, not even fried? maybe the first portion to touch the wok would get very warm, but after the shuffling it will have remained at the initial temperature.

>> No.16559553

>> No.16559599

Jesus Christ how horrifying

>> No.16559714

i cry

>> No.16559766

As a menu item it exists solely to attract fags from instagram so they can take photos of the giant dildo chips and provide free advertising for the restaurant, the chef even says so in the webm

>> No.16559779

I bet you ate play doh as a kid you fucking poof

>> No.16560286


>> No.16560604

I only just clocked that videos like this were early mukbang progenitors.

>> No.16560631

Those wok burners put out like 100k+ BTUs.

>> No.16560667

>That jewish schnoz
holy moly

>> No.16560671

Here's one.

>> No.16560839


>> No.16561578

>> No.16561695

Have the one where he makes a pie out of leftover food in their pantry?

>> No.16561697

Based Dr Evil poster

>> No.16561702

>> No.16561715

This has greatly upset me.

>> No.16561732

Do americans really?

>> No.16561767

You guys think he is the one laying all these eggs?

>> No.16561820


i can't even be mad at "the grub father". i get it. they are simply pandering to the embarrassing childlike palettes being fostered all across america held and maintained by pre-diabetic adults raised by their fat as fuck parents who would shit themselves to learn what bmi medically obese is defined at.

i would try the smoked watermelon though

>> No.16562061


>> No.16562070

Jesus christ the shit you'd be eating would be scarry

>> No.16562077

fast food kino

>> No.16562097

jollibee is fucking revolting

>> No.16562119

What is this from

>> No.16562134

>food but bigger than usual!

>> No.16562136

filtered, tastelet.

>> No.16562139


They made a covid themed commercial recently, for the JCU (jollibee cinematic universe)

>> No.16562156

their peach mango pies are amazing

>> No.16562157

>All this artery clogging hardcore shit
Not that fries are healthy but what the fuck? Do they think this is somehow special because it's spelled like in most of Europe?

>> No.16562180

Holy fuck it's burned to shit, didn't see that coming.

>> No.16562469

Sugar addict

>> No.16562470

4chan addict.

>> No.16562472

You'd suck a hobos cock if he dipped it in sugar and post about the great taste.

>> No.16562595

Yeah. And you would make a fake yelp profile and leave a long one star review about Hobo Cock. Faggot.

>> No.16562618

red envelope is based, the phoritto is amazing

>> No.16562622

>> No.16562623

>> No.16562626

Oy vey I want less value for my money

Get a fucking doggie bag

>> No.16562631

That is just potato bread at that point

>> No.16562633

You the type of nigga that would come up with something like that because it's what you do on a daily

>> No.16562636

>> No.16562657

Sorry what were you saying? I'm watching the webm you posted after this post.

>> No.16562659

kek eat shit

>> No.16562668

you have to eat all the eggs, the video though, no clue

>> No.16562695

aren't these supposed to be "party food", eaten by a group of people? I don't think these are supposed to be for just one person

>> No.16562742

Proper wok flames might as well be jet exhaust.

>> No.16562767

Cheesy sushi... that sounds absolutely fucking dreadful

>> No.16562788

Surely it would be better to boil it first than fry it twice

>> No.16562803

>pasta pizza
You people act like you've never eaten at CiCis before

>> No.16562844

>Gets depressed because people eat food
Just kys now you useless piece of waste.

>> No.16562851


We're getting ready to feed all the journalists into the to woodchipper, aren't we? that's what I keep hearing.

>> No.16562928

This just seems like a HSP.

>> No.16562941

Keep in mind posts like those are made by dirt people leaving in countries that aren't the US. You can tell because its all they think about, if they actually came here they wouldn't give a shit about the rest of the world like the rest of us.

>> No.16563063

the way she eats that ostrich egg is vomit inducing

>> No.16563075

When would anyone genuinely need more than 2 patties

>> No.16563078

based assripperposter

>> No.16563088

tell me you're a fag without telling me you're a fag

>> No.16563107

You shall address the King by his full name!

>> No.16563640

Was the first 3 seconds some kinda penis size joke?

>> No.16563699

Everything but the beef and weeb dishes in that video looks disgusting.

>> No.16563742

>instagram food videos
>brought to you by big cheese

what the fuck is their problem?

>> No.16563768

Waste of a steak. Fuck that guy.
Let me guess, $25?
I was with them until they mashed up the fries, fucking retards.
Cause she fakely chews extra loud while smacking her lips and wears ridiculous amounts of lipstick so you know she's eating lipstick too. If she would just eat normally, I think she'd be a little more tolerable.
Just a badly wrapped calzone. Dumbass gen zers think everything is "new".
He could at least do it on a home griddle and have a meal at the end of it, but he's training to work at a benihana, not too bright to begin with.

>> No.16563772

it's a satire video from the onion you faggot

>> No.16563782

Asians look disgusting.

>> No.16563808

serves 1 american

>> No.16563930


>> No.16564114

It's Swiss and I actually now live in the kanton (state) it originates from. It's a really big thing here with widely available wheels and half wheels as well as ovens.
And of course you get different varieties like smoked, mustard grains, pepper, bear's garlic and so on.

>> No.16564120

I mean we do love cheese so yeah

>> No.16564142


>> No.16564172


>> No.16564197

> 2nd degree oil burns for anyone within 3 metres

>> No.16564282


Kalles is not cheese.

Fuck mutts are dumb.

>> No.16564366

>He could at least do it on a home griddle and have a meal at the end of it, but he's training to work at a benihana, not too bright to begin with.
issa joke

>> No.16564379

that's not seasoning, it's removing the factory waxy coating so it can be seasoned

>> No.16564425

God, I hope their restaurant fucking failed during this shitdemic. I hope the person who decided that this was the best way to advertise their fucking establishment is keeping themselves afloat by sucking countless cocks in an alleyway.

>> No.16564480

Funny that the only American I personally know tries to get out of your third world shithole.

>> No.16564488

I make steaks in my ovengrill when I'm to lazy to fry them or there is no opportunity to grill them, so I think this isn't such a sacrilege and probably works BUT how the fuck do you clean the toaster afterwards? Or do you just buy a new one every time?

>> No.16564490

>> No.16564502


>> No.16564537

Ok, I find this disgusting too but point at the doll, where did the rainbow burger hurt you?

>> No.16564572

>cheese inside the francesinha
>"spicy sausage" instead of linguiça
>soft bread and not lightly toasted
triggered, but at least they used the broth of cooking the pork belly to make the sauce, although thr pork belly should have veen violently seared beforehand.
Also, traditionally there's a thin steak in the sandwich, but I'm not really an apologist of that.

>> No.16564626


>> No.16564773

So, this is what normies watch? I honestly feel like I'm getting pranked right now. The feeling never changes, it never ends. Whenever I see this stuff I just can't imagine being in a mental situation that would allow me to unironically watch this and find it informative, entertaining, and worth forming an opinion on. I just don't understand. Every day my lack of connection with 99% of the human population grows colder and more distant. There is no hope, is there?

>> No.16564880

who cares just waste away alone in your room like everyone else

>> No.16564955

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Government_cheesestupid fat american loser. third saigon will be in D.C

>> No.16564965

what the fuck, i thought i was gonna end with the joke being he married the meal not the woman. this is just grim. this makes me want to kill myself not go and buy a 2 piece spicy chickenjoy with extra rice

>> No.16564969

its not real you moron

>> No.16564972

Knights of yore found unrequited love noble and emboldening. 'Tis true chivalry. This sad era of degeneracy overvalues gratification.

>> No.16564973

knights of yore were a bunch of cucks lol

>> No.16565006

>A Flip is telling me why Swedes like food in tubes
Why not idk, get a Swede to tell me why?

>> No.16565083

this niggas never heard of ligma

>> No.16565095

everything is edible if youre brave enough.

>> No.16565258

Sugar, ontop of sugar, with sugar and served with extra sugar.

Biggest sin in baking imo. People that like this garbahe have the taste palettes of toddlers

>> No.16565360

>fuck those americans for not being or thinking about welfare niggers!
fuck off retard

>> No.16565408

This is literally just a badly cooked roast potato. And lol at the way they say twice cooked as if it's some big thing and not the normal way fries are made.

>> No.16565680

>IQ 115 on iqtest.net

>> No.16566357

I was a neet for a month after highschool, absolutely horrible and depressing experience. No idea how people do it.

You wish cocksucker.

>> No.16566901

mirin the effort it must have taken to model all thos eggs

>> No.16566914


>> No.16567017

Fuck I'd eat this on a cheat day

>> No.16567064

>You're a worthless cunt who wasted a steak. Get the fuck out. You're no longer welcome in /ck/

>> No.16567074

all that shit with not a spec of even salt or pepper

>> No.16567182

All those tube got executed ?

>> No.16567201

Her weird ass face is fucking freaking me out something that looks like that should not be able to exist

>> No.16567203

The problem with buffet is other people and how nasty they can be

>> No.16567384

thanks for spoonfeeding the newfag nigger

>> No.16567460

Check out dishwasher salmon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dishwasher_salmon

>> No.16567492

I saw a show where a cheapskate whore made lasagna with multiple leftover pasta sauce in a dish washer

>> No.16567574

>bear's garlic
I have that stuff in my backyard
you gotta keep it in check a little but from february to june you got tasty garlic leaves

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